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Happy International Map Year 2015–2016!Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic AssociationJune’s Map of the Month: World atlas in Polish and Braille
Happy International Map Year 2015–2016!
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Map of the Month 07/2014: Death in Grand Canyon
June’s Map of the Month is a world atlas in Polish and Braille

Winners NASA World Wind Europa Challenge 2014

ICA is proud to announce that the NASA World Wind Challenge Runner-up, sponsored by ICA, was won by Alex Dumitru and Vlad Merticariu from Jacobs University Bremen, Germany, with their project WCPS Cross-Coverage Analysis.

For more details on the project, please visit worldwind.flanche.net

A list of all projects can be found at eurochallenge.como.polimi.it/projects2014

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eCARTO News August 2014

eCARTO News capture the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

General News

  • Big data and mapping – a potent combination – information-age.com
  • 3D Mapping & 3D Modeling Market worth $7.7 Billion by 2018 – whatech.com
  • Paradigms in Cartography – An Epistemological Review of the 20th and 21st Centuries – springer.com


Industry News

Innovative Cartography

  • An Infographic That Maps 2,000 Years of Cultural History in 5 Minutes – wired.com
  • Danny Dorling: mapping the August 2011 riots – newstatesman.com
  • Google Maps shows off 3D London – sbs.com.au
  • Gallery Whispers and Lunch in the Cafe: Mapping Museums Through Their Sounds – hyperallergic.com
  • Oral history goes digital as Google helps map ancestral lands – theglobeandmail.com
  • Google Creates 3D Mapping Device – 3dfocus.co.uk

Environmental Mapping

  • Mapping The Appalling Consequences Of An Oil Spill In The Arctic – fastcoexist.com
  • Scientists Are Mapping The Ocean’s Plastic, Because 99% Is Missing – gizmodo.com.au
  • Mapping Global Warming’s Threat To Your Power and Gasoline – nationaljournal.com
  • Sunkoshi tragedy exposes failure in hazard mapping – myrepublica.com
  • Mapping the acceleration of Ebola in West Africa in five charts – qz.com
  • How mapping can improve risk understanding from natural catastrophes – business-reporter.co.uk
  • Seafloor-Mapping Airguns May Harm Ocean Animals – livescience.com

Education and Resources

  • Cartography & GIS Training Online – foss4geo.wordpress.com/
  • European schools to get cloud-based mapping software to improve geography and STEM teaching – computerworlduk.com
  • Mapping and distorting the Arctic – adn.com
  • Singapore Government Partners Students To Use Mapping Technology On Urban Challenges – futuregov.asia
  • GIS for Crime Analysis, Law Enforcement, & Public Safety – ppc.americansentinel.edu
  • Geo EDU Tip – Online Mapping for Beginners – The Map Academy from CartoDB – gisuser.com
  • University of Glasgow- Mapping out a career in Geospatial Technology – ndiaeducationdiary.in
  • Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age – amazon.com

Military Related Cartography

Mobile Mapping



Indoor Cartography

Mapping Platforms

  • Central Michigan University Maps Threatened Species with UAS – directionsmag.com
  • Online drone maps show views of world, disaster areas, off-limit zones – latimes.com
  • Gaia satellite begins 3D-mapping the galaxy – cnet.com
  • Obama launches climate tools including 3-D maps – usatoday.com
  • Chiba University takes us a step closer to Prometheus mapping drones – geek.com
  • ASU alum’s mapping project a finalist in Google Impact Challenge – asunews.asu.edu
  • Icebreakers head out to map Arctic sea floor – brandonsun.com

Crowd-Sourced Cartography

Cartographic Challenges

  • India’s federal investigating agency opens enquiry against Google’s mapping contest – qz.com
  • Google ‘polluted Internet’ with classified material, says Survey of India – indiatvnews.com
  • Google Maps has Crashed, Into an Arkansas Resident – androidheadlines.com
  • Google’s New Automated Mapping Technique Gives Chattanooga a 3D Bump – govtech.com
  • CNN adds Nigeria to list of countries it can’t find on a map – washingtonpost.com

President’s Blog: International Map Year 2015–2016

Logo of the International Map Year 2015/2016

It is my sincere pleasure to inform you that at the fourth session of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management at the UN Headquarters in New York, 6–8 August 2014, the ICA Initiative on an International Map Year 2015–2016 was positively discussed.

The resolution states:

The committee endorses the International Map Year 2015–2016 as proposed by the International Cartographic Association as a valuable means to promote the importance of maps and geoinformation.

With this we have reached a most prominent framework for the planned acitivities and I invite all members of the ICA family to consider their active participation. To stay up-to-date with all activities around the International Map Year, please visit internationalmapyear.org.

Georg Gartner
– President of the International Cartographic Association


Joint commission meeting children/planets

cccmeeting2014A day before beginning the 9th International Workshop on Digital Approaches to Cartographic Heritage, the Commission on Cartography and Children will have a meeting together with the Commission on Planetary Cartography. There will be a special presentation by former ICA President Bengt Rystedt representing the Working Group on the International Map Year.

All of you are invited to participate!

For more information, please see the Preliminary Programme.

President’s Blog: Africa

Visit to Botswana Department of Survey and Mapping

Visit to Botswana Department of Survey and Mapping

National Delegate of Botswana to ICA Lucy Phalaage and ICA President Georg Gartner in Goborone, June 2014

National Delegate of Botswana to ICA Lucy Phalaage and ICA President Georg Gartner in Goborone, June 2014

Given the fact, that I had the opportunity to recently visit Africa several times I am eager to share my experiences with you in terms of finding a continent with severe constraints but also significant opportunities. In this respect the importance of geospatial information management and cartography is recognized by more and more proponents within Africa and seen as a most important technology, capacity and instrument for the further development of societies and economies.

It is in this context that I was so impressed by getting in contact with many ambitious, motivated and excellent colleagues like from the Botswana Department of Survey and Mapping, which I was able to visit in July 2014 and give a half-day workshop on modern cartography, or with colleagues from South Africa and other African countries at the most successful AfricaGEO 2014 conference in July 2014, where a lot of surveyors, remote sensing experts, GI scientists and cartographers gather and shared their results, problems, methods and experiences on a high level, or with colleagues from Uganda, Ethiopia, Tunesia and other African countries, which are contacting ICA for several reasons, including their willingness to fully participate in the developments of modern cartography and GIScience.

It is without doubt, that for the International Cartographic Association Africa is and remains a major focus.

President’s Blog: Geo4All

Prof. Chen Jun (ISPRS President), Jeff McKenna (OSGeo President) and Prof. Georg Gartner (ICA President) during their meeting at AfricaGEO in Cape Town in July 2014 to discuss future collaboration for GeoforAll

Prof. Chen Jun (ISPRS President), Jeff McKenna (OSGeo President) and Prof. Georg Gartner (ICA President) during their meeting at AfricaGEO in Cape Town in July 2014 to discuss future collaboration for GeoforAll

The “Geo for All” Initiative has developed out of the Memorandum of Understanding Activities between ICA and OSGeo (the Open Source Geospatial Foundation). So-called “ICA-OSGeo Labs” have been founded in unexpected high numbers in the last months (http://www.geoforall.org/locations/), demonstrating the great interest and demand for evaluating and using Open Source Software in the area of Cartography, GI Science and Geospatial Information Management.

In order to direct the development of this initiative an Advisory Board has been found, co-chaired by the Presidents of ICA (Georg Gartner) and OSGeo (Jeff McKenna). Due to the inclusive character of this initiative and a strong interest being expressed several times from the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) is now joining this initiative.

We are looking forward to working together in our common aim to expand geospatial education and opportunities to all.

eCARTO News July 2014

eCARTO News capture the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

General News


  • Hyperspectral Aerial Survey will Enhance Mapping Capabilities – usgs.gov
  • UAV Mapping of a Landslide – directionsmag.com
  • Snow Where You’re Going: Trace Ancient Inuit Trails With Interactive Atlas – indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com
  • Mapping the Santa Monica Fault presents unique challenges – scpr.org
  • This new mapping technology will show whether global warming could drown your town – washingtonpost.com
  • NASA’s Aquarius instrument returns global maps of soil moisture – phys.org

Industry News

  • Microsoft to discontinue vintage mapping services MapPoint and Streets & Trips – winbeta.org
  • Google launches weirdly fun ‘Smarty Pins’ trivia map game – venturebeat.com
  • TripAdvisor for iPhone adds offline support, improves mapping features – betanews.com
  • Amazon Fire Phone: Bing For Search, Nokia For Maps – searchengineland.com
  • GIS People partners with DigitalGlobe – spatialsource.com.au

New Concepts Cartography

Transport & Mobile Mapping

  • Watch this: Human transforms its app data into striking activity maps – engadget.com
  • Middle East 24 – vimeo.com
  • Maps With Me Lite is an offline mapping app for mobile devices – ghacks.net
  • Living with Google: Google Maps – androidguys.com

Education and Resources

3D Cartography

  • Google’s 3D-mapping Phones to Help Robots on the International Space Station – au.ign.com
  • Malaysia’s new method of mitigating landslides: 3D mapping – futuregov.asia
  • Cartographic Design Principles for 3D maps – A Contribution to Cartographic Theory – icaci.org
  • True-3D in Cartography – springer.com
  • Progress and New Trends in 3D Geoinformation Sciences – springer.com



  • Redrawing the Earth by committee – wired.co.uk
  • Lake Mendota mapmaker shows depth of her appreciation – news.wisc.edu
  • The First U.S. Map That Was Made By A U.S. Citizen – io9.com
  • From Pen And Paper To 3-D, Look Who’s Challenging Google Maps – npr.org

Historical Cartography

  • The Maginot Line – lostimagesofww2.com
  • Watch How American Cities Grew Through Thousands Of Historic Maps – gizmodo.com.au
  • Historic maps in Welsh sold at auction in Colwyn Bay – bbc.com
  • Commonwealth frames: Rescued archive images and maps – bbc.com


Indigenous Cartography

Cartography Lite

  • Nanoscale Monet is world’s tiniest masterpiece – newscientist.com
  • Test your knowledge of imaginary cartography with this fictional maps quiz – avclub.com
  • Geoff Nicholson maps out the edges in fiction ‘City Under the Skin’ – latimes.com
  • ‘The Map Thief’ by Michael Blanding – bostonglobe.com

Call: Workshop on Theoretical Cartography and Geo-Information Science

The ICA Commission on Theoretical Cartography and the ICA Commission on Atlases will organise the joint workshop on Theoretical Cartography and Geo-information Science, in conjunction with the Commission of Cartography and GIS, the Chinese Society of Surveying, Mapping and Geo-Information, Commission of Mapping, the Chinese Association of GI Industry on October 17-19, 2014, in the Institute of Geographical Science and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Beijing.

Please find all details in the PDF call.

President’s Blog: Disaster management and cartography

Evacuation of Participants of the 5th Jubilee International Conference on Cartography and GIS with helicopters throught to flash floods in the region of Varna in June 2014

Evacuation of Participants of the 5th Jubilee International Conference on Cartography and GIS with helicopters throught to flash floods in the region of Varna in June 2014

The 5th Jubilee International Conference on Cartography and GIS (ICCGIS) together with EU Seminar on Early Warning and Crises management was held on June 15–20, 2014 in Riviera, Varna, Bulgaria. The successful conference was attended by 170 specialists from 42 countries around the world and was professionally organised by Prof Temenoujka Bandrova and her team once again.

The ICA Commission on Cartography in Early Warning and Disaster Management, chaired by Prof Milan Konecny, has contributed in the past to publications such as the UN-OOSA and JBGIS publication on “Geoinformation for Disaster and Risk Management”, demonstrating the strong need and demand for profound expertise in such contexts.

It happens to be, that the Conference demonstrated this connection unexpectedly. During the Gala dinner, which was organised in a typical Bulgarian restaurant, strong flash floods struck the region. The floods blocked several cities (in Varna city 12 people lost their lives). The only access to the road back to Riviera was closed due to rise in rivers’ water levels. Unexpectedly, participants had to spend the night in the manor without their personal belongings and medicines and with limited food reserves. Emergency services in Bulgaria and various embassies and medical centres were immediately contacted. Finally, with the help of the Military Geographic Service of Bulgaria all participants were evacuated via helicopters and returned safely back to their hotels.

This real life experience demonstrated, that the topic of “Disaster Management and Cartography” can’t be underestimated in its relevance to all of us.