Welcome to the International Cartographic Association
Happy International Map Year 2015–2016!Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Happy International Map Year 2015–2016!
Map of the Month 10/2015: Project Supra – Real-time heatmaps from sports workouts
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association

eCARTO News March 2014

eCARTO News capture the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to the editor of eCARTO News.

General News

  • MapStory, a global community to organize knowledge about the world spatially and temporally – mapstory.org
  • The Power of Mapping – theatlantic.com
  • Google Maps Gallery Wants To Be The Internet’s Digital Atlas – readwrite.com
  • How open source cartography pays the bills for one company – opensource.com
  • The rise of OpenStreetMap: A quest to conquer Google’s mapping empire – thenextweb.com


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ICA News 61 now online

ICA News 61
We are pleased to announce that the 61st issue of the ICA News is now available for download:

Low resolution (1.3mb)
High resolution, suitable for print (26.4mb)

This issue of ICA News reports on the ICC 2013 held in Dresden, introduces our latest ICA awards recipients, invites us to Rio in 2015 and farewells Planetary Cartography ambassador Kira Shingareva. I hope you find it interesting.
– Igor Drecki, Editor ICA News

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eCARTO News February 2014

eCARTO News capture the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to the editor of eCARTO News.

General News


  • Mapping out the clues to a better future with a little help from the past – smh.com.au
  • Bluesky Begins Night Time Aerial Photo Mapping Trials – amerisurv.com
  • Weather-Mapping a Brown Dwarf – skyandtelescope.com
  • How the U.S. Maps the World’s Most Disputed Territories – wired.com

Industry News

Health Mapping

Technological Advances

  • New life for old maps – abc.net.au
  • Successful Test Flight of First Professional Grade Civilian Mapping UAS – gisuser.com
  • Google reveals 3D-mapping Project Tango – 3news.co.nz

Education and Resources

Historical Cartography

  • Mapping the past: old worlds being opened up by technology – irishtimes.com
  • City maps and their evolution through history – theguardian.com
  • Tools for digital history: Google Map Engine Lite – directionsmag.com
  • Peruvian navy starts to map new maritime border – peruthisweek.com
  • Creating digital maps to help preserve cultural heritage of Russian community – phys.org



Environmental Mapping & Management

  • Google makes climate data more accessible with new Google Earth tools – upi.com
  • London tree mapping exercise “has one chance to get it right”, tree officers told – hortweek.com
  • Google mapping & charitable funding combine to show deforestation – digitaljournal.com

Cartographic Research & Development

  • “MDMD Mapping Fiction” — A Swiss cartomentary – icaci.org

Cartography Products

  • Experimental map of the Dandenong Ranges – mapstart.com.au
  • Where would you live on this amazing map of the internet? – news.optuszoo.com.au
  • If all the Ice melted: National Geographic’s Interactive map on Rising Seas – geoawesomeness.com
  • Sales of geospatial 3D mapping product soar on 2013 demand – sparpointgroup.com
  • Stunning Photos Of Earth From Above Will Change Your Outlook Of The Planet – fastcoexist.com
  • Arab region: atlas of our changing environment United Nations Environment Programme – preventionweb.net

Cartography Lite

  • Reroll game devs want to map the globe using drones for survival game – wired.co.uk
  • Mapping Twitter Topic Networks: From Polarized Crowds to Community Clusters – pewinternet.org
  • Renowned Explorers mapping the world with Reus dev – shacknews.com

LBS 2014 in Vienna, Austria

LBS2014 logoThe 11th International Symposium on Location Based Services will be held in Vienna, Austria, 26–28 November 2014.

The symposium will offer a common ground to colleagues from various disciplines and practice where they can meet, interact and exchange knowledge, experience, plans and ideas on how LBS can and could be improved and on how it will influence both science and society.

The Call for Papers is open. Please submit full papers and work in progress until May 31, 2014. Publication in a book within the series Lecture Notes on Geoinformation and Cartography is anticipated.

Five ICA commissions are involved:

Also other organizations endorsed the event, including AGILE, ISPRS, FIG, IAG, DGfK and ÖVG.

For further information, please visit lbs2014.org.

Update, May 2014: The symposium will be held in conjunction with the Second International Symposium on Service-Oriented Mapping (SOMAP 2014).

Which competences are needed for GI jobs? Take a survey by EU project GI-N2K

Project logo Geographic Information: Need to knowThe EU project “Geographic Information: Need to Know” works towards a more demand-driven geospatial workforce education/training system. The ICA is represented on the Advisory Committee for the EU project by Menno-Jan Kraak, Vice president of the ICA.

The project invites everyone to participate by completing two surveys:

GI-N2K aims to answer the question on how the education and vocational training in the domain of GI S&T can match with the actual job requirements in the job market.

GI-N2K builds upon the existing Geographic Information Science and Technology Body of Knowledge (GI S&T BoK) that was developed by the American University Consortium for Geographic Information Science, published in 2006 by the Association of American Geographers . The ‘BoK’ will be updated and brought into line with the new technological developments and the European perspective ( e.g. importance of INSPIRE in Europe).

The renewed BoK will apply an ontological approach and will take the form of a dynamic e-platform (wiki-based format) including tools to use, explore the BoK, to define curricula , training opportunities and courses and to define job profiles.

Two surveys have been launched and are available on the website: http://www.gi-n2k.eu/surveys These surveys are looking to inform the project on which competences are needed for GI-jobs and about the main competences being taught. Any individual or organisation is able to complete the surveys with a deadline of 05 February 2014.

For more information visit the project web page: www.gi-n2k.eu

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eCARTO News January 2014

eCARTO News capture the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to the editor of eCARTO News.

General News


Industry News

Extraterrestrial  Mapping

  • How the Gaia Galaxy-Mapping Satellite Works (Infographic) – space.com
  • These Swarming Satellites Are Mapping Earth’s Magnetic Cloak – gizmodo.com
  • Planet Labs Raises $52 Million to Map the Earth With Small Satellites – mashable.com

Alternative Mapping

Education and Resources

  • Mapline: The New Face of the Simplest Online Mapping – prurgent.com
  • Mapping project shows warped world – news24.com

Security and Cartography

  • PM’s intervention sought to stop Google from mapping defence installations – thehindu.com
  • Tracing patterns, mapping habits – thehindu.com
  • Mapping Global Conflict – blogs.cfr.org
  • Creepy Cool: Google Location History Mapping Your Every Move – babble.com



  • Mapping Cambodia’s distant past – phnompenhpost.com
  • There She Blew! Volcanic Evidence Of The World’s First Map – npr.org

Environmental Mapping & Management

Marine Cartography

Cartography Lite


cartocon2014_logoThe CARTOCON 2014 Conference will be held in Olomouc, Czech Republic, 25–28 February 2014.
This conference aims to bring together cartographers from across different areas of our discipline.
The conference will provide a forum for the presentation of scientific papers particulary within five fields of cartography:

  • Maps and Atlases Production
  • Use and Users Issues
  • Cognition and Visualization Issues
  • Maps and Internet
  • Cartography and Statistics

Check out the website http://cartocon2014.org for further information.