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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
View our poster series as a contribution to the Sustainable Development

eCARTO News December 2019

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

Information from Maps

  • European Borders In 1914 vs Borders Today – brilliantmaps.com
  • NSW bushfires are the EU’s largest emergency mapping operation of 2019 – sbs.com.au
  • Breaking the Ice: Mapping a Changing Arctic – visualcapitalist.com
  • Momentum Grows for Mapping the Seafloor – eos.org
  • Mapping Africa’s ‘high-speed urbanization’ to manage growing infrastructure: Africapolis – sociable.co

Cartographic Challenges

Online Maps


Industry News

  • Apple has completed the rollout of the new Apple Maps – imore.com
  • Google Maps for spectrum? Start-up seeks to deliver dynamic spectrum mapping – rcrwireless.com
  • Mitsubishi and NTT to buy 30% of self-driving mapping company Here – ft.comb
  • HERE adds two big investors on road to Reality Index mapping – slashgear.com
  • Bing Maps Make the Revived Flight Simulator Eerily Realistic – wired.com

Cartographic Resources, Education & Employment


 Cartographic Reminiscing

  • 12 years of Google Street View mapping by car, boat and goat – irishtimes.com
  • Map quest sends Nova Scotians to attics, basements in search of old charts – cbc.ca
  • The Maps That Made You, Dear Readers – citylab.com

Related Technologies, Disciplines & Geographies


  • At 19, this engineer built India’s first interactive digital map portal – yourstory.com

eCARTO News November 2019

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.


Why We Love Maps

Information from Maps

Practical Cartographic Assistance

Cartographic Intrigue

  • Atlas Miller: Cartographic fake news and the Magellan expedition – historyextra.com

On Thin Air


  • The edge of the map: the steady decline of topographical cartography – smh.com.au
  • Predicting the Future of Surveying & Mapping for the Drone Industry in 2020 with Lewis Graham – commercialuavnews.com
  • A Researcher Explains Why Those Beautiful Infographic Maps Can Be So Misleading – sciencealert.com

Industry News

Cartographic Resources, Education & Employment



eCARTO News October 2019

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

People in Cartography

Issues Associated with Cartography

  • Mayor of Sardinian village blames Google Maps for lost tourists – theguardian.com
  • ‘The perfect combination of art and science’: mourning the end of paper maps – theguardian.com

Cartography projects

Just Maps

 From Around the World


  • Mapping route through research pathway – miragenews.com
  • Can We Make a 3-D Map of the Whole World? – atlasobscura.com
  • What’s driving tropical deforestation? Scientists map 45 years of satellite images – phys.org
  • 5 Key Benefits of Drones in Surveying and Mapping – geospatialworld.net

 Industry News

  • Map your world! – HERE Mapathon – agorize.com
  • Avoiding speed traps: Google Maps on iPhone finally gets Waze’s most controversial feature – cnet.com
  • This Apple Maps update might be what finally pulls people away from Google Maps – cnet.com
  • 3D Mapping and 3D Modelling Market 2019 – newsflashed.com

Cartographic Resources, Education & Employment

  • Postage stamps and cartosemiotic models   – urz.tu-dresden.de
  • “Why north is up: map conventions and where they came from” – uchicago.edu
  • Fellowships – bibsocamer.org
  • First International Workshop On the Origin and Evolution of Portolan Charts – h-net.org
  • Cambridge Seminars in the History of Cartography – cam.ac.uk
  • Book Review | Charles Booth’s London Poverty Maps – lse.ac.uk

 Digging up the past

  • Mapping Technology Reveals ‘Lost Cities’ on National Geographic – mentalfloss.com
  • ‘It’s a bit Pompeii-like’: The unexpected ‘buried blocks’ of Melbourne – theage.com.au
  • Online Map Leads Archaeologist to Maya Discovery – nytimes.com

 Quirky Mapping

  • Map of Scots women accused of witchcraft published for first timescotsman.com

Animations and Videos

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Category: General News

eCARTO News September 2019

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

People in Cartography

  • Reddit’s Papertowns puts cartography firmly on the map – irishtimes.com
  • Persuasive Cartography: An Interview with Map Collector PJ Mode – daily.jstor.org
  • Mapping My Life Through a Changing Tel Aviv – citylab.com
  • The ecologist who wants to map everything – nature.com
  • He’s Trying To Fill In The Gaps On Google Street View — Starting With Zimbabwe – npr.org

Manipulated maps content

Special Mapping

  • “Streets of Gold” map wins two British Cartographic Society Awards – gisuser.com
  • Antique map sells for £260k at Reeman Dansie in Colchester – maldonandburnhamstandard.co.uk
  • Survey says: Why course mapping is critical for Tour-level success – www.golf.com
  • How Georgia Made Its Unique Broadband Coverage Map – govtech.com
  • Mapping the Changing Colors of Fall Across the U.S. – citylab.com
  • Survey of India to deploy 300 drones for mapping country – thehindu.com

Why Maps Matter

  • Map Exhibit At Museum Of The Big Bend Illuminates Five Centuries Of Mexican History – hppr.org
  • SA Uses Mapping Tech To Help Eradicate HIV / Aids – iafrica.com
  • Mapping future cities, both above and below the ground – geospatialworld.net
  • Groote Eylandt mapping study off NT coast finds diversity similar to Great Barrier Reef – abc.net.au
  • GIS Mapping and Visualization in Disaster Risk Management – directionsmag.com
  • Aquifer mapping programme critical to raise groundwater levels – downtoearth.org.in
  • Bengaluru researcher duo maps Arctic glaciers using drones – timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Industry News

  • Never feel bad for running late again, thanks to iOS 13’s Apple Maps update – cnet.com
  • Facebook is making AR glasses and is mapping the world for them to work – cnet.com
  • SimActive’s Philippe Simard on Mapping with Aerial Data: From Entire Countries to One Back Yard – dronelife.com
  • Uber To Collect Mapping, Other Data For Possible Autonomous Service In Dallas – forbes.com
  • Hey Google, reporting features for Maps on Android Auto are long overdue – 9to5google.com
  • Big data, little details: Ordnance Survey’s new HD mapping tech – carmagazine.co.uk
  • ‘Our biggest competitor is paper’: Mapping startup Unearth lands $7M from Vulcan and Madrona – geekwire.com
  • Global Mobile Mapping Market 2019 Top Manufactures, Growth Opportunities and Investment Feasibility 2024 – machtribune.com
  • Mapping the route to digital transformation – itworldcanada.com

Cartographic Resources, Education & Employment

Honorary Fellowship for Miljenko Lapaine

During ICC 2019, Miljenko Lapaine received the ICA Honorary Fellowship. Below you can read Lynn Usery‘s laudation:

It is an honor and pleasure to address Prof Dr Sc Miljenko Lapaine on the occasion of awarding the Honorary Fellowship of the International Cartographic Association. This award is given to a cartographer of international reputation who has made special contributions to ICA.

Professor Lapaine is internationally recognized for his work in geodesy and map projections and he has made special and significant contributions to the ICA. He is a cartographer who understands the fundamental basis of mathematics and computer science for geodesy, map projections and cartography in general. His international reputation is among the best in the world and he has made numerous special contributions to ICA through his work at International Cartographic Conferences, his support of ICA commissions and activities and his chairmanship of the Map Projection Commission.

He was born in 1952 in Zagreb. In his college education, he studied mathematics graduating in 1976 from the University of Zagreb, Department of Theoretical Mathematics. He received a master’s degree in 1991, with a thesis entitled Contemporary Approach to Cartographic Projections and a Ph.D. in 1996 with a dissertation under the direction of Prof Dr Sc Nedjeljko Frančula, on Mappings in Cartographic Projection Theory also from the University of Zagreb. While still studying mathematics, he started working, first as a teacher at a primary school then high school in Zagreb. At the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb, he was assistant professor, associate professor and awarded full professor status in 2003. He teaches courses in Cartography and GIS, Multimedia Cartography, Transformations in Cartography and History of Geodesy. At the postgraduate study of the Faculty of Geodesy University of Zagreb he taught Approximation Theory, Computer Graphics in Surveying, Surveying Cartography and Cartographic Heritage; at the postgraduate study of Geography at the University of Zadar he taught the application of digital cartography in the geography of littoral; and in graduate studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Sarajevo Geodetic Cartography.

His scientific work is primarily in the application of mathematics and computer science in geodesy and cartography. He collaborated with surveyors where he worked on a variety of practical and engineering tasks in geodesy, equalization calculus, mechanics, hydrography, photogrammetry and cartography. One highlight is his computer system Kartomatika for removing deformities from drawings, plans or maps. He has published more than 450 articles in proceedings of scientific conferences and journals.

In working with students, he is particularly committed to introducing them to scientific research, so he is expert in assisting in the preparation of diploma and seminar papers successfully leading some twenty students who received The Rector’s Award.

He is the Project Manager of the State Border of the Republic of Croatia at Sea, Drawing in Science, Official Proposal cartographic projections of the Republic of Croatia, Cartography and new technologies. He is the head of the Department of Cartography of the Faculty of Geodesy 1999/2000; Vice Dean for Geodetic Studies Faculties 2003/05. For ten years he was the library manager at the Faculty of Geodesy. He is an associate of the Lexicographic Institute “Miroslav Krleža” since 1999. He has been an Associate of the Croatian Academy of Engineering since 1998 and major secretary since 2003; a member of the Croatian Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers since 2002. He is founder and first President of the Croatian Cartographic Society and editor-in-chief of the journal Kartografija i geoinformacije (Cartography and Geoinformation) published in Croatian and English. He is a member of the Croatian Mathematical Society, the Croatian Society for Structural Geometry and Computer Graphics, Croatian Geodetic Society Croatian Geographical Society and associate member of the International Association of Geodesy.

Prof Dr Sc Lapaine has been a corresponding member of the ICA Spatial Data Standards Commission since 1995. He has participated in all International Cartographic Conferences since 1987. He was elected chair of the Map Projections Commission of the ICA in 2011 and successfully led that commission until 2019 with numerous workshops around the world; developing and publishing the book, Choosing a Map Projection. He graciously agreed to continue with the Map Projections Commission as vice-chair from 2019-2023.

Prof Lapaine has labored to address misconceptions about map projections and distortion properties. He maintains a clear perspective that all map projections are mathematically based and understanding map projection concepts requires understanding the mathematics. He is truly a leader in the theory and development of map projections and continues to mentor students and others in the field with his knowledge.

Prof. Dr. Sc Miljenko Lapaine is an outstanding scientist, teacher, mathematician, cartographer, and friend and a true contributor to cartography and the ICA.

My sincere congratulations on a well-deserved award for an outstanding scholar and person!

eCARTO News August 2019

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

People in Cartography

Cartographic Anomalies

  • California, an island? Meet cartography’s most persistent mistake – bigthink.com
  • Why is New Zealand being left of world maps – www.9news.com.au
  • Russia Today puts Japan on the map, where New Zealand should be – theguardian.com
  • The Pin Is Mightier – slate.com/technology
  • Google, Apple, Microsoft reportedly ignoring safety pleas to add rail crossings to maps – theverge.com
  • Between Texas and Mexico, a Restless Border Defies the Map – citylab.com
  • Nearly 100 drivers followed a Google Maps detour — and ended up stuck in an empty field – edition.cnn.com

Just Maps

  • 440 Years Old And Filled With Footprints, These Aren’t Your Everyday Maps – npr.org
  • La Vuelta 2019 – Stage route profiles and maps – au.eurosport.com
  • The Map That Made Los Angeles Make Sense – citylab.com


  • What Are the Maps That Make Us? – citylab.com
  • Has a Map Changed Your Life? Tell Us About It. – citylab.com
  • Global Electronic Cartography Market Size and Forecast by End-Use with CAGR, 2019-2024 – theslapclap.com
  • The “Colonial Cartography” of Google Maps – conversations.e-flux.com
  • Comment: Maps shows Apple is willing to iterate in public where Google kills experiments – 9to5mac.com
  • Is this the world map of the future? – bigthink.com

The Cartographic Eye

  • How These Stunning Maps Revealed the Moon’s Secrets – fastcompany.com
  • NASA’s AIRS Maps Carbon Monoxide from Brazil Fires – jpl.nasa.gov
  • What Satellite Imagery Tells Us About the Amazon Rain Forest Fires – nytimes.com
  • More Fires Now Burning in Angola, Congo Than Amazon: Maps – bloomberg.com
  • This 3D Map of the Milky Way Is the Best View Yet of Our Galaxy’s Warped, Twisted Shape – space.com

Marine Cartography

Cartographic Resources, Education & Employment

Cartography Related

  • Turbo: Google’s new color palette for data visualization addresses shortcomings of the common rainbow palette, ‘Jet’ – hub.packtpub.com
  • Use “look Around” in Apple Maps to Tour High-Resolution Street Views of Cities – ios.gadgethacks.com

Cartographic Dominance

Cartography and Countries

  • Around the world in 80 aspics: cracking through history’s veneer – irishtimes.com

Congratulations to the ICA scholarship awardees at ICC2019 and pre-conference workshops

The goal of ICA Scholarships is to stimulate young scientists or professionals to direct their careers toward fundamental studies in the fields of Cartography and GISciences. The following scholarships were awarded for participation in the ICC2019 and pre-conference workshops.

Scholars at ICC2019

ScholarTitle of paper / poster
Nargiz Safaraliyeva, AzerbaijanTeaching basic map concepts in three countries: Azerbaijan, Hungary and United Arab Emirates
Malak Alasli, MoroccoToponyms’ contribution to identity: The case study of Rabat (Morocco) | Static Risk Mapping of Forest Fires – In the case of the Province of Chefchaouen (Morocco)
Shyamantha SUBASINGHE, Sri LankaUrban Growth: From pixel to reality
Dr. Alena Vondráková, Czech RepublicTouchIt3D: Technology (not only) for Tactile Maps | The Specifics of Cartographic Semiology in Tactile Maps
Ashna Kareem Zada, IraqTesting Maps for Visually Impaired People in Kurdistan
Jagadish B, IndiaDeriving Multiple Representation Database: A Model Generalisation Approach
Lukasz Halik, PolandTeaching of geographical space relations for cartography – Academic Outdoor Station in Poznan (Poland) | Workflow for 3D geovisualization of the data obtained with the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Augmented Reality | The visualization of the use of land on the basis of the dynamics of the pedestrian movement from the interval UAV imaging | Measuring user preferences in virtual reality (VR): 2D versus 3D urban geovisualizations of topographic data
Márton Pál, HungaryDigital cartography for geoheritage: turning an analogue geotourist map into digital | Possibilities of high precision GPS data in autonomous driving
Nikola Yonov, BulgariaSchool Atlas with Augmented Reality
Radek Barvir, Czech RepublicThe Specifics of Cartographic Semiology in Tactile Maps | TouchIt3D: Technology (not only) for Tactile Maps
Pongpichaya William Limpisathian, USA/ThailandRepresentations of Place in the Human Brain
Ivan Evgenyevich Fokin, RussiaThe automation of processes of atlas mapping | Methods and algorithms for creation of structural schemes of rivers
Nick Lally, USAMapping dynamic, non-Euclidean spaces | Interactive & Multiscale Thematic Maps: A Preliminary Study
Xiao Huang, USA/ChinaLinking picture with text: tagging flood relevant tweets for rapid flood inundation mapping
Carolyn S. Fish, USAEmotional responses to climate change map framing using facial emotion recognition technology
Harrison Cole, USAToward Accessible Hazard Mapping: Tactile Risk Maps and Disaster Preparedness
Laure De Cock, BelgiumLinking perception to decision point complexity for adaptive indoor wayfinding support
Maja Kalinic, Germany/Bosnia-HerzegovinaFloating Car Data and Fuzzy Logic for classifying congestion indexes in the city of Shanghai
Ross Thorn, USAHow to Play with Maps

Scholars at pre-conference workshops

ScholarWorkshopTitle of paper / poster
Aytaç YÜRÜKÇÜ, TurkeyHistory of Cartography and the Topographic MappingHow East and West Cartographic Studies Influenced the Most Important 16th Century Ottoman Cartographer of Piri Reis and His World Maps
Dr. Lei ZOU, USALocBigData 2019Leveraging Location-Based Social Media for Smart Emergency Management
Christian RÖGER, GermanyLocBigData 2019Visualizing the Complexity of Crossings using Star-Plot Maps
Wangshu WANG, AustriaJoint Pre-Conference Workshop of the ICA Commission on Use, Users, and Usability, the Commission on Cognitive Visualization, the Commission on Location-based Services and the Commission on Visual AnalyticsTowards a Functional Ontology for Mobile Map Applications

From left to right: Márton Pál, Nick Lally, Pongpichaya William Limpisathian, Radek Barvir, Malak Alasli, Dr. Alena Vondráková, Shyamantha Subasinghe, Ashna Kareem Zada, Harrison Cole, Maja Kalinic, Laure De Cock, Carolyn S. Fish, Nikola Yonov, Lukasz Halik, Ivan Evgenyevich Fokin, Jagadish B, Xiao Huang

From left to right: Christian Röger (pre-conference), Wangshu Wang (pre-conference), Nargiz Safaraliyeva (ICC), Dr. Lei ZOU (pre-conference)

Left: Aytaç YÜRÜKÇÜ, Pre-conference; Right: Ross Thorn, ICC


Congratulations to all scholars!

Recipients of the ICA Map Awards 2019

At the biennial International Cartographic Conferences, ICA organizes an International Map Exhibition, where map products originating from ICA member countries are exhibited. An international jury selects the best entries in six categories; in addition, there is also a public vote. Please find the winners of the ICA Map Awards 2019 below.


3rd place: Atlas of Poland’s Political Geography (Poland)

3rd: Atlas of Poland's Political Geography (Poland)

2nd place: Graphical Statistical Atlas of Switzerland 1897–20 (Switzerland)

2nd place: Graphical Statistical Atlas of Switzerland 1897-20

1st place: National Atlas of Hungary (Hungary)

A comprehensive, and detailed atlas. The cartography is lavish and sets Hungary’s natural environment in its human context. The maps are accompanied by numerous well presented graphs, text and infographics.

1st place: National Atlas of Hungary (Hungary)

Digital products

3rd place: Water Rhyme in Gusu (China)

2nd place: Caydence (United Kingdom)

2nd place: Caydence (United Kingdom)

1st place: Politics of Remembrance 1945–2015 (Austria)

A rich map-based portal to explore the memorial landscape of Vienna. The maps are beautifully designed and positioned within a very well constructed application to give the user multiple ways to interact.

Educational cartographic products

3rd place: Statistical Maps: Data Elaboration and Presentation (Poland)

3rd place: Statistical Maps: Data Elaboration and Presentation (Poland)

2nd place: TouchIt3D Tactile Maps (Czech Republic)

2nd place: TouchIt3D Tactile Maps (Czech Republic)

1st place: Cartography. (USA-Esri)

A bit big to take on a plane.

1st place: Cartography. (USA-Esri)

Other cartographic products

3rd place: 3D model of Domnica Cave (Czech Republic)

3rd place: 3D model of Domnica Cave (Czech Republic)

2nd place: Transparent globes (China)

2nd place: Transparent globes (China)

1st place: Map Data Provision Products (Japan)

Incorporating maps into the design of various products is not new but when done well, creates interesting and attractive items. Cartographers will certainly be keen to be seen in these shoes!

1st place: Map Data Provision Products (Japan)

Charts on panels

3rd place: Abords et port de I’île Saint-Pierre (France)

3rd place: Abords et port de I'île Saint-Pierre (France)

2nd place: Tokyo Wan (Japan)

2nd place: Tokyo Wan (Japan)

1st place: The map of Northern Sea Area (China)

Highly colourful and visually stunning, this 3D depiction uses novel technology to provide a rich, immersive experience. Symbols are clear and the depth cues work well at different viewing angles.

1st place: ZThe map of Northern Sea Area (China)

Maps on panels

3rd place: The Melbourne Map (Australia)

3rd place: The Melbourne Map (Australia)

2nd place: Ecological Area Map of the Estuary Wetland of Dagu River (China)

2nd place: Ecological Area Map of the Estuary Wetland of Dagu River (China)

1st place: Fimbulheimen in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica (Norway)

A huge map portraying a 600km Antarctic mountain range. The size of the map juxtaposes the sparse, barren, yet stunning landscape that skilfully combines satellite imagery with exquisite typography. Beautiful cartography.

1st place: Fimbulheimen in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica (Norway)

Public Vote: Water Rhyme in Gusu (China)


Congratulations to all winners!


The international jury this year at ICC2019 was co-chaired by Kenneth Field and Ian Muehlenhaus. Further jury members were:

  • Kenneth Field and Ian Muehlenhaus
  • Temenoujka Bandrova
  • William Cartwright
  • Serena Coetzee
  • Igor Drecki
  • David Fairbairn
  • Georg Gartner
  • Amy Griffin
  • Anja Hopfstock
  • Lorenz Hurni
  • Antoni Moore
  • Dušan Petrovic
  • Hiroshi Une
  • Nonoko Tsukada


For a full list of map products exhibited during ICC2019, please check the PDF catalogue.

Honorary Fellowship for Evangelos Livieratos

During ICC 2019, Evangelos Livieratos received the ICA Honorary Fellowship. Below you can read Georg Gartner‘s laudation:

For me it is a real honor and pleasure to address Prof Evangelos Livieratos on the occasion on awarding the Honorary fellowship of the International Cartographic Association. Such an award should be given to a cartographer of international reputation who has made special contributions to ICA.

All of those criteria are more than appropriately applicable to Prof Evangelos Livieratos.

He is a cartographer in its core sense, understanding maps and cartography as a fundamental instrument of human mankind, bridging knowledge, skills, methods and knowledge from engineering to humanities.

He has undoubted international reputation. He has shaped our understanding and knowledge of “how we can see the maps of the past with the eyes of today” on an international stage.

And he has made numerous special contributions to ICA, allowing the organization to gain profile, benefit from his enthusiasm and capacities and establishing topics through a commission, publications and networks.

Born 1948 in Greece, he demonstrated his visionary interest beyond close domain borders. He graduated from surveying engineering at the National Technical University Athens, received a doctoral degree there as well as a Dr. phil. from Uppsala University in Sweden. He also did a docent dissertation at NTUA and moved his interests from geodesy to cartography to combine engineering and humanities oriented scientific thinking. Several fellowships followed, including such to the Smithsonian Institute, the Humboldt Foundation or from NSF.

In his professional endeavours he contributed heavily to put the Aristotle University on the “international map of leading cartographic institutions”. He helped to found the Hellenic cartographic society, introducing national cartographic conferences in Greece and to found the national center for maps and cartographic heritage. As a career achievement with reference to the history of Greek cartography and of the Modern Greek Enlightenment he refers to the discovery of the existence of two versions of Rigas Velestinlis monumental Charta of Greece, which was highly recognized. This was very much in line with his core activities in geospatial sciences and engineering, particularly in mapping, as his long- lasting interest for arts and humanities offered the grounds for developing a line of thought converging to cartographic heritage, a field coupling the historic and cultural heritage of maps and mapping with the so far integration into the dominant digital mainstream. The foundation of the open access journal e-perimetron is an important element of these activities as well as his numerous efforts as teacher, mentor, scientist and organisator. He serves not only the domain of cartography and cartographic academic institutions but also in entities on organizing higher education in general as well as serving the society as minister of environment, energy and climate change of the Greek government.

In respect to activities in relation to ICA he was active participant and discussant in several ICA activities, such as ICCs. He was chair of the WG Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage (2005–2007), Chair of the ICA Commission on Digital Technologies in Cartographic Heritage (2007–2015) and ICA Commission on Cartographic Heritage into the Digital (2015–2019). He was an active supporter of the UN-endorsed International Map Year and a long- standing Greek National Delegate to ICA.

In referring to his vision I am pleased to cite him as follows:

His strong vision for 21st century is a creative rapprochement of engineering with humanities, and vice-versa, designed the rapprochement to be open-minded, tolerant, pluralist, extrovert, fresh and attractive in order to develop composite common areas of thinking, study, research and scientific growth for the benefit of both, humanities and engineering, in a world embedded more and more into the digital manifold.“

To me, this is both, a guideline for many of our activities in cartography as well as a template for scientists in general, that we need to look beyond discipline borders and that we should embed what we do in a bigger picture.

I have found Prof. Evangelos Livieratos as an outstanding scientist, teacher, cartographer, friend.

My sincere congratulations to what I find a more than deserved award for an outstanding person!