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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Get to know the new ICA Executive Committee for the term 2023-2027

Map of the Month 10/2012: Landscape Atlas of the Czech Republic

At the 25th International Cartography Conference in Paris, France, the atlas “Landscape Atlas of the Czech Republic” won the first jury’s prize in the category Atlases. The jury stated:

Outcome of the collaborative work of a large number of experts. The large format gives good overviews.

Publisher’s Description: The digital Landscape Atlas of the Czech Republic is the first comprehensive atlas of the environment of the state territory and its population after 18 years of its existence and characterizes the state of landscape and Human society at the dawn of 21st century. The Atlas is a large-format publication 332 pages long and contains 906 maps. Atlas is divided into 8 chapters and covers a variety of topics ranging from location of the state territory in the Central Europe, history of Czech landscapes, contemporary natural conditions, socio-economic conditions, landscape as the heritage, present-day environmental problems and Czech landscapes in art (paintings in oil on canvas). A majority of the map in the Atlas present data on the county level (basic map scale 1: 500 000) but there are also large-scale maps and cartograms of selected landscapes, towns and environmental problems. Especially new and important are digital maps. Many topics are presented for the first time (limits and potential of landscapes, stresses in landscapes etc.). The book is modern, colorful, and includes a variety of map styles and data visualization techniques. The Landscape Atlas of the Czech Republic has all attributes of the national atlas. The preparation and printing was supported by the State Fund for Environment.

  • Size (cm): 610 x 507.5
  • Publishers: Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic, Prague and The Silva Tarouca Institute for landscape and ornamental gardening, Pruhonice, Czech Republic
  • Editors: Tatiana Hrnciarová, Peter Mackovcin and Ivan Zvara
  • Coordination and supervision: Institute of Landscape Ecology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
  • Cartographic processing and desk top publishing: Esprit, s.r.o., Slovak Republic
  • Printed and bound by: VKÚ, a.s. Harmanec, Slovak Republic
  • Date of Edition: 2009
  • Languages: Czech and English
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