Welcome to the International Cartographic Association
Join us for the 28th International Cartographic Conference in Washington, DC!Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic AssociationNew ICA poster series on Maps and Sustainable Development Goals
Join us for the 28th International Cartographic Conference in Washington, DC!
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
New ICA poster series on Maps and Sustainable Development Goals

ICA has its own anthem! #icc2015rio

ICA has its own Anthem! At ICC2015 the Brazilian organizers suprised the participants with the premiere of the ICA anthem, composed and texted from domain collegues of IBGE.

Orchestra playing the ICA anthem at ICC2015

Photo by @RoutledgeGPU

You can listen to a live recording of the ICA anthem here (4.3mb).

A video will follow but please find lyrics and chords available here (music by Márcio Carvalho, lyrics by Aline Milani and Jorge Tadeu):

This gift to ICA will always remind us of a wonderful ICC2015 in Rio de Janeiro!

Georg Gartner
– ICA Past President

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Honorary Fellowship for David Fairbairn

David Fairbairn receiving the ICA Honorary FellowshipDavid Fairbairn receiving the ICA Honorary Fellowship
During ICC 2015, David Fairbairn received the ICA Honorary Fellowship. Below you can read Bill Cartwright‘s laudation:

Dear colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to give the Laudation on the occasion of the awarding of the ICA Honorary Fellowship to Dr David Fairbairn.

I have known my colleague and friend, David Fairbairn for many years, having first met at British and ICA conferences. As well, David spent a sabbatical at my university whilst undertaking research in Australia.

David and I worked as colleagues for ICA, firstly when we were both Vice-Presidents of ICA, being elected at the Durban, South Africa General Assembly. In the next term we again served ICA, David as Secretary-General & Treasurer, and me as President. So, I know David very well and I am most aware of his dedicated work on behalf of ICA.

So some information about David: David’s ‘day’ job is at the Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. Here he is the Degree Programme Director and undertakes research in the areas of accuracy of crowdsourced data and geovisualization and querying of spatial databases.

In ICA he has held a number of positions, namely:

  • Vice­‐President of ICA in the term 2003–2007
  • Secretary-General & Treasurer in the term 2007–2011
  • He is currently the Chair of the Commission on Education and Training

David has also represented ICA, as one of the ICA representatives (with me) on the Joint Board of Geospatial Information Societies. The Joint Board of Geospatial Information Societies (JBGIS) is a coalition of leading international geospatial societies that speaks on behalf of the geospatial profession at international level, especially to the United Nations and other global stakeholders.

He also supports the ICA agenda, by being the editor of the ICA column in the GIM magazine. He has also written many reference works.

In the United Kingdom, David contributes to the activities of the British Cartographic Society, the British member of ICA. He is a Fellow of this Society and he has been editor of The Cartographic Journal, the journal of the British Cartographic Society.

David has contributed to ICA over many years. He has worked tirelessly as Vice-President, Secretary General & Treasurer and Commission Chair of the Education and Training Commission.

I applaud his devoted work for ICA. I consider that this award to David recognises his devotion to activities that support and grow our Associaton.

Dr David Fairbairn – a most deserved awardee of the International Cartographic Association’s Honorary Fellowship.

Congratulations David.

eCARTO News August 2015

eCARTO News capture the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

Industry News

Mapping Applications

  • Maps reveal Amsterdam’s many faces – theguardian.com
  • ISRO to map 4,041 towns as it teams up with Urban Development ministry – firstpost.com
  • Dawn set to move to its third mapping orbit – gizmag.com
  • Cached Landscapes Uses Google Maps To Spy On Watchers – valuewalk.com
  • Bluesky Announces Prototype UAV Flight Restriction Map – directionsmag.com
  • Mapping the U.S. by Property Value Instead of Land Area – citylab.com
  • “Qué hubiera pasado si” o el infinito mundo de los mapas inventados – magnet.xataka.com
  • This Map Shows the Global Impact of China’s Dramatic Currency Devaluation – foreignpolicy.comr
  • Countries That Were Raided Or Settled By The Vikings Based On Modern Borders – brilliantmaps.com
  • Here’s the map of the world, if size were determined by market cap – marketwatch.com
  • Summer and Winter Weather Patterns in Japan – pinterest.com
  • Many countries worldwide are still considered partly free or not free – one-europe.info

Cartographic Resources & Education

Transport Mapping

  • TomTom is now making maps for autonomous vehicles – theverge.com
  • Apple Maps Vehicles to Survey France, Italy and Sweden in August – macrumors
  • The Developer Opportunity For Connected Cars In The Here Maps Acquisition – readwrite.com
  • Night navigation with Google Maps now made easier, safer – vcpost.com
  • Transport Systems Catapult launches transport, mapping datasets site – computerweekly.com
  • Uber just bought a piece of Microsoft – businessinsider.com.au
  • Use this excellent mapping tool to figure out how long it takes to travel to every single place in London – businessinsider.com.au

Cartography of the Oceans

  • Explore The World’s Most Detailed Map Of The Seafloor, Released Today – io9.com3
  • Seafloor Map: Digital Mapping Reveals Plankton Graveyards
  • MH370 debris: Ocean current mapping video ‘consistent’ with find – bbc.com
  • Photos: Ancient Man-Made Monolith Discovered in Mediterranean Sea – livescience.com
  • Territorial Waters & Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) Of The World – brilliantmaps.com
  • 7 Gorgeous Sea Maps from the Age of Exploration – atlasobscura.com


  • A smarter, more digital world must grasp the power of a map – theguardian.com
  • The truth about politics and cartography: mapping claims to the Arctic seabed – theconversation.com
  • Google Maps – Why It Is the Best for People Struggling With Mapping – neurogadget.com
  • How do you map a city with no centre? Commuting patterns in the San Francisco Bay area – citymetric.com
  • Here’s Why Uber Would Spend $3 Billion on Maps – time.com
  • Neocartography Can Be Beautiful, Cartography Can Be Fast – gislounge.com

Indoor Mapping

  • Tencent Strikes Strategic Partnership With Indoor Mapping Startup Sensewhere – techcrunch.com
  • United Airlines Brings Highly Detailed In-Airport Maps To Its iOS App – techcrunch.com
  • Here’s indoor mapping will help you find that bathroom – engadget.com
  • Indoor mapping set to simplify hospital visits – spatialsource.com.au

Health Mapping

Environment – Mapping

  • This terrifying GIF shows how much Arctic ice has disappeared in the last 20 years – qz.com
  • Google mapping city air quality with Street View vehicles – treehugger.com
  • Mapping Storm Hotspots, Where the World’s Tempests are Brewed – atlasobscura.com
  • Nepal earthquake: How open data and social media helped the Nepalese to help themselves – abc.net.au
  • Scientists Use ISS Photos Of Earth To Study Light Pollution From Cities – techtimes.com
  • Google Maps API Powers Real-Time Weather for Weather Channel – programmableweb.com

Cartography in books

  • Railway Maps of the World – dymocks.com.au
  • The Curious Map Book – bl.uk
  • British Town Maps: A History – bl.uk
  • The World for a King: Pierre Desceliers’ World Map of 1550 – www.bl.uk
  • Cartographic Japan: A History in Maps – press.uchicago.edu
  • The World of Maps: Map Reading and Interpretation for the 21st Century – guilford.com

Mapping Apps

  • 10 iOS Mapping Apps That Let You Navigate the World – eweek.com
  • DigitalGlobe Launches New Maps API and Developer Site – programmableweb.com

Paper maps

Alternative Cartography

  • New Projects in Digital Art History: The GIS Forma Urbis Romae Project. – youtube.com
  • Google restores Map Maker – techworm.net
  • Mapping, Beirut-style: how to navigate a city without using any street names – theguardian.com
  • Mapping with balsa wood. Just like the New York Times! – 100yrsofbrinton.tumblr.com
  • 3 Amazing Maps of Mythic Locations – columbusglobes.com
  • You can map Britain and Ireland’s population centres, using only the location of pubs – citymetric.com
  • 13 maps about America worth bringing up at dinner parties and/or first dates – vox.com
  • How to Hide an Elephant – bigthink.com
  • How to Hide a Second Elephant – flickr.com

Open positions in Cartography

  • Texas State University is offering a tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Cartography – jobs.aag.org


Results of the 16th General Assembly of the ICA

The 16th ICA General Assembly was closed on the last day of ICC2015.
Slides of the agenda can be found here.

The Executive Committee for the term 2015-2019 is:

  • President: Menno-Jan Kraak (The Netherlands)
  • Secretary-General and Treasurer: László Zentai (Hungary)
  • Vice-Presidents:
    • Sara Fabrikant (Switzerland)
    • David Forrest (United Kingdom)
    • Yaolin Liu (China)
    • Pilar Sanchez-Ortiz (Spain)
    • Monika Sester (Germany)
    • Lynn Usery (USA)
    • Vít Voženílek (Czech Republic)
  • Past President: Georg Gartner (Austria)

The 17th General Assembly and the 29th International Cartographic Conference in 2019 will be held in Tokyo, Japan.

All corresponding website subpages (EC, conferences, commissions, working groups) will be updated within the course of next week. Please stay tuned.

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Welcome to ICC2015 in Rio de Janeiro #icc2015rio

Today, the 27th International Cartographic Conference is opened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

ICC2015 banner

After busy days with nine well-attended pre-conference workshops, the main conference will be opened today. The opening ceremony will also officially open the International Map Year 2015–2016. Dr. Gregory Scott from UN-GGIM will give a plenary keynote on the topic of “Positioning Geospatial Information to Address Global Challenges”.

Later today, also the Technical Exhibition, the International Cartographic Exhibition and the exhibition of the Barbara Petchenik Competition will open. More than 70 oral and poster sessions will follow in the next five days. All abstracts and papers are available on icc2015.org.

Impression from the first part of the general assembly. Photo by @mappingcenter

First part of the general assembly. Photo by @mappingcenter

ICC2015 also hosts the 16th General Assembly of the ICA. All material and reports for the General Assembly can be found at icaci.org/general-assembly-2015. The first part took place yesterday, the second part – including the voting of the new ICA executive committee, the ICA commissions for the term 2015–2019 and the selection of the place for ICC2019 – will take place on Friday. All results will be published on the ICA website soon after the event.

To share your experiences and to stay up-to-date with everything happening at the conference, please use hashtag #icc2015rio.

Enjoy the conference!

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ICA News 64 now online

ICA News 64

We are pleased to announce that the 64th issue of the ICA News is now available for download:

Low resolution (1.1mb)
High resolution, suitable for print (17.3mb)

In this issue of ICA News, Rio de Janeiro invites us to celebrate cartography at ICC 2015. This time, the Conference is coupled with the General Assembly of ICA and its Agenda is described in detail. The International Map Year is in full swing in a number of countries, while children’s world maps are the subject of another Esri Press publication.
– Igor Drecki, Editor ICA News

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eCARTO News July 2015

eCARTO News capture the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

New to Cartography

  • New cartographic resources website for the Pacific Islands – powerofmaps.org.au
  • New Mission – “Making geospatial education and opportunities accessible to all” – geoforall.org
  • New Australian National Map Competition – sssi.org.au


Mapping Applications

  • Thematic Mapping for Disaster Risk Assessment in Case of Earthquake – fig.net
  • World map of difference between solar time and clock time – imgur.com
  • WW2 shipwrecks map – google.com.au
  • Two Views from the Top of the World – esri.com
  • Mapping Everywhere Fossils Have Been Found in the U.S. – citylab.com
  • Mapping the U.S. by Property Value Instead of Land Area – citylab.com
  • Mapping the Global Population – pewglobal.org
  • The Atlantic Slave Trade in Two Minutes – slate.com
  • Avion comercial derribado en Ucrania – elmundo.es

Cartographic Visualization

Cartographic Resources & Education



Cartography for Transport and Location

  • The 9th International Symposium on Mobile Mapping Technology – mmt2015.org
  • Audi, BMW and Daimler Near Deal to Buy Nokia Mapping Service – wsj.com
  • Think tank set sights on GPS monitoring for containerised cargo – railexpress.com.au
  • Watch This 3D Animated Timeline Of How The Tube Map Developed – londonist.com
  • Historical Map: Polish Airlines LOT Route Map, 1939 – transitmaps.tumblr.com
  • Cómo funciona Swarm, la nueva geolocalización social – gersonbeltran.com
  • City-sized portions of Open Street Map – mapzen.com

The Guises of Cartographers in 2015

Cartography and Language

  • UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger – unesco.org
  • A world of languages – newtechreview.com
  • Metaphor map charts the images that structure our thinking – theguardian.com
  • Mapping the world’s linguistic diversity—scientists discover links between your genes and the language you speak – phys.org

Guidance for Map Collections

  • Helpful Hints for Small Map Collections – ala.org
  • Electronic Maps and GIS – ala.org
  • Metadata Primer for Map Librarians – ala.org
  • Map, GIS and Cataloging/ Metadata Librarian Core Competencies – ala.org
  • Map Collection Security Guidelines – ala.org
  • GIS in Every Library – ala.org
  • There’s a Map for That! – ala.org
  • Volunteered Geographic Information. Selected Web Resources – ala.org
  • Cartographic Citations: A Style Guide, Second Edition – ala.org
  • RDA and Cartographic Resources – ala.org

Paper maps

Alternative Cartography


eCARTO News June 2015

eCARTO News capture the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

Mapping Applications

  • A Ready for a smellfie? Photo tags map the smellscape of a city – newscientist.com
  • Penn State mapping tool could help save seabirds – news.psu.edu
  • Detroit Battles Blight Through Crowdsourced Mapping Project – forbes.com
  • Mapping the Spread of U.S. Baby Names Over the Past 100 Years – citylab.com
  • Trial uses mapping technology to dig up better yields for vegetable growers – abc.net.au
  • Diagramming the Landscape: Digital Mapping, a Powerful Tool for Analyzing a Site’s Biophysical and Social Context – metropolismag.com
  • Τhe Μystery of the Antikythera Shipwreck Further Unfolds – greece.greekreporter
  • Scientists Map Sagebrush with Drones – outsideonline.com


  • Swarm of Apple iRobots released to map interior of Cupertino HQ – theregister.co.uk
  • Into the light: how lidar is replacing radar as the archaeologist’s map tool of choice – theguardian.com
  • Crisis Mapping Technology Boosts Relief Efforts In Nepal – forbes.com
  • High-resolution satellite radar for mapping changes in global forest cover – spie.org
  • Mapping an Entire Hidden Subway With Lasers and VR – popularmechanics.com
  • Marauders Map: the Chrome app that stalks Facebook Messenger users – theguardian.com
  • Programming Intelligent Underwater Robots – manufacturing.net
  • Augmented-Reality Golf Coverage Uses KVH IMU – gpsworld.com

Industry News

  • HERE wins top spot for mapping and traffic in Ovum Location Platform Index – globenewswire.com
  • Sizing Up The Suitors For Here, Nokia’s Map Business – techcrunch.com
  • Apple Granted their Seventh 3D Depth Mapping Patent for 2015 – patentlyapple.com
  • Mapsense developer platform provides mapping big data analytics – programmableweb.com
  • Google Maps goes offline, complete with turn-by-turn directions – cnet.com
  • Report: iOS 9 Maps will finally bring mass transit navigation…to select cities – macworld.com
  • Google Maps are coming to the smartwatch on your wrist straight out of Sydney – news.com.au
  • Periscope lets you watch the world live with new map feature – mashable.com

People in Cartography

  • “Datascaper” Mixes Digital Mapping With Landscape Design – nextcity.org
  • Communicating with Maps Part 2: Discussing the issues with CaGIS President Sarah Battersby – directionsmag.com


  • Will Google’s Patent Battle over Street View Mapping Eventually Spill over to Apple Maps? – patentlyapple.com
  • How D.C. Is Becoming a Hub for Mapping Tech Startups – dcinno.streetwise.co
  • Why 3.5 times more Apple users choose Apple Maps over Google Maps – fortune.com
  • Three Reasons to Get to Know TCI’s Industry-Leading Mapping Software – directionsmag.com
  • Why Google Maps Shouldn’t Forget About Smell – fastcodesign.com
  • How your friendly neighborhood search engine took over the world – newrepublic.com
  • Not just for analysis, visualizations support transparency – gcn.com

Cartographic Education & Resources

  • Use this excellent mapping tool to figure out how long it takes to travel to every single place in London – businessinsider.com.au
  • NGA and DigitalGlobe Open Source Toolkit to Harness the Power of Collaborative Mapping – gisuser.com
  • Looking for a New Direction in Mapping Your World? – uknow.uky.edu
  • UW students use open source mapping to aid relief efforts in Nepal – washington.edu
  • Dot is a quirky location app for mapping anything from trash cans to watering holes – thenextweb.com

Cartography – Out of this world

  • Mapping the Outer Milky Way – skyandtelescope.com
  • Dawn Does Dramatic Fly Over of Ceres, Enters Lower Mapping Orbit: Video – universetoday.com
  • Mapping 90 years of UFO sightings: Fireballs are most commonly seen, while egg-shaped craft are rarer – and Maine is a hotspot – dailymail.co.uk
  • Geologic mapping of mars – smithsonianscience.si.edu
  • An illustrated guide to space maps – atlasobscura.com
  • These amateur maps of the Curiosity rover rival NASA’s – wired.com
  • Ceres’ Bright Spots Continue to Mystify Astronomers – gizmodo.com
  • MAVEN results find Mars behaving like a rock star – phys.org

Country Specific Cartography

  • Ministries to conduct mapping, profiling exercise – fijitimes.com
  • Mapping the Grand Canyon’s Gruesome Legacy of Death – citylab.com
  • Indonesia Regional Planning and Development Sector Powers Up Mobile Mapping by SuperPad – directionsmag.com
  • Mapping the monsoon: Find out when the rains hit your city – hindustantimes.com
  • Mapping Trees In Intricate Chemical Detail, So We Know Which Ones To Save First – fastcoexist.com
  • Brazil’s Maranhao state to map renewable power potential – renewables.seenews.com
  • Why we need to liberate Philippine public map data – gmanetwork.com
  • Ocean surface currents now being measured in near real-time off Hilo – hawaii.edu

Environmental cartography!

  • Just in Time for Juneteenth: A Mapping Tool That Makes It Easier to Spot Environmental Justice – citylab.com
  • Mapping the Surge in L.A.’s Homelessness Epidemic – citylab.com
  • California’s quake worries don’t end with the San Andreas – wired.com
  • Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal Redesign Links Users via Stories, Data, Mapping – prweb.com
  • Sound map launched for UK’s coastline – eandt.theiet.org

Alternative Cartography

  • Beautiful, Intriguing, and Illegal Ways to Map the Internet – wired.com
  • Mapping, Beirut-style: how to navigate a city without using any street names – theguardian.com
  • Oculus acquires 3D mapping company Surreal Vision to turn reality into a video game – theverge.com
  • An Imaginary City, 50 Years in the Mapping – citylab.com
  • Detailed 3D Map Visualizes The Battle of Stalingrad – kotaku.com
  • Charting Napoleon’s military career – in maps – theguardian.com