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Happy International Map Year 2015–2016!Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic AssociationJune’s Map of the Month: World atlas in Polish and Braille
Happy International Map Year 2015–2016!
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Map of the Month 07/2014: Death in Grand Canyon
June’s Map of the Month is a world atlas in Polish and Braille

Map of the Month 2/2010: EARTH

The ICA is glad to feature the first Map of the Month – the EARTH (Australia) atlas.

At the 24th International Cartography Conference in Santiago, Chile, the atlas won the 1st prize in the “Globes and Atlases” category. The jury stated:

A very impressive and “substantial” piece of work that gives the user a holistic view of the world and ensures that this cartographic masterpiece will not get lost.

Publisher’s Description: Millennium House has created a new benchmark in publishing and has produced the most spectacular, limited edition atlas of the world ... EARTH. More than 100 international cartographers, oceanographers, and geographers have produced an astonishing 355 maps covering the globe. EARTH contains over 400,000 words, and more than 800 exquisite images. EARTH is a limited edition atlas of 2000 copies.

  • Number of sheets: 576
  • Size (mm): 610x469
  • Authors: Various
  • Publisher: Millennium House
  • Date of edition: 01/09/2008
  • Languages: English

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