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Invitation to the Barbara Petchenik Competition 2017

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the International Cartographic Association and the Commission on Cartography and Children, it is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the next Barbara Petchenik Map Competition 2017, an event created with the aim of promoting the creative representation of the world in graphic form by children.

In 2017, this biannual international award has a special connotation, because it is organized on the frame of activities programmed within the International Map Year. For this reason, the theme for the 2017 competition equals the motto of the International Map Year: “We love maps”. Entries can be nominated in four age groups: under 6 years, 6–8 years, 9–12 years and 13–15 years. The deadline for the participation in the contest is 1 May 2017. [All details can be found in the rules document.]

The world in our hands by Pan Sin Yi (15), Malaysia

Winning entry of the 2015 competition: “The world in our hands” by Pan Sin Yi (15), Malaysia

Winner drawings selected at national level will be displayed in the International Exhibition to be held during the 28th International Cartographic Conference in Washington, DC, USA, from 2–7 July 2017. An international jury will select the best entries by each age group. Additionally there will be a prize issued based on a public vote by the conference participants. New will be the Creativity Award issued by the ICA Commission on Art and Cartography.

For more detailed information about the competition, please visit the Petchenik section on the ICA website, the website of the Commission on Cartography and Children or their Facebook page.

If you are interested in using children maps in your context, e.g. with publications, we would like to encourage you to contact us. The map drawings made by children in the previous competitions can be found in the Archive of the Barbara Petchenik Children’s Map Competition, maintained by the Maps, Data and Government Information Centre at Carleton University Library.

ICA assumes we can count on the participation of your country in the competition 2017.

– Menno-Jan Kraak
President of the International Cartographic Association

Update: List of national organizers (as of 7 February 2017)

  • Alice Gadney says:

    Hi Alice from the British Cartographic Society – is it possible to get some PR for this as I’m in schools all this year with Restless Earth workshops. I can /will advertise as the winner for 2015 is beautiful – are there prints of that available? I would like to get one!
    Many thanks Alice

    11 September 2016 at 3:37 pm
    • Manuela Schmidt

      Manuela Schmidt says:

      Hi Alice, Thank you for your request. Here is the answer by Jesus Reyes:

      Thank you so much for your interest and help working directly in the schools. At this moment we do not have a material ready, but we plan to make at least one using some of the winner drawings in 2015. Howwever, you can download and use the winner drawings in your activities, e.g. showing them during a presentation. All the drawings are in the Barbara Petchenik Collection at Carleton University website, the address is: https://childrensmaps.library.carleton.ca/. If you select 2015 and filter them by winners, then clicking on the pictures you can obtain an image of good quality.
      If you need any other information, do not hesitate to contact ICA or me directly.

      25 September 2016 at 9:37 pm

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