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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Get to know the new ICA Executive Committee for the term 2023-2027
Get to know the ICA Commissions for the term 2023-2027

Map of the Month 11/2011: Jacaranda Atlas

At the 25th International Cartography Conference in Paris, France, the 7th edition of the Jacaranda Atlas won the second jury’s prize in the category “Educational Cartographic Resources”. The jury stated:

Well-designed multimedia atlas on paper, produced with GIS-methods.

Publisher’s Description: The Jacaranda Atlas is synonymous with school students around Australia as the benchmark for geographic learning. The publisher of the Jacaranda Atlas, John Wiley and Sons, wanted to celebrate its 40th anniversary by re-designing the atlas content and bringing not only the data up to date, but also the workflow.

In October 2009 Spatial Vision was awarded the contract to produce map content for the forthcoming Jacaranda Atlas 7th edition. During the production process, which took almost 9 months, there were over 400 maps produced, covering topics as diverse as the world itself, from global annual rainfall to distribution of major surfing competitions.

Spatial Vision developed a database-driven approach to map production, allowing future editions to be updated quickly and efficiently and the possibility of deriving web-based content for future products. Spatial Vision worked closely with authors, the Wiley publishing, editorial and production team to create striking map styles from the latest available data. Throughout the creation stage feedback was sought from both teachers and students to refine the map designs to suit the learning needs of secondary students. Data was sourced from many authoritative global and Australian sources and combined into a comprehensive spatial database that will be able to be used to produce future atlases on a more cost-effective basis. The data for this project was sourced from as many open-source and/or royalty free sources as possible. As a result Spatial Vision now has a comprehensive global and Australia-wide database that can be used for other projects, whilst retaining user-specific databases for the client.

Images copyright © Wiley Publishing 2010 used with permission.

  • Paper
  • Dimensions (mm): 242x306
  • Authors: John Ramsdale, Alex Rossimel, Wayne Sutton, Kingsley Head, Jill Price, Bernard Harris, David McCauley, Kathryn Gibson, Lucy Rahaley
  • Published by John Wiley & Sons, Australia
  • Date published: 08/2010
  • Category: Educational cartographic resources on paper - Secondary
  • Language: English
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