Welcome to the International Cartographic Association
Happy International Map Year 2015–2016!Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic AssociationJune’s Map of the Month: World atlas in Polish and Braille
Happy International Map Year 2015–2016!
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Map of the Month 07/2014: Death in Grand Canyon
June’s Map of the Month is a world atlas in Polish and Braille

Working Groups

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Joint ICA Working Group and IGU Commission on Toponymy

  • to foster geographic/cartographic research in the field of place names, especially as regards:
    • functions of place names on maps
    • rendering of place names on maps
    • names placement on maps
    • elaborating principles for creating new place names
    • place names as expression of time – or space-related identity
    • place name/feature relations
    • motives for place naming
    • place names and administration
    • place names and transportation
    • place names in the cyber world
    • social dimensions of place names
    • elaborating principles for solving place-name conflicts
  • to disseminate the scientific knowledge on processing and use of place names within geography and cartography;
  • To link the toponymy concepts used by other sciences such as anthropology and linguistics to those used in cartography and geography;
  • to support the establishment of national and regional boards on geographical names;
  • to support the efforts of international standardization of geographical names, such as undertaken by UNGEGN);
  • to maintain contacts and scientific exchange with UNGEGN and ICOS, such as by organizing joint events;
  • to support and encourage the elaboration and publication of gazetteers, toponymic data files and place-names reference systems (such as EuroGeoNames).
Paulo MenezesChair: Paulo Menezes (ICA)
R Conselheiro Zenha 21 Cob 01
Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20550-090
phone (home): +55 21 25688991
phone (mobile): +55 21 99143269
phone (university): +55 21 25901880
fax: +55 21 22707773
e-mail: pmenezes@acd.ufrj.br
personal website
Cosimo PalagianoChair: Cosimo Palagiano (IGU)
Emeritus Professor of Geography
University of Rome "La Sapienza"
Piazzale Aldo Moro 5
00100 Rome
phone: +39 06 49913 917
fax: +39 06 49913874
e-mail: cosimopalagiano2@gmail.com
personal website

Executive Committee liaison: Georg Gartner

Working Group on International Map Year

  • Create a text book on Cartography and Geographic Information for the general public;
  • Elaborate plans for national activities and establish national contacts;
  • Involve the ICA commissions in the work;
  • Find sponsors among the affiliate members;
  • Establish contacts with the UN and the sister organizations (through the ICA Executive Committee and the JBGIS);
  • Produce information that can be used at national Map Days;
  • Follow up and update the working plan at the ICC in Dresden 2013.

Website of the International Map Year

Bengt Rystedt (Photo by Britt-Louise Malm)Chair: Bengt Rystedt
Leif Erikssons Väg 4
SE-261 62 Glumslöv
phone: +46-418-734 05
mobile: +46-70-607 3429
Aileen BuckleyMember: Aileen Buckley
Redlands, CA
e-mail: abuckley@esri.com
Ferjan OrmelingMember: Ferjan Ormeling
Cartography section
Faculty of Geographical Sciences
Utrecht University
PO Box 80115, 3508TC
The Netherlands
fax: +31 30 2540604
e-mail: f.ormeling@geog.uu.nl
personal website
Vít VoženílekMember: Vít Voženílek
Department of Geoinformatics
Palacký University, Olomouc
17. listopadu 50, 771 46 Olomouc
Czech Republic
phone: +420 585634513
e-mail: vit.vozenilek@upol.cz
Serena CoetzeeMember: Serena Coetzee
Centre for Geoinformation Science
University of Pretoria
Republic of South Africa
e-mail: serenacoetzee@gmail.com
Member: Ayako Kagawa
UN Cartographic Section
New York
e-mail: kagawa@un.org
David FairbairnMember: David Fairbairn
School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Cassie Building
Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU
phone: +44 (0)191 222 6353
fax: +44 (0)191 222 6502
e-mail: dave.fairbairn@newcastle.ac.uk

Executive Committee liaison: Georg Gartner


For working groups of previous periods please see the working groups archive.

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