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Welcome to the website of the International Cartographic Association
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Georg Gartner

ICA President 2011–2015
ICA Past President 2015–2019

Georg Gartner

I am Professor of Cartography at Vienna University of Technology, Austria. I have always felt privileged working in cartography, a discipline with so many interesting challenges and possibilities. It is this passion which I committed to ICA during my Presidency 2011–2015 and keep on doing so as immediate Past President. I see cartography as a modern, relevant and attractive discipline. My experiences with ICA have proven to be rewarding, as I found it useful and stimulating to meet and cooperate with so many colleagues who share the passion and interest in cartography and maps.

Georg’s website articles from his time as ICA president

Contact details

Institute of Geoinformation and Cartography
Vienna University of Technology
Erzherzog Johann Platz 1
1040 Vienna

phone: +43 1 58801 12611
fax: +43 1 58801 12699
e-mail: georg.gartner@tuwien.ac.at
personal website

Commission liaisons
  • Location Based Services
  • Map Production and Geoinformation Management
  • Mountain Cartography
  • Petr Fiala says:

    Good day
    I would like to asked for send it to my e-mail petrf@students.zcu.cz several technical articles relating laicization cartography.
    Thank you very much . It is a school work.
    Petr Fiala

    1 December 2012 at 12:29 am
    • Manuela Schmidt

      Manuela Schmidt says:

      Dear Mr. Fiala,
      Sorry, we can’t help you with this inquiry. “Laicization cartography” is not a general term in the field of cartography. I think you would rather have to search for maps in the specific historic field.
      Best regards, Manuela

      3 December 2012 at 1:52 pm

    Dear Friend Dr. Georg Gartner
    How are you??
    I inform to you with pleasure that yesterday the Geometer Ing. Luiz Carlos da Silveira Editor the A MIRA – Agrimensura e Cartografia Magazine – THE LOOK – Geometer and Cartography, No. 166, from Criciúma/SC, in the South of Brazil, where I have been written about the General Divison Pedro Ronalt Vieira – Director of the Geographic Service of the Brazilian Army – Biography, born in Porto União/SC. there are two photos in it,at the second You appeared with him at the Cartogpher Day at Hydrography Navigation and Direction,in May 2012,do you remember??? (It is from my personal archive). I have been written at A MIRA since 2001,with more than 35 printed papers, including some versions about the 80 Years of the Austrian Cartographer Imperor Military Mission at The Braziliam Army (1920-2000), on the As MIRAs 106,132, CD Rom XXCBC/SBC-PUC-RS-POA (2000), CD Rom ISBCH-Casa de Cultura de Paraty-RJ/UFMG (2011),www.ufmg.br/rededemuseus/crch/…/SILVA_ELIANE_ALVES_1pdf
    Well,I have been visited Vienna and vicinity at the ISPRS Congress – 1996 with a paper Cartographic Alternatives on the Amazon,presented and printed at the traditional International Archives for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
    Sincerely Yours

    CREA-RJ ADVISER (2002-2007)
    PROFESSOR AT IME (1987-1991)
    CE ADVISER (2005-2007)

    6 June 2013 at 10:37 pm

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