Welcome to the International Cartographic Association
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic AssociationGet to know the new ICA Executive Committee for the term 2023-2027Get to know the ICA Commissions for the term 2023-2027
Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
Get to know the new ICA Executive Committee for the term 2023-2027
Get to know the ICA Commissions for the term 2023-2027

eCARTO News March 2023

eCARTO News captures the latest cartographic news and developments from around the world. If you have any general cartography items of interest then please email them to David Fraser, editor of eCARTO News.


Research & Investigations

  • Where the sidewalk ends – news.mit.edu
  • Conservation of Spanish Armada invasion maps reveals red ink details were added hundreds of years later – theartnewspaper.com
  • New Research Overturns 100-Year-Old Understanding of Color Perception – scitechdaily.com
  • A universe without mathematics is beyond the scope of our imagination – phys.org
  • Ancient maps of Jupiter’s path show Babylonians’ advanced maths – newscientist.com

Maps – Collected & Exhibited

  • Barry Lawrence Ruderman Map Collection – Stanford
  • Maps unfolded: exhibition in Amsterdam – Allard Pierson
  • 14 maps you need to see to understand Wales and the challenges we face – walesonline.co.uk
  • 40 Unusual And Fascinating Maps That Might Change Your Perspective On The World .boredpanda.com
  • Windows on Collections: Maps – youtube.com
  • The world’s languages, in 7 maps and charts – washingtonpost.com
  • Rare maps charting England’s defeat of the Spanish Armada will remain in the UK – dailymail.co.uk



  • Maps Chart Emotional Connection to Local Landscape – miragenews.com
  • Mapping path from smell to perception – miragenews.com
  • Fascinating map of the world reveals each country’s second language – dailymail.co.uk
  • Stanford research explores novel perspectives on the evolution of Spanish – news.stanford.edu
  • You can now try the Spanish Google Maps, unique in the world – gearrice.com
  • A new map reveals the most famous people born in Czechia – expats.cz

The Environment

  • Mapping Technology Boosts Land Managers’ Carbon Trading Options – miragenews.com
  • Mapping the risks of isolation due to sea level rise associated with global warming – phys.org
  • Return of the Gedi: space mission that maps Earth’s forests saved from destruction – theguardian.com
  • Smartphone data can help create global vegetation maps – miragenews.com
  • A Treasure Map to Falling Stars? This Glaciologist Made One – explorersweb.com
  • Study reveals map of moon’s water near its south pole – phys.org
  • Accuracy at risk as governments reject specialist mapping tools – miragenews.com
  • New mapping tools helping to protect seagrass in Dorset – miragenews.com
  • Scientists map nearly 10 billion trees, stored carbon, in Africa’s drylands – news.mongabay.com

Maps & Atlases & Globes

Virtual Mapping

  • Linux Foundation Takes on Metaverse, Physical World Mapping Challenges – linuxinsider.com

Archaeological Mapping

  • University of Bradford’s Croatia project to map ancient lands – bbc.com


  • This Google Maps Feature Takes Your Street Back in Time – cnet.com
  • Ireland’s maps: Retracing how they made world history – bbc.com


  • Hivemapper is 1M kilometers closer to goal of beating Google Maps – geospatialworld.net
  • Esri Joins the Overture Maps Foundation to Help Build Interoperable Open Map Data – businesswire.com

Transport Mapping

A Chat

  • Mapping reception of latitude and longitude in early modern China – miragenews.com


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the weblink authors are their own and do not represent the official position of the ICA. The links are assembled for information and education purposes only.