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The ICA Executive Committee and Commission Chairs at the first meeting of the 2019–2023 term in Gent, BelgiumWelcome to the website of the International Cartographic AssociationView our poster series as a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals View our poster series as a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals
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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
View our poster series as a contribution to the Sustainable Development

eCARTO News April 2020

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

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Cartographic Inquiry

  • When examining maps, understand their strengths and limitations – newsbreak.com
  • What are star charts? – space.com
  • Understanding Digital Technology and Fourth Industrial Revolution – lankaweb.com
  • Big Data and Urbanism: How to Organize Information for Optimal Application – archdaily.com
  • 6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Peters Map Projection – Green Garage – newslagoon.com

Cartographic Industry News

  • Lonely Planet: The Publisher That Shrank The World Is Now Itself Shrinking – independent.co.uk

Cartography related items


  • “Maps and Messages: Deconstructing Persuasive Cartography” –
  • “Indigenous and European Visualizations of the North West Passage” – youtu.be
  • 17 Fascinating World Map Oddities – Map Society of Wisconsin Lecture – youtube.com
  • Utah Public Radio. – upr.org
  • The British Library also has a map podcast. – bl.uk

Cartographic Reads

  • Out of Vietnam, Drawings of Displacement and Repression – hyperallergic.com
  • Terra Incognita by Jamie Kirkpatrick – talbotspy.org
  • Why old-fashioned paper maps are better than Google Maps – traveller.com.au
  • Times, FT and WaPo discover ‘real appetite’ for data-driven visual journalism on coronavirus – pressgazette.co.uk
  • How GIS Maps Go Viral – imiamaps.org
  • Why we explored two starkly different futures for the Earth in 50 years – nationalgeographic.com
  • Mapping the Future: Cartography Stages a Comeback – www.wired.com
  • How shipwreck hunter’s search for a sunken galleon and lost engraved stone could rewrite Australian history by proving the Spanish landed more than a CENTURY before Captain Cook – dailymail.co.uk
  • Excerpt: A Pirate’s pilfered atlas – nationalgeographic.com

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