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Join us for the 28th International Cartographic Conference in Washington, DC!Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic AssociationNew ICA poster series on Maps and Sustainable Development Goals
Join us for the 28th International Cartographic Conference in Washington, DC!
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
New ICA poster series on Maps and Sustainable Development Goals

eCARTO News March 2017

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

Mapping Applications

  • Using 3D Printer Technology to Represent Survey Information – gim-international.com
  • How Google Is Revealing Unmapped Areas of the World in Virtual Reality – singularityhub.com
  • Your address is now just a short code – thehindu.com
  • Zap Map: Satellite Tracks Lightning for Better Heads Up – voanews.com
  • Mapping Global Happiness In 2016 Through A Quarter Billion News Articles – forbes.com
  • Hidden History – Lidar 3D Mapping – youtube.com

Industry News

  • Coming soon: Oil spill-mapping swarms of flying drones – buffalo.edu
  • Volkswagen Joins Mobileye’s Efforts to Crowdsource Mapping Data – thedrive.com
  • CyArk’s 3D and VR mapping of ancient monuments is going further than Google Earth – goodgearguide.com.au
  • Google Maps Gets More Social With Shared Lists – geomarketing.com

Just Maps

  • It’s time for a makeover of the iconic hand-drawn Melbourne Map – abc.net.au
  • But where is the green sheep? Old maps put the art in cartography – abc.net.au
  • Mapping the Urban Bike Utopias of the 1890s – news.nationalgeographic.com
  • The Mysteries of the First-Ever Map of the North Pole – atlasobscura.com
  • The bike lanes of London: Tube-style map reveals how capital’s web of cycle lanes connect together – dailymail.co.uk
  • This map claims it can predict crimes across London before they happen – wired.co.uk
  • Color to Your Heart’s Delight With These Historic Map Coloring Pages – geolounge.com

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Cartographic Resources


Trains, Planes and Automobiles

  • Qualcomm Teams With TomTom On Maps Powering Self-Driving Cars – geomarketing.com
  • HERE & Pioneer Enter into Strategic Map Partnership – gpsbusinessnews.com
  • Geological Insights from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Search – eos.org
  • Professors build AI to help autonomous vehicles locate themselves on maps – phys.org
  • How Google Maps Gets Its Remarkably Accurate Real-Time Traffic Data – gadgets.ndtv.com

President’s Blog: Introducing Regional Cartographic Conferences (RCC)

The ICA Executive Committee at its latest meeting in Budapest, Hungary

The ICA Executive Committee at its latest meeting in Budapest, Hungary

Twice a year ICA’s Executive Committee meets to discuss current affairs and strategic issues. Last February we were hosted by the Secretary-General’s university in Budapest.

Current affairs are related to the day-to-day running of ICA. These can include membership, the activities of the commissions and working groups, our website, relations with sister organization, our financial situation, our next ICC, prepare the (Extraordinary) General Assembly, etc.

The strategic issues we discussed are related to more long term issues. These are managed by the vice-presidents and include our organization (is our structure future proof?), our publication policy (can we improve/upgrade/unify the publication created during conferences and commission and working groups activities?), conference policy (how do we organize our meetings?), capacity building (how do we involve industry?), membership (do we need individual membership?), research (how to update and further develop of our research agenda?), our specific relation to other organizations (what can we do for the UN-GGIM?).

In future blogs we will report in more detail about these strategic issues. However, as a result of our deliberation on our conference policy we have decided to start a series of Regional Cartographic Conferences (RCC). The first call for these conferences can be found here.

Our aim is that RCCs will complement ICCs by providing a regional forum for presentation and exchange of new ideas and approaches to cartography and geographic information science through a mixture of keynote, plenary, technical and poster sessions, as well as workshops and map exhibitions.

– Menno-Jan Kraak
President of the International Cartographic Association

Invitation to the 14th International Conference on Location-Based Services

lbs2018_logoETH Zürich and the ICA Commission on Location-Based Services are pleased to invite you to the 14th International Conference on Location-Based Services (LBS 2018), which will take place in Zürich on 15–17 January, 2018.

Built on the success of previous conferences in this series, LBS 2018 aims to offer a common ground to colleagues from various disciplines and practice where they can meet, interact and exchange knowledge, experience, plans and ideas on how LBS can and could be improved and on how it will influence both science and society.

The Call for Papers is currently open (also available as a PDF). We call for full papers, work in progress, and showcases. High-quality full paper submissions are intended to be published in Springer’s Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography Series. The best full and work in progress papers will be invited to submit an extended version to the Journal of Location Based Services.

Important Dates

  • 12 July 2017, Submission of full & work-in-progress papers
  • 29 September 2017, Notification of acceptance for full & work-in-progress papers
  • 13 October 2017, Camera-ready full & work-in-progress papers
  • 15 November 2017, Submission of showcases

More information regarding LBS 2018 can be found at lbsconference.org.

We are looking forwards to your contributions and to meeting you in Zurich!


  • General Chair: Martin Raubal (ETH Zurich)
  • PC Chairs: Peter Kiefer (ETH Zurich), Haosheng Huang (University of Zurich), Nico Van de Weghe (Ghent University)

Haosheng Huang
– Chair of the Commission on Location-Based Services

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Invitation to the ICC Joint Pre-Conference Meeting on Maps & the Internet, Ubiquitous Mapping and Education & Training

The ICA Commissions on Education and Training, Maps and the Internet and Ubiquitous Mapping are organizing a joint meeting prior to the 28th International Cartographic Conference.

  • Location: The campus of William and Mary University in Williamsburg, VA USA
  • Date: Friday, June 30 and Saturday, July 1, 2017

Day 1: Map coding event

Presenters will lead map coding sessions. Participants can bring a laptop and work through coding problems with the presenters.

Day 2: Research presentations

Presentation topics will center on the fields of Cartographic Education, Web Cartography, Internet Mapping, and Ubiquitous Mapping. We encourage individuals to present on their latest research, both completed and in progress. Students and Early Career Faculty and Professional are encouraged to present their work.

Deadline for presentation submissions: April 30, 2017

Please find all information about registration, social events and travel options to Williamsburg on the meeting website: internet.icaci.org/commission-workshop-2017

Workshop organizer: Rex G. Cammack

eCARTO News February 2017

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

Mapping Developments

  • Mapping: Disruption ahead! – computerworld.com
  • Professors Build AI To Help Autonomous Vehicles Locate Themselves On Maps – manufacturing.net
  • “Revolutionary” New Biodiversity Maps Reveal Big Gaps in Conservation – news.mongabay.com
  • This mapping app will keep you from getting lost even without a network connection – digitaltrends.com
  • Sensorly App Launches Crowdsourcing Feature For Tracking And Sharing Carrier Coverage And Speed – techtimes.com
  • Il sistema innovativo di rilievo mobile mapping STENCIL – rivistageomedia.it

Mapping Applications

  • Faultlines, black holes and glaciers: mapping uncharted – theguardian.com
  • Mapping Countries That Censor the Internet – theatlantic.com
  • Mapping our special places in Wales – satprnews.com
  • Rwanda forges forward with drone mapping – suasnews.com
  • Mapping the World’s Knowledge Hubs – citylab.com
  • El vídeo «mapping» de la Plaza Mayor reunió a 25.000 espectadores en tres días – abc.es

Industry News

Mapping the Past

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Cartography and Society

  • Mapping benefits changes: how GIS can help housing associations – theguardian.com
  • Mapping Cape Town’s Informal Minibus Taxi Network – citylab.com
  • Mapping The Collective Experience of a City – fastcodesign.com
  • Understanding Our Cities, Thanks To Beautiful Maps – forbes.com
  • Poverty Mapped in Near Real-Time Using Mobile Phone and Satellite Data – seeker.com

Mapping Beyond Terra Firma


  • Mapping rainforest chemistry from the air reveals 36 types of forest – sciencenews.org
  • FEMA flood chief: expanding lidar’s reach boils down to cost, quality, and communicating – spar3d.com
  • PIX4D Indoor Mapping Game Plan – suasnews.com
  • High-tech maps of tropical forest diversity identify new conservation targets – sciencedaily.com
  • Visual Geocoding A Quarter Billion Global News Photographs Using Google’s Deep Learning API – forbes.com
  • Lidar used to map ancient Mayan superhighway system – extremetech.com

Mapping Oddities

  • Man checks Google Maps before picking up friend – and sees her standing in SAME spot months earlier – mirror.co.uk
  • What If Bike Paths Looked Like Subway Maps? – citylab.com
  • This Robot Will Carry Your Stuff and Follow You Everywhere – entrepreneur.com
  • Sweden uses Minecraft for urban planning – computerweekly.com
  • Tracing (and Erasing) New York’s Lines of Desire – newyorker.com

Invitation to the Joint ICC Pre-Conference Workshop Different Fields – One Cartography

The ICA Commissions on Cartography and Children, Maps and Graphics for Blind and Partially Sighted People and Planetary Cartography have the pleasure to invite you to a one-day workshop on July 1, prior to the 28th International Cartographic Conference.

Key dates

  • 30 March: Deadline for the submission of full papers with registration form
  • 17 April: Notification of the authors
  • 6 June: Deadline for the submission of the registration form (without full paper, only participant)
  • 1 July: Workshop at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel

Local Organizer: David Alvarez, JMT Technology Group (USA)

For more information, please visit the conference website: lazarus.elte.hu/~jesus/jointworkshop2017

Invitation to the 20th ICA Workshop on Generalisation and Multiple Representation

In the tradition of pre-conference workshops in association with the International Cartographic Conference (ICC) the ICA Commission on Generalisation and Multiple Representation will organise a workshop in Washington, United States, 1–2 July, 2017.

The workshop will explore new challenges and solutions in the domain of automated generalisation. A special focus will be set on approaches to generalise location-based social media data. The first day (1 July 2017) will be carried out as a regular workshop of the ICA Commission on Generalisation and Multiple Representation. For the second day we have the aim to have combined sessions with ICA Commission on Geospatial Analysis and Modeling and ICA Commission on Location-based Services on topics related to Scalability and Abstraction of Location-based Social Media Data and Tracking Data.

The challenges of research in Generalisation and Multiple Representation draws upon researchers and practitioners alike, working in the fields of on-demand mapping, geovisual analysis, multiple representations, data integration and generalisation of geographic information. Participants of the workshop are invited to submit research papers or positions papers.

Key dates

  • 1 March: Deadline for submission of short papers (limit 3000 words, and 8 pages including figures)
  • 17 April: Notification of acceptance of paper for presentation
  • 31 May: Deadline for submission of revised papers
  • 1–2 July: Workshop

Submission and review of short papers will be managed through EasyChair.

Workshop organizers: Dirk Burghardt, Cecile Duchene

For more information, please visit the conference website: generalisation.icaci.org/index.php/nextevents

ICA supports ICSU’s calls on the government of the United States to rescind the Executive Order “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States”

The next International Cartographic Conference (ICC) will take place in Washington (D.C.), U.S.A. July 2–7, 2017. The recent executive order issued by the U.S. Government that might restrict cartographers from some ICA member countries to travel to ICC 2017 worries the ICA. The ICA follows the rulings of the International Council for Science (ICSU). Therefore the ICA supports ICSU’s recent call on the U.S. government to rescind the executive order to ban entry of citizens from seven countries (Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria) to the U.S.A.:

Paris, 31 January 2017 — In the opinion of the Council, the Order is inappropriately broad in its scope and unfairly targets individuals based on their origin, putting it into violation of the Principle of Universality of Science, enshrined in the Council’s statutes. It is also concerned about the negative effects the Order will have on the freedom of scientific exchange among scientists and students of science worldwide, resulting in negative impacts on the progress of science, and impeding societies around the globe from benefitting from this progress.

As the world’s leading non-governmental international scientific organization, the Council promotes the Universality of Science on the basis that science is a common human endeavor that transcends national boundaries and is to be shared by all people. It believes that scientific progress results from global exchange of ideas, data, research materials and understanding of the work of others.

In advocating the free and responsible practice of science, ICSU promotes equitable opportunities for access to science and its benefits, and opposes discrimination based on such factors as ethnic origin, religion, citizenship, language, political or other opinion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or age. The Council believes that the complex problems of our world can only be solved through international dialogue, collaboration and the sharing and exchange of ideas and research findings.

Statute 5 of the International Council for Science (ICSU) states: The Principle of Universality (freedom and responsibility) of Science: the free and responsible practice of science is fundamental to scientific advancement and human and environmental well-being. Such practice, in all its aspects, requires freedom of movement, association, expression and communication for scientists, as well as equitable access to data, information, and other resources for research. It requires responsibility at all levels to carry out and communicate scientific work with integrity, respect, fairness, trustworthiness, and transparency, recognising its benefits and possible harms.

– Source: icsu.org

Category: General News

eCARTO News January 2017

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

Industry News

  • New Software Brings Orbit GT’s Mobile Mapping Tech Indoors – spar3d.com
  • The ‘Google of China’ has partnered with a mapping company owned by Audi, BMW, and Daimler to plot the world – businessinsider.com.au
  • Here and Mobileye team up on self-driving mapping tech – techcrunch.com
  • Intel to acquire 15% stake in German digital mapping company HERE – marketwatch.com
  • Apple Said to Fly Drones to Improve Maps Data and Catch Google – bloomberg.com

Mapping Developments

  • Authagraph World Map – g-mark.org
  • Split-second data mapping – news.mit.edu
  • How a Sensor Gimbal Improves Efficiency of an Aerial Mapping Mission – suasnews.com
  • TrackR’s home-mapping plugs help you pinpoint lost items – engadget.com
  • Indian officials plan to measure Mt Everest to prove earthquake theory wrong – nzherald.co.nz

Mapping Applications

Cartographic Resources

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  • Location Intelligence: Mapping The Opportunities In The Data Landscape – forbes.com

Cartography and Society

  • Railway crossing warnings are sought for mapping apps – nytimes.com
  • Mapping the Collective Experience of a City – fastcodesign.com
  • Mapping SF by its most popular Instagram hashtags – sf.curbed.com
  • Akron releases interactive map showing lead pipe services – cleveland.com
  • 50 Maps of the US Cultural Divide – nytimes.com
  • Segregation in the City of Angels: A 1939 Map of Housing Inequality in L.A. – kcet.org

Mapping and Our Senses

Mapping the Past and Future

Mapping Fauna and Flora