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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
View our poster series as a contribution to the Sustainable Development

eCARTO News February 2020

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Mapping change and changing maps

  • Global Warming of the Seas – reddit.com
  • Where America’s Climate Migrants Will Go As Sea Level Rises – citylab.com
  • ‘The perfect combination of art and science’: mourning the end of paper maps – theguardian.com
  • Artist lugs around wagon full of phones to create virtual traffic jams in Google Maps – androidpolice.com
  • Google redraws the borders on maps depending on who’s looking – washingtonpost.com

Cartographic Applications

Cartographic Ponderings

  • Where Are the Oldest Companies in Existence? – visualcapitalist.com
  • How Google Autocomplete Describes Every U.S. State – vividmaps.com
  • The Netherlands divided into ten parts of equal population – datarep.tumblr.com
  • MarineTraffic didn’t load the background, and ended up making an interesting world map using only current marine traffic – reddit.com
  • 21 Of The Saddest Places On Earth From Instagram’s sadtopographies – brilliantmaps.com


  • The Pan American Highway: The Longest Road In The World – brilliantmaps.com
  • Storytelling with maps: Master the art of cartography and geo data visualisation – heguardian.com

Cartographic Industry News

  • Apple Maps vs Google Maps – smartphone mapping titans battle it out in 2020 – appleinsider.com
  • Underground Utilities Mapping Services Market: Global Industry Demand, Sales, Suppliers, Analysis and 2026 Forecasts – newsparent.com
  • SPOT Launches SPOT Mapping to Provide Advanced Navigation and Tracking Services – snewsnet.com
  • Suunot 7 Review: A true Smartwatch focussed on mapping & fitness – eftm.com
  • Facebook buys AR startup building a 1:1 digital map of the physical world – martechtoday.com
  • NASA’s Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe mission enters design phase – princeton.edu
  • Hyundai Develops Transmission That Uses Maps and Radar to Shift Gears – caranddriver.com

Cartographic Tutorials, Resources & Opportunities


  • Who Is Abraham Ortelius? Learn More About the Inventor of the World’s First Atlas – mymodernmet.com
  • How Canada contributed to Oscars frontrunner 1917 – cbc.ca

First joint meeting of the ICA Executive Committee and new Commissions in Gent

On 23–24 November the entire Executive Committee met for the first joint working meeting with the newly elected Commission chairs (List of Commissions). Altogether, 22 out of 28 Commissions were present during the meeting in Gent, either through their chair or vice-chair.

On two exciting, busy working days Commission representatives and ICA officials got to know each other (better), learned about administrative guidelines and procedures for a smooth cooperation and dedicated themselves to common strategic tasks for the next four years. The President pointed out once more the important role that Commissions play in our society – it is through commissions, where the actual thematic work of ICA will be done that finally brings forward our discipline, advances cartography as a science and sets the standards for the quality and usage of our work.

During the first day, the EC members and Commission representatives actively discussed «burning issues» for all commissions and how the society and members in general could even better help commissions to achieve their goals. The second day was followed by a presentation on the new ICA publication on the UN Sustainable Development Goals which was the successful result of a joint commission effort in the past. The final topic to conclude the meeting consisted of an intense discussion and group work on the best means and ways to join forces between commissions, which lead to already very concrete steps for the near future.

The next joint meeting of the Executive Committee and the ICA Commissions will take place on 19 September 2020 in Vienna on the occasion of the EuroCarto 2020 conference. ICA President Tim Trainor and Secretary General Thomas Schulz already look forward to this meeting and seeing the first results of our work commences in Gent.

We thank everyone present for making the long way to Belgium and actively participate in this fantastic meeting!



eCARTO News January 2020

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

Tomorrow and beyond

  • Using artificial intelligence to enrich digital maps – news.mit.edu
  • Collaborative simultaneous localization and mapping technique uses available Wi-Fi networks – techxplore.com
  • This map app will navigate you from your office chair to your airport gate and more – techradar.com
  • Uber begins autonomous mapping of Washington D.C. – intelligenttransport
  • CEO Spotlight: Amir Farhand of Soar Talks About His Vision to Build the World’s ‘Living’ Map Using Drones and Satellite Imagery – ceoworld.biz
  • Mobile mapping market to exceed $40bn by 2024 – spatialsource.com.au
  • Florida City Opens Mapping Data Hub for Public Use – govtech.com
  • App maps water fountains and refill stations across NZ – nzherald.co.nz
  • MIT Uses AI to Create Updated Street Maps from Satellite Imagery – extremetech.com
  • Priya Natarajan on Black Holes and Mapping the Universe – quantamagazine.org

Cartographic Memories

Mapping for Humanity

  • Intel, Red Cross: Mapping For Disasters With AI – crn.com
  • Maps show where coronavirus started and why officials are so worried – washingtonpost.com
  • Mapping the Global Flow of Foreign Aid – visualcapitalist.com
  • How Aid Groups Map Refugee Camps That Officially Don’t Exist – wired.com
  • Budgetary support sought to map unprotected monuments in State – thehindu.com

Cartographic Applications

Indexes and Catalogues

Cartographic Industry News

Cartographic Technology – Reflection

  • Technology changing how people use maps, how they’re created – wtvr.com

Cartography – Opportunities

  • Special Issue: Fractal Geometry in Cartography and Geographic Information Science – utpjournals.press
  • 6th International Conference on Risk Information Management, Models and Applications – rimma2020.org
  • Maps Season – events – bl.uk
  • MoU inked for surveying, mapping jobs of Islamabad – thenews.com.pk

Cartographic Dreams

Cartographic Resources & Publications

Cartography – fringe

Outcome of the first meeting of the new ICA Executive Committee in Gent

On 22 November the newly elected Executive Committee met for the first physical meeting during the 2019‒2023 term in Gent (Belgium).

A full day of intense discussions and a huge list of work items on the desk set out the agenda for ICA for the next four years. Following ICA’s Strategic Plan and the President’s motto, that «Maps make a difference» and that «Cartography is more relevant than ever today in an increasingly complex world», the EC discussed next steps and necessary actions in order to reach these goals and make our discipline and society visible and heard by decision makers and a larger audience.

The Executive Committee at the commission meeting in Ghent, Belgium

The Executive Committee at the commission meeting in Ghent, Belgium

Achieving the goals of the next term is of course a collaborative project that the EC, national members, affiliate members and ICA commissions need to undertake together. Every member of the Executive Committee has an important role to play in this context as a coordinator, enabler and facilitator. Hence, each EC member were given specific tasks and roles for the next four years. And all Vice-Presidents were assigned a liaison with commissions and working groups. The list of Liaisons for all current ICA commissions can be found here: https://icaci.org/executive-committee/

4 new Working Groups for the term 2019‒2023

As some of the strategic tasks that the new Executive Committee wants to tackle during the next term are very specific or transversal in character and not fully covered by existing commission work, four new Working Groups were set up by the EC during the meeting:

  • Cartography and Sustainable Development (Philippe De Maeyer)
  • Cartographic Body of Knowledge (Terje Midtbø)
  • History of ICA (László Zentai)
  • New Research Agenda in Cartography (Liqiu Meng)

The respective EC members (in brackets) will help with startup and organization, find members and supporters, and lay out the work schedule for the next 4 years.

Nominations of Heads of Committees and ICA Officers

Furthermore, the EC nominated the new Heads of ICA Committees and Officers to the ICA Secretariat who will help to keep the society running and inform members and the public in the best possible way through the various channels. Congratulations to the following nominations for the next term 2019-2023! It is a pleasure to work (or continue to work) together with this excellent team!

  • Publication Committee – Georg Gartner (AT)
  • Statutes and By-laws Committee – Derek Clarke (SA) & Christine Zanine (FR)
  • Selection of Award Recipients Committee – Ferjan Ormeling (NL)
  • eCarto Newsletter Editor – David Fraser (AU)
  • ICA News Editor – Igor Drecki (NZ)
  • ICA Webmasters – Manuela Schmidt & Felix Ortag (AT)

eCARTO News December 2019

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

Information from Maps

  • European Borders In 1914 vs Borders Today – brilliantmaps.com
  • NSW bushfires are the EU’s largest emergency mapping operation of 2019 – sbs.com.au
  • Breaking the Ice: Mapping a Changing Arctic – visualcapitalist.com
  • Momentum Grows for Mapping the Seafloor – eos.org
  • Mapping Africa’s ‘high-speed urbanization’ to manage growing infrastructure: Africapolis – sociable.co

Cartographic Challenges

Online Maps


Industry News

  • Apple has completed the rollout of the new Apple Maps – imore.com
  • Google Maps for spectrum? Start-up seeks to deliver dynamic spectrum mapping – rcrwireless.com
  • Mitsubishi and NTT to buy 30% of self-driving mapping company Here – ft.comb
  • HERE adds two big investors on road to Reality Index mapping – slashgear.com
  • Bing Maps Make the Revived Flight Simulator Eerily Realistic – wired.com

Cartographic Resources, Education & Employment


 Cartographic Reminiscing

  • 12 years of Google Street View mapping by car, boat and goat – irishtimes.com
  • Map quest sends Nova Scotians to attics, basements in search of old charts – cbc.ca
  • The Maps That Made You, Dear Readers – citylab.com

Related Technologies, Disciplines & Geographies


  • At 19, this engineer built India’s first interactive digital map portal – yourstory.com

eCARTO News November 2019

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.


Why We Love Maps

Information from Maps

  • 20 Most-Visited Countries in the World – farandwide.com
  • Average population by Latitude and Longitude – reddit.com
  • How Australia’s bushfires spread: mapping the NSW and Queensland fires – theguardian.com

Practical Cartographic Assistance

Cartographic Intrigue

  • Atlas Miller: Cartographic fake news and the Magellan expedition – historyextra.com

On Thin Air


  • The edge of the map: the steady decline of topographical cartography – smh.com.au
  • Predicting the Future of Surveying & Mapping for the Drone Industry in 2020 with Lewis Graham – commercialuavnews.com
  • A Researcher Explains Why Those Beautiful Infographic Maps Can Be So Misleading – sciencealert.com

Industry News

Cartographic Resources, Education & Employment



eCARTO News October 2019

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

People in Cartography

Issues Associated with Cartography

  • Mayor of Sardinian village blames Google Maps for lost tourists – theguardian.com
  • ‘The perfect combination of art and science’: mourning the end of paper maps – theguardian.com

Cartography projects

Just Maps

 From Around the World


  • Mapping route through research pathway – miragenews.com
  • Can We Make a 3-D Map of the Whole World? – atlasobscura.com
  • What’s driving tropical deforestation? Scientists map 45 years of satellite images – phys.org
  • 5 Key Benefits of Drones in Surveying and Mapping – geospatialworld.net

 Industry News

  • Map your world! – HERE Mapathon – agorize.com
  • Avoiding speed traps: Google Maps on iPhone finally gets Waze’s most controversial feature – cnet.com
  • This Apple Maps update might be what finally pulls people away from Google Maps – cnet.com
  • 3D Mapping and 3D Modelling Market 2019 – newsflashed.com

Cartographic Resources, Education & Employment

  • Postage stamps and cartosemiotic models   – urz.tu-dresden.de
  • “Why north is up: map conventions and where they came from” – uchicago.edu
  • Fellowships – bibsocamer.org
  • First International Workshop On the Origin and Evolution of Portolan Charts – h-net.org
  • Cambridge Seminars in the History of Cartography – cam.ac.uk
  • Book Review | Charles Booth’s London Poverty Maps – lse.ac.uk

 Digging up the past

  • Mapping Technology Reveals ‘Lost Cities’ on National Geographic – mentalfloss.com
  • ‘It’s a bit Pompeii-like’: The unexpected ‘buried blocks’ of Melbourne – theage.com.au
  • Online Map Leads Archaeologist to Maya Discovery – nytimes.com

 Quirky Mapping

  • Map of Scots women accused of witchcraft published for first timescotsman.com

Animations and Videos

Warning about fake emails

Update as of March 1, 2021: Please be careful again at the moment with e-mails that you seem to receive in the name of our president, but are sent from fake e-mail addresses. Please ignore these mails and do not reply to them!


Dear Colleagues,

Unfortunately a fake email was sent out yesterday night in the name of ICA President Tim Trainor to most of our members (asking for a money transfer).

The email was sent seemingly from the email address president@icaci.org, but if you check the header of the e-mail you can reveal the real sender of the fake e-mail (e.g. ggoree@grandbydesign.com; it can happen that other similar email addresses have also been used). Please always check our e-mails in this way if the mail looks suspicious and inform the Secretary-General about such attempts.

This is NOT an email by the ICA president, and please do not react on the email. Please delete the email.

We can unfortunately not avoid fraud like this, and it is very unfortunate that the ICA President’s name is misused in this way.

Category: General News

eCARTO News September 2019

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

People in Cartography

  • Reddit’s Papertowns puts cartography firmly on the map – irishtimes.com
  • Persuasive Cartography: An Interview with Map Collector PJ Mode – daily.jstor.org
  • Mapping My Life Through a Changing Tel Aviv – citylab.com
  • The ecologist who wants to map everything – nature.com
  • He’s Trying To Fill In The Gaps On Google Street View — Starting With Zimbabwe – npr.org

Manipulated maps content

Special Mapping

  • “Streets of Gold” map wins two British Cartographic Society Awards – gisuser.com
  • Antique map sells for £260k at Reeman Dansie in Colchester – maldonandburnhamstandard.co.uk
  • Survey says: Why course mapping is critical for Tour-level success – www.golf.com
  • How Georgia Made Its Unique Broadband Coverage Map – govtech.com
  • Mapping the Changing Colors of Fall Across the U.S. – citylab.com
  • Survey of India to deploy 300 drones for mapping country – thehindu.com

Why Maps Matter

  • Map Exhibit At Museum Of The Big Bend Illuminates Five Centuries Of Mexican History – hppr.org
  • SA Uses Mapping Tech To Help Eradicate HIV / Aids – iafrica.com
  • Mapping future cities, both above and below the ground – geospatialworld.net
  • Groote Eylandt mapping study off NT coast finds diversity similar to Great Barrier Reef – abc.net.au
  • GIS Mapping and Visualization in Disaster Risk Management – directionsmag.com
  • Aquifer mapping programme critical to raise groundwater levels – downtoearth.org.in
  • Bengaluru researcher duo maps Arctic glaciers using drones – timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Industry News

  • Never feel bad for running late again, thanks to iOS 13’s Apple Maps update – cnet.com
  • Facebook is making AR glasses and is mapping the world for them to work – cnet.com
  • SimActive’s Philippe Simard on Mapping with Aerial Data: From Entire Countries to One Back Yard – dronelife.com
  • Uber To Collect Mapping, Other Data For Possible Autonomous Service In Dallas – forbes.com
  • Hey Google, reporting features for Maps on Android Auto are long overdue – 9to5google.com
  • Big data, little details: Ordnance Survey’s new HD mapping tech – carmagazine.co.uk
  • ‘Our biggest competitor is paper’: Mapping startup Unearth lands $7M from Vulcan and Madrona – geekwire.com
  • Global Mobile Mapping Market 2019 Top Manufactures, Growth Opportunities and Investment Feasibility 2024 – machtribune.com
  • Mapping the route to digital transformation – itworldcanada.com

Cartographic Resources, Education & Employment

Honorary Fellowship for Miljenko Lapaine

During ICC 2019, Miljenko Lapaine received the ICA Honorary Fellowship. Below you can read Lynn Usery‘s laudation:

It is an honor and pleasure to address Prof Dr Sc Miljenko Lapaine on the occasion of awarding the Honorary Fellowship of the International Cartographic Association. This award is given to a cartographer of international reputation who has made special contributions to ICA.

Professor Lapaine is internationally recognized for his work in geodesy and map projections and he has made special and significant contributions to the ICA. He is a cartographer who understands the fundamental basis of mathematics and computer science for geodesy, map projections and cartography in general. His international reputation is among the best in the world and he has made numerous special contributions to ICA through his work at International Cartographic Conferences, his support of ICA commissions and activities and his chairmanship of the Map Projection Commission.

He was born in 1952 in Zagreb. In his college education, he studied mathematics graduating in 1976 from the University of Zagreb, Department of Theoretical Mathematics. He received a master’s degree in 1991, with a thesis entitled Contemporary Approach to Cartographic Projections and a Ph.D. in 1996 with a dissertation under the direction of Prof Dr Sc Nedjeljko Frančula, on Mappings in Cartographic Projection Theory also from the University of Zagreb. While still studying mathematics, he started working, first as a teacher at a primary school then high school in Zagreb. At the Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb, he was assistant professor, associate professor and awarded full professor status in 2003. He teaches courses in Cartography and GIS, Multimedia Cartography, Transformations in Cartography and History of Geodesy. At the postgraduate study of the Faculty of Geodesy University of Zagreb he taught Approximation Theory, Computer Graphics in Surveying, Surveying Cartography and Cartographic Heritage; at the postgraduate study of Geography at the University of Zadar he taught the application of digital cartography in the geography of littoral; and in graduate studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Sarajevo Geodetic Cartography.

His scientific work is primarily in the application of mathematics and computer science in geodesy and cartography. He collaborated with surveyors where he worked on a variety of practical and engineering tasks in geodesy, equalization calculus, mechanics, hydrography, photogrammetry and cartography. One highlight is his computer system Kartomatika for removing deformities from drawings, plans or maps. He has published more than 450 articles in proceedings of scientific conferences and journals.

In working with students, he is particularly committed to introducing them to scientific research, so he is expert in assisting in the preparation of diploma and seminar papers successfully leading some twenty students who received The Rector’s Award.

He is the Project Manager of the State Border of the Republic of Croatia at Sea, Drawing in Science, Official Proposal cartographic projections of the Republic of Croatia, Cartography and new technologies. He is the head of the Department of Cartography of the Faculty of Geodesy 1999/2000; Vice Dean for Geodetic Studies Faculties 2003/05. For ten years he was the library manager at the Faculty of Geodesy. He is an associate of the Lexicographic Institute “Miroslav Krleža” since 1999. He has been an Associate of the Croatian Academy of Engineering since 1998 and major secretary since 2003; a member of the Croatian Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers since 2002. He is founder and first President of the Croatian Cartographic Society and editor-in-chief of the journal Kartografija i geoinformacije (Cartography and Geoinformation) published in Croatian and English. He is a member of the Croatian Mathematical Society, the Croatian Society for Structural Geometry and Computer Graphics, Croatian Geodetic Society Croatian Geographical Society and associate member of the International Association of Geodesy.

Prof Dr Sc Lapaine has been a corresponding member of the ICA Spatial Data Standards Commission since 1995. He has participated in all International Cartographic Conferences since 1987. He was elected chair of the Map Projections Commission of the ICA in 2011 and successfully led that commission until 2019 with numerous workshops around the world; developing and publishing the book, Choosing a Map Projection. He graciously agreed to continue with the Map Projections Commission as vice-chair from 2019-2023.

Prof Lapaine has labored to address misconceptions about map projections and distortion properties. He maintains a clear perspective that all map projections are mathematically based and understanding map projection concepts requires understanding the mathematics. He is truly a leader in the theory and development of map projections and continues to mentor students and others in the field with his knowledge.

Prof. Dr. Sc Miljenko Lapaine is an outstanding scientist, teacher, mathematician, cartographer, and friend and a true contributor to cartography and the ICA.

My sincere congratulations on a well-deserved award for an outstanding scholar and person!