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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
View our poster series as a contribution to the Sustainable Development

eCARTO News August 2014

eCARTO News capture the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

General News

  • Big data and mapping – a potent combination – information-age.com
  • 3D Mapping & 3D Modeling Market worth $7.7 Billion by 2018 – whatech.com
  • Paradigms in Cartography – An Epistemological Review of the 20th and 21st Centuries – springer.com


Industry News

Innovative Cartography

  • An Infographic That Maps 2,000 Years of Cultural History in 5 Minutes – wired.com
  • Danny Dorling: mapping the August 2011 riots – newstatesman.com
  • Google Maps shows off 3D London – sbs.com.au
  • Gallery Whispers and Lunch in the Cafe: Mapping Museums Through Their Sounds – hyperallergic.com
  • Oral history goes digital as Google helps map ancestral lands – theglobeandmail.com
  • Google Creates 3D Mapping Device – 3dfocus.co.uk

Environmental Mapping

  • Mapping The Appalling Consequences Of An Oil Spill In The Arctic – fastcoexist.com
  • Scientists Are Mapping The Ocean’s Plastic, Because 99% Is Missing – gizmodo.com.au
  • Mapping Global Warming’s Threat To Your Power and Gasoline – nationaljournal.com
  • Sunkoshi tragedy exposes failure in hazard mapping – myrepublica.com
  • Mapping the acceleration of Ebola in West Africa in five charts – qz.com
  • How mapping can improve risk understanding from natural catastrophes – business-reporter.co.uk
  • Seafloor-Mapping Airguns May Harm Ocean Animals – livescience.com

Education and Resources

  • Cartography & GIS Training Online – foss4geo.wordpress.com/
  • European schools to get cloud-based mapping software to improve geography and STEM teaching – computerworlduk.com
  • Mapping and distorting the Arctic – adn.com
  • Singapore Government Partners Students To Use Mapping Technology On Urban Challenges – futuregov.asia
  • GIS for Crime Analysis, Law Enforcement, & Public Safety – ppc.americansentinel.edu
  • Geo EDU Tip – Online Mapping for Beginners – The Map Academy from CartoDB – gisuser.com
  • University of Glasgow- Mapping out a career in Geospatial Technology – ndiaeducationdiary.in
  • Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings: Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age – amazon.com

Military Related Cartography

Mobile Mapping



Indoor Cartography

Mapping Platforms

  • Central Michigan University Maps Threatened Species with UAS – directionsmag.com
  • Online drone maps show views of world, disaster areas, off-limit zones – latimes.com
  • Gaia satellite begins 3D-mapping the galaxy – cnet.com
  • Obama launches climate tools including 3-D maps – usatoday.com
  • Chiba University takes us a step closer to Prometheus mapping drones – geek.com
  • ASU alum’s mapping project a finalist in Google Impact Challenge – asunews.asu.edu
  • Icebreakers head out to map Arctic sea floor – brandonsun.com

Crowd-Sourced Cartography

Cartographic Challenges

  • India’s federal investigating agency opens enquiry against Google’s mapping contest – qz.com
  • Google ‘polluted Internet’ with classified material, says Survey of India – indiatvnews.com
  • Google Maps has Crashed, Into an Arkansas Resident – androidheadlines.com
  • Google’s New Automated Mapping Technique Gives Chattanooga a 3D Bump – govtech.com
  • CNN adds Nigeria to list of countries it can’t find on a map – washingtonpost.com