Welcome to the International Cartographic Association
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic AssociationJune’s Map of the Month: World atlas in Polish and Braille
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Map of the Month 07/2014: Death in Grand Canyon
June’s Map of the Month is a world atlas in Polish and Braille
Map of the Month 05/2014: Physical Geography of Ukraine

ICA Award Medals

The ICA Committee for the Selection of Award Recipients is willing to receive nominations for ICA Awards from national and affiliate members of the Association.

The ICA Awards Committee makes recommendations for two types of awards:

  • The Carl Mannerfelt Gold Medal honours cartographers of outstanding merit who have made significant contributions of an original nature to the field of cartography; it is awarded only on rare occasions in order to emphasise its distinction. Who is this medal named after?
  • The ICA Honorary Fellowship is for cartographers of international reputation who have made special contribution to the ICA. It includes a bronze medal.

Cartographers should not be awarded when they serve in the Executive Committee, except for very special circumstances. National ICA Committees or Commission chairs may submit nominations for ICA Awards to the Committee until 6 months prior to an ICA Conference. The nominations must be accompanied with draft citations for the nominees. The Awards Committee submits its proposals to the ICA President with draft citations for the nominees 3 months prior to an International Cartographic Conference.

Carl Mannerfelt Gold Medal

Fraser Taylor Canada 2013
Ferjan Ormeling The Netherlands 2009
Jack Dangermond United States of America 2007
David Rhind United Kingdom 2005
Ernst Spiess Switzerland 2005
Chen Shupeng China 2001
Joel L. Morrison United States of America 2001
Jacques Bertin France 1999
Ferdinand J. Ormeling The Netherlands 1987
Carl Mannerfelt Sweden 1981
Arthur H. Robinson United States of America 1980
Konstantin A. Salichtchev Soviet Union 1980
Eduard Imhof Switzerland 1979–1980

ICA Honorary Fellowship

Kirsi Virrantaus Finland 2013
Milan Konečný Czech Republic 2013
Michael P. Peterson United States of America 2011
Monique Pelletier France 2011
Yasuo Masai Japan 2011
Bengt Rystedt Sweden 2009
Helen Kerfoot Canada 2007
Graciela Metternicht Australia 2007
Kira B. Shingareva Russian Federation 2007
Wanarat Thothong Thailand 2005
Alan MacEachren United States of America 2005
Michael Wood United Kingdom 2005
José-Luis Colomer Alberich Spain 2005
Pinhas Yoeli Israel 2005
Harold Moellering United States of America 2003
Sjef van der Steen The Netherlands 2003
Andrzej Ciolkosz Poland 2003
István Klinghammer Hungary 2003
Ulrich Freitag Germany 2003
Liao Ke China 2003
Ken Lester South Africa 2003
Judy Olson United States of America 2001
Hu Yuju China 2001
Kei Kanazawa Japan 2001
Ron Furness Australia 2001
Bai Bo China 2001
Roger Anson United Kingdom 1999
Christopher Board United Kingdom 1999
Jean-Philippe Grelot France 1999
Tositomo Kanakubo Japan 1999
Jaume Miranda i Canals Spain 1999
D. R. Fraser Taylor Canada 1999
Richard Dahlberg † United States of America 1997
Miroslav Miksovsky Czech Republic 1997
Christer Palm Sweden 1997
Rodolfo Nuñez de las Cuevas Spain 1995
Árpád Papp-Váry Hungary 1995
Don T. Pearce Australia 1995
Ernst Spiess Switzerland 1995
Joseph Wiedel United States of America 1995
Nestor Duch Gary Mexico 1991
Bernard Gutsell Canada 1991
Joel L. Morrison United States of America 1991
Helen Wallis United Kingdom 1991
David Bickmore United Kingdom 1987
Olof Hedbom Sweden 1987 (presented 1997)
Harold Fullard United Kingdom 1984
Rolf Böhme Germany 1984
Dennis E. O. Thackwell United Kingdom 1983
Emil Meynen Germany 1983
Stanislaw Pietkiewicz Poland 1982
Akira Watanabe Japan 1980
Sándor Radó Hungary 1974
Konstantin A. Salichtchev Soviet Union 1979–1980

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