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Happy International Map Year 2015–2016!Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic AssociationJune’s Map of the Month: World atlas in Polish and Braille
Happy International Map Year 2015–2016!
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Map of the Month 07/2014: Death in Grand Canyon
June’s Map of the Month is a world atlas in Polish and Braille

Working Groups Archive

This page lists working groups of former periods. For the current working groups, please go here.


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Working Group on Art and Cartography

  1. To explore the art element of cartography by:
    • facilitating for a that encourages interaction between cartographers who work with the Art aspects of cartography and artists who produce cartographic artefacts.
    • developing theory on art and cartography and cartography and art
  2. To encourage interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation of ideas and concepts by:
    • encouraging inter-disciplinary discourse.
    • facilitating inter-disciplinary discourse.
    • encouraging inter-disciplinary projects.
    • encouraging interdisciplinary publications.
  3. Disseminating information about developed theory and ontologies related to the interaction of art with cartography and cartography with art by:
    • facilitating installations with associated annotated catalogues.
    • developing blogs.
    • publishing special issues of journals.
    • developing and publishing books.

Website of the Working Group on Art and Cartography

Co-chair: Barbara Piatti
Institut für Kartografie
ETH Zürich
Wolfgang Pauli Straße 15
8093 Zürich
e-mail: bpiatti@ethz.ch

Co-chair: Sébastien Caquard
316 Saint-Joseph est
Montreal, Qc, H2T 1J2
e-mail: scaquard@gmail.com

Executive liaison: William Cartwright
Department of Geospatial Science
RMIT University
GPO Box 2476V
Melbourne, Victoria 3001

phone: +61 3 9925 2423
fax: +61 3 9663 2517
e-mail: william.cartwright@rmit.edu.au

Working Group on Cartography on Early Warning and Crisis Management

  1. Provide leadership in the development of concepts, ontologisation and standardization of early warning for hazard, risk and vulnerability mapping and cartographic modelling.
  2. Promote the cartographic use of remotely sensed and other geospatial data and various analysis techniques for early warning and crisis management by organizing conferences, seminar and workshops.
  3. Investigate psychological condition of end user given by their personal character and situation and psychological condition of rescued persons.
  4. Promote capacity building and quality mapping, and cartographic modelling including modern technology for early warning and crisis management through topic related publications.
  5. Participate and contribute to global initiatives in early warning and crisis management for instance through the maintenance of a website.
  6. Promote hazard, risk and vulnerability mapping for crisis management and communication.
  7. Develop mechanisms and networks for exchange of information among stakeholders on crisis management and early warning.

Chair: Milan Konecný
Department of Geography
Masaryk University
Kotlárská 2
611 37 Brno
Czech Republic

phone: +420 5 4949 5135
fax: +420 4949 1061
e-mail: konecny@geogr.muni.cz
personal website

Working Group on Census Cartography

  1. Share and exchange information on mapping methodologies that support censuses and statistical surveys.
  2. Encourage the use of new technologies and approaches supporting census mapping.
  3. Serve as a forum for census cartographers and organizations that promote census mapping activities.

Website of the Working Group on Census Cartography

Chair: Tim Trainor
Geography Division
U.S. Census Bureau
4600 Silver Hill Road – Mail Stop 7400
Washington, D.C. 20233-7400
United States of America

phone: +1 301 763 9161
fax: +1 301 763 4710
e-mail: timothy.f.trainor@census.gov

Working Group on Crime Mapping

  1. To sketch out a research agenda for crime mapping.
  2. In collaboration with other ICA Commissions and Working Groups, as appropriate, to conduct research on crime mapping, focusing especially on the forensic and cartographic rigour of crime maps, particularly for their use in court.
  3. To collaborate at the scientific level with other organizations active in crime mapping research, such as by arranging joint meetings.
  4. To develop books, reports, conference presentations and/or journal articles on our work, and to hold specialist meetings on these topics.
  5. To organize a reporting session on the Working Group's activities at the 2011 ICA meetings. To organize and hold Working Group meetings in 2010 and 2011.
  6. To exchange information and reports by the ICA member countries and relevant bodies concerning crime mapping research.
  7. To establish a mailing list and a web site for the Working Group.

Chair: Peter Schmitz
CSIR South Africa

phone: 012 841-3841
e-mail: pschmitz@csir.co.za

Working Group on GIS and Sustainable Development

  1. The creation of a precise action plan of the working group (the results of the work should be supervised on volume and terms of performance and should have various connections with each other).
  2. To produce a program for GIS and Cartographic basis of sustainable development (SD) of territories. Creation of some its modules.
  3. The organization of uniform actions (including performance of projects, holding conferences etc.), on which experts from the different spheres would be involved. In particular to hold the conference that will unit the different experts interested in sustainable development of territories. The press will be involved for propagation of achievements of cartography and GIS.
  4. To organise a regional workshops and summer-schools on GIS and Cartography for developing SD projects.
  5. To provide the connections and performance of teamwork, holding conferences, schools with the adjacent organizations - the commission on geographical information sciences IGU, Digital Earth, UNIGIS et cetera.
  6. To continue the work on realization of international conferences InterCarto, which since 1994 were annually carried out in Russia and in the other countries.
  7. To encourage and support the involvement of student cartographers in the working group activities.

Chair: Vladimir Tikunov
Laboratory of Integrated Mapping and Laboratory of Sustainable Development of Territories
Faculty of Geography
M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University
Vorobievy Gory, MSU, main building
119991 Moscow

phone: +7 495 939 13 39
fax: +7 495 932 88 36
e-mail: tikunov@geogr.msu.su
personal website

Working Group on Mapping Africa for Africa

  1. To further the objectives of the Durban Statement on Mapping Africa for Africa.
  2. To liaise with the Committee on Development Information (Geo-information) of the UN Economic Commission for Africa relating to Mapping Africa for Africa initiatives and projects.
  3. To bring together experts in fields relevant to ICA to provide a voluntary advisory service to Mapping Africa for Africa initiatives and projects.
  4. To promote Mapping Africa for Africa initiatives and projects at the international and regional level, including the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD).

Chair: Derek Clarke
Chief Directorate, Surveys and Mapping
Private Box X 10
Mowbray 7705
South Africa

phone: +27 21 658 4300
fax: +27 21 689 1351
e-mail: dclarke@sli.wcape.gov.za

Working Group on Open Data Access and Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Disseminate information on the subject to the ICA member nations.
  2. Continue the implementation of the ICA Third World Policy by providing experts for workshops in developing countries when requested.
  3. Coordinate commission activities with other ICA commissions, whenever possible.
  4. Coordinate activities with commissions of other international organizations if this is in line with the aims and objectives of ICA.
  5. Encourage representatives of all groups to participate in the Working Group on Open Data Access and Intellectual Property Rights (ODA and IPR).
  6. Serve as a resource in preparing papers about current legislation in different countries for open data access and intellectual property rights, with particular reference to their application to cartography.
  7. Develop an agreement on the definition and characteristics of open data access and intellectual property rights in cartography, paying particular attention to digital cartographic material and dissemination over the Internet.
  8. Identify and present issues with respect to the objects and subjects of IPR and the free use and archival of cartographic works.
  9. Develop or foster an agreement on the development of open data access and IPR in the field of cartography.
  10. Prepare guidelines about best practices, policies and business models for ODA and IPR.
  11. Organise workshops and conferences on ODA and IPR.
  12. Foster harmonisation of ODA and IPR among subjects or within objects such as digital cartographic works.

Website of the Working Group on Open Data Access and Intellectual Property Rights

Please participate in our survey on open data access and intellectual property rights around the world

Chair: Lucia Lovison-Golob
Afriterra Foundation www.afriterra.org

Lucia Lovison-Golob
Afriterra Foundation
60 Temple Street
Boston, MA 02114
United States of America
phone: 617-852-8389

Working Group on Open Source Geospatial Technologies

  1. To promote the widespread use of open source geospatial software.
  2. To provide support for the use of open source geospatial software in education through relevant publications.
  3. To organise conferences, workshops and training sessions for open source geospatial technologies.
  4. To organise special lectures and demonstrations on open source geospatial technologies.
  5. To make open source geospatial software more accessible to end users.
  6. To serve as a network for ICA members interested in open source geospatial technologies by the use of mailing lists, wiki etc.
  7. Through collaboration with other ICA commissions and working groups promote coordination with different open source geospatial organisations (eg. Open Source Geospatial Foundation) and developer communities.
  8. Develop and keep updated the working group's website to disseminate the working group activities.
  9. Produce annual reports of the working group activities.

Website of the Working Group on Open Source Geospatial Technologies

Chair: Suchith Anand
Centre for Geospatial Science
Sir Clive Granger Building
Nottingham University
Nottingham NG7 2RD
phone: +44 115 846 8408

Working Group on Tourist Cartography

  1. Investigation of development tendencies on special branch of cartography vis-à-vis tourist cartography on international level.
  2. Propaganda of the best form producing and products on the world tourist cartography.
  3. Establishing of working contacts between ICA and IOF (International Orienteering Federation), IMTA (International Map Trade Association).
  4. Assistance and support of those countries, which have a little experience in producing of tourist cartographic products.
  5. Creation of Tourist map and atlas general catalogue (annual report). Working out of the structure and content. Gathering of database.
  6. Creation of content glossary of tourist map products.
  7. Unification of tourist map symbols.

Chair: Yuriy Artemyev
JSC "Karta"
ul. Chernyakhovskogo, 49-b
Russia 191119

phone: +7 812 575 59 42
e-mail: karta_spb@mail.ru




Working GroupChair
Gender in CartographyEva Sikierska (CAN)
IFLA/ICA cooperationJohann Neumann (GER)
Marine ChartingRon Furness (AUS)
Market of GIVictor Glickman (CAN)
Theoretical cartographyTosimoto Kanakubo (JAP)



Working GroupChair
Basic Manual of CartographyKoeman
Multilingual Dictionary of Technical TermsMeynen
Inter-Association WG ICA-IFLA on Documental Aspects of Cartographic Material
Inter-Association WG ICA-IGU on Environmental Atlases




    Well I have a great pleasure on receiving Dr.Eva Siekerska from Canada, at home ,with my family, on tasting some delicious brazilian food prepared by my very older mummy, when she stayed in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, at IBGE/CDDI for a IPGH meeting, and I worked there about 3 years. I shown to her some at the IBGE/CDDI Library some precious old Atlas from Poland where she was born. Some years in advance we participated at the 18th ICC/ICA/ACI in Stokholm,Sweden, in June, 1997. At the GT Gender in Cartography I presented the speech named “What Is Gender In Cartography?”,and more “Cartographic Alternatives in the Amazon” a presented printed paper on the Proceedings… the Land of a German Brazilian Queen Silvia Somerlath…where the Brazilian Football Selection won the first time in 1958 Cup!!!!

    On basin that speech about Gender in Cartography I have been produced a classical paper – “As Mulheres Na Cartografia Brasileira” – or “Brazilian Women in Cartography” published at the ISINEA Annals, Federal Alagoas University – Geometer Engineering Course, in Maceió, State of Alagoas, Northeastern from Brazil, in December, 2005, a very nice place, where I went sponsored by Mr President of the Rio de Janeiro Engineering Council – CREA-RJ Eng. Reynaldo Barros.I was Geometer Adviser and Coordinator at this time. Also at The ABEA/CREA-RJ Seminar – Brazilian Women in Science and Technology (August/2005) and Brazilian Society of Geography -SBG (October/2005).


    Eliane Alves da Silva
    Cartographer Engineer/Geographer MSc
    Rio de Janeiro/Brazil
    Former Adviser at CREA-RJ (2002-2007)
    Former Adviser at Engineering Club(2005-2007)
    Former CCEEAGRIs/CONFEA Vice Coordinator (2007)
    Writer at A MIRA – Agrimensura e Cartografia (since 2001)
    Writer at MUNDOGEO
    Retired Professor at Uff – Federal Fluminense University
    Former Professor at IME – Military Institute Engineering
    Advisr at ABEA/FEBRAE

    19 April 2013 at 10:52 pm

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