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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Get to know the new ICA Executive Committee for the term 2023-2027
Get to know the ICA Commissions for the term 2023-2027

Honorary Fellowship for Georg Gartner

During ICC 2021 in Florence, Georg Gartner received the ICA Honorary Fellowship. Below you can read Thomas Schulz‘ laudation:

Georg Gartner, born in 1966, became a doctor of science in 1995 and then advanced in 2001 to the Technical University of Vienna. As a Professor for Cartography and Geo-Mediatechniques since 2004, he leads the Research Group of Cartography at the Vienna University of Technology.

His main research interests lie in the role of modern cartography and applying interactivity to this role. Particularly, he initiated the international conference series on location-based services in 2002. Since then, the conference series travelled around the world, and attracted scholars and researchers, digital industry and market operators, as well as students of different backgrounds whose work is either focused on or related to Location-Based Services. As an outcome from this community brought together by the conference series, the ICA Commission on Location Based Services (LBS) was established in 2015 by the ICA General Assembly. The LBS Commission has been very active in promoting the role of cartography and GIScience in the mobile information era since then.

Georg has been an excellent educator and mentor. He is a co-founder of the International Master Programme on Cartography, which is a joint program of TU Munich, TU Wien, TU Dresden, and the ITC. This MSc program has been very successful and has trained many excellent young cartographers and GI scientists from around the world. He has also supervised many PhD students in the discipline of cartography and GIScience. His PhD students benefit significantly from his supportive, open-minded, high-quality and insightful supervision style.

Georg has been an active ICA member since the 1990s. He served as a vice chair of the Commission on Maps and the Internet from 1999-2007, as a vice president of the ICA (2007-2011), as ICA president from 2011-2015, and most recently as ICA past president from 2015-2019. During his presidency, the ICA achieved full membership in the International Science Council and he ably and enthusiastically established cartography as an important contemporary subject.
Since 2006, he has been the editor of Springer Verlag’s book series Lecture Notes on Geoinformation and Cartography, which publishes the results of much of the output of the ICA Commissions.

Currently, he serves as the Chair of the Publications Committee of the ICA. He has been active in promoting the significance and relevance of the cartography discipline in both scientific community and human society.

Given Georg Gartner’s significant contribution to the cartography discipline and the ICA community, the ICA is honored to recognize him with the ICA Honorary Fellowship award.