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Happy International Map Year 2015–2016!Join us for the 28th International Cartographic Conference in Washington, DC!Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Happy International Map Year 2015–2016!
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Map of the Month 4/2016: OV-Map
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association

Map of the Month 3/2010: The National Atlas of Spain

The ICA is happy to feature the second Map of the Month: The Atlas Nacional de España. 1986–2008: Grupos temáticos / The National Atlas of Spain (1986–2008): Facsimile digital version

At the 24th International Cartography Conference in Santiago, Chile, the atlas won in the category
“Digital Products (Maps and Digital images)”. The jury stated:

Recognition and completion of 22 years of national atlas publishing on the way to the SIANE web atlas. Bringing together all publications and 3 editions of the national atlas makes comparison possible (also in time).

Publisher’s Description: This digital facsimile version allows the interactive visualization of the documental information of the thematic groups of the National Atlas of Spain (SNA) included in booklets, published as a print or as a CD version (PDF), from 1986 when the project of the National Atlas began up to 2008.

The application has been built with Flash technology in two formats: DVD and Web. Its interface is familiar and usable and enables the user to browse and visualize any booklet of the SNA in its different editions through a table of thematic groups; inside each group through the different editions and inside each edition through the table of contents.

In a first step the user selects one of the thematic groups of the National Atlas through a dynamic index that shows the covers of the different groups. In a second step, the application shows the table of contents of the selected thematic group with its different editions. This digital hyperlinked table of contents provides direct links to the pages of the selected thematic group.

Pages can be "turned" in either direction in two ways: clicking the forward/back buttons in the toolbar, or going back to the digital hyperlinked table of contents. The images (raster files of each page) are of a high resolution and can be zoomed-in/out on, and it is easy to navigate. There are also other functionalities: full screen display, display at real resolution, save the atlas page on a file, cut out part of a page and print it.

  • Format: DVD and Web at http://www.ign.es/ane/ane1986-2008/
  • Author: National Geographic Institute of Spain
  • Publisher: National Centre of Geographical Information
  • Date of edition: 05/05/2009
  • Language: Spanish

More information:
National Geographic Institute of Spain: www.ign.es
National Centre of Geographical Information: www.cnig.es

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