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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
View our poster series as a contribution to the Sustainable Development

eCARTO News December 2021

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.

Global View

  • Mapping the world’s oil and gas pipelines – Al Jazeera
  • Release of 2021 Atlas of Canada World Map – Mirage News
  • Why Making Accurate World Maps Is Mathematically Impossible – Open Culture

Flora & Fauna Mapping

  • Scientists on a quest to map worldwide web of fungi beneath our feet – mongabay.com
  • Helping map the future of hazel dormouse conservation – phys.org
  • Map of transparent butterflies highlights biodiversity hotspot in Andes Mountains – Mirage News
  • Government study to map mosquito-borne virus risk – Taipei Times
  • New analysis using Canada’s carbon map shows how wildlife conservation also benefits climate – yahoo.com


  • New digital maps make sightseeing in Shinjuku fun and easy – traveldailymedia.com
  • Genesys International Ltd files two patents in 3D and Mobile mapping space – prnewswire.com
  • Digital map of Rio’s biggest favela is reintegrating vital public services – mashable.com
  • Drop A Magnet On A Map And This ‘Window To The World’ Will Take You To That Place – wonderfulengineering.com
  • Walking in a 360° video with foot vibrations for seated observers – EurekAlert!
  • ‘A new navigation experience’: Apple’s flash feature coming to iPhone – news.com.au
  • Making maps with Anton Thomas – RNZ

Cartographic Animations


  • New biking map of Athens eases the ride around town – uga.edu
  • Forget Google Maps as Rival Joins Forces with VW for New Navigation Solution – autoevolution




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