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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic AssociationGet to know the new ICA Executive Committee for the term 2023-2027
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Get to know the new ICA Executive Committee for the term 2023-2027

Map of the Month 11/2010: Canadian Circumpolar Map

The ICA is happy to feature the 10th Map of the Month: “Atlas of Canada International Polar Year Circumpolar Map”

At the 24th International Cartography Conference in Santiago, Chile, the map won the 1st jury’s prize in the category “Thematic Maps”. The jury stated:

Beautiful design: the cartographic representation is very clear and subtle, giving the user a formidable impression of the depicted region. This map utilizes an unconventional format to communicate thematic issues of the polar region.The round map shape reinforces the nature of the information portrayed.

Publisher’s Description: The recently revised bilingual map was produced as a special product for the International Polar Year. It was produced from the Atlas of Canada Reference Map, MCR0001, North Circumpolar Region (2008). Its round shape shows detail from north of 55 degrees latitude. All national boundaries are shown along with Canadian provincial and territorial boundaries and Canada’s 200 nautical mile offshore Exclusive Economic Zone. National capital cities are displayed along with other cities, towns, villages, and hamlets; all have been updated to 2008. A number of significant northern features can be found such as the minimum permanent polar sea ice extent for 1972 to 2007, tree line, undersea relief and undersea feature names, land relief, historical surveyed locations of the Magnetic North Pole from 1831 to 2007 and updated glaciers, ice fields and coastal ice shelves.

  • Paper
  • Scale: 1:10,400,000
  • Size (mm): 1,626x1,626
  • Authors: Atlas of Canada Program
  • Publisher: Atlas of Canada Program, NRCan
  • Date of edition: 01/12/2008
  • Languages: English, French

More information:

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