Proceedings of the 16th International Cartographic Conference

Cologne, Germany, 3–9 May 1993

Edited by Peter Mesenburg on behalf of the German Society of Cartography, Bielefeld 1993.
ISBN: 3-905084-11-2

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Mapping for the new millenium D. Rhind GB 3
The selected main theoretical issues facing cartography T. Kanakubo, J. Pravda, S. Rimbert, U. Freitag, Z. Torok, T. Morita,C. Board J 17
Hyperchina: Adventures in hypermapping N.H. Huffmann USA 26
Digital topographic and geological 3D modelling for improved spatial perception L. Hurni CH 46
Communication between digital landscape model and two dimensional graphical map K. Tuukkanen, K. Artimo SF 61
Gilbert two-world projection M. Lapaine, N. Francula CRO 66
The Automobile association's digital database of Europe R.G. Robbins GB 85
Knowledge representation and reasoning in the nautical chart design expert system T. Zhen, J.Y. Wang, A.S. Lin RC 93
Panorama maps: the old magic on a new digital plane? M. Wood, I. McCrorie GB 103
A tourist's view of Ireland M. Davies IRL 114
Development and improvement of tourist maps in China S. Zhou , X. Liu RC 117
Approaches to a cartographic system for statistical analysis and spatial simulation T. Brauninger D 125
Searching for the most suitable cartographic representation in statistical mapping Z. Wang NL 137
An object-oriented expert system for quantitative cartography x.z. Lu RC 147
Census mapping: testing the limits T. Trainor USA 150
Cartographic issues in census of population in Nigeria I.A. Ikhuoria, E.N. Eseka NIG 160
Cartographic approach to the study of refugee problem in former USSR A. Emelyanov CIS 172
Procedural, logical and neural nets tools for map generalisation J.C. Muller, W. Peng, Z. Wang NL 181
Application of neural network in cartographic pattern recognition L. Meng D 192
Generalization in GIS environment O. Grunreich D 203
Knowledge-based methods and multiple representation as means of on-line generalization T. Kilpelainen, T. Sarjakoski SF 211
The research on tools of the cartographic generalization expert system J.Y. Wang, F. Wu, Z. Wu RC 221
Maps, Myths and the media: cartography and the "new Europes" P. Vujakovic GB 231
Weather maps on television in the USA J.R. Carter USA 244
Newspaper maps in Germany W. Scharfe D 255
Directing the design of maps for public information on the base of a user oriented communication model A.- D. Uthe D 265
Editing an international map series - specifics and problems P. Jordan A 273
The application of satellite image and image map in urban planning of Bangkok metropolitan S. Silapacharanan T 285
Study of remote sensing thematic series maps T. Ye RC 297
Spatial data available regarding agricultural resources in Thailand W. Thothong T 302
The method of drawing the land resources map of the People's Republic of China C. Chen RC 310
Digital landscape model and its cartographic presentation in land use planning T. Ruutiainen, K. Artimo SF 315
A knowledge-based thematic mapping system - the other way round E. Hutzler, E. Spiess CH 329
Tactile location maps from commercial geographic information systems M.R.C. Coulson CDN 341
Graph Theory and Network Generalization in Map Design K. Beard, W. Mackaness USA 352
Generalization of digital surface models J.T. Bj0rke, T. Midtb0 N 363
Treating of area features concerning the derivation of digital cartographic models M. Beines D 372
Principes d'une cartographie globale des risques naturels et technologiques J. Steinberg F 385
Mapping systems for disaster preventions M. Tsuzawa, K. Haraguchi, Y. Inazawa J 396
Maps for the protection of the public during a technological disaster U.J. Oymon USA 406
Design and compilation of urban anti-disaster planning atlas L. Yanfang, L. Yaolin RC 411
Digital quality products of official cartography in Germany H. Bruggemann D 423
Digital geological map production in the UK - more than just a cartographic exercise E.F.P. Nickless, I. Jackson GB 435
Mapping supported by the national land information system in China J. Jiang, O. Wang RC 449
Designing advanced GIS visualisations using cognitive ergonomics theories, models and procedures A. Turk AUS 460
A knowledge base system based on GIS for thematic mapping B. Su , W. Zhang, H. Li , X. Zhang, Y. Zhang , X. Zhu, J. Li RC 468
User differences in a GIS environment: a protocol study C. McGuinness, A. van Wersch, P. Stringer GB 478
Dynamic maps as a new type of cartographic production A.M. Berlyant, L.A. Ushakova CIS 489
The use of flow diagrams for describing new techniques in map production S. van der Steen, A. Brown NL 495
Hybrid cartographic data processing up-to-date techniques to accomplish official tasks E. Jager D 507
Scan-vectorisation as a means for the acquisition of digital data for purposes of a computer based planning cadastre H.F. Kern D 517
Automatic pattern recognition for economic map revision A. Carosio, R. Stengele CH 518
Automatic digitization of geographical names on 1/25,000 scale maps K. Inaba, K. Kamada J 527
Space, time, chaos and coastal GIS O. Bartlettl IRL 539
Describing spatial data quality S.C. Guptill USA 552
Exploratory analysis of error in geographic information systems H. Veregin USA 561
Map image metafile: Intelligent and hardware independent digital representation of a map F. Broom USA 571
Regional, national and international atlases - towards an integrated system S. Jaatinen SF 585
Product analysis and market research to explore regional atlas content and design C.P. Keller, D. Hocking CON 594
Composition and design of "the medicinal herbs resources atlas of China J. Li , R. Gao RC 604
User interface issues in a computer atlas M. Lindholm , T. Sarjakoski SF 613
La production d'un atlas environnemental : Ie cas du Saint-Laurent J. Raveneau CON 628
Navigation and "narration" strategies in dynamic bivariate mapping M. Monmonier USA 645
Generation of high-quality 1: 25,000 and 1: 50,000 satellite image maps of high-relief terrain M.F. Buchroithner, R. Fischer D and A 655
Strategies and contents of topographic-cartographic real-world-modelling G. Vickus D 666
MKS-aspect ™ - a new way of rendering cartographic Z surfaces H. Moellering USA 675
Representation graphique et analyse de surfaces avec Ie procede IRISOS C. Schneider F 682
The use of colour in the cartographic representation of information quality generated by a GIS A. Brown, C.P.J.M. van Elzakker NL 707
From GIS to final print-ready films C. Brandenberger, E. Spiess CH 721
Research and production of electronic color atlas B. Jiang, Q. Zhang RC 735
A cartographic output-generator for an urban GIS of high resolution E. Wilmersdorf A 744
An end-user GIS for flood risk determination K. Kim, G. Dutton , M. Goldworm, D. Cotter USA 752
Theoretical issues in cartographic modeling V.S. Tikunov CIS 755
A semiotical approach to typology of the map signs D. Ucar TR 768
Map expression, map semiotics, map language J. Pravda CS 782
Spatial information systems and the perception of map series on screens P. Tainz D 787
Mapping in the future: the needs of young children J.M. Anderson CON 797
Present state of the national atlas of Spain. Future projects F. Aranaz E 807
The national atlas of Sweden - an atlas produced by new technology U. Arnberg, M. Elg , M. Syren S 822
Atlas cartography in Albania E. Samimi, E. Seferi AL 829
Glance and misery of school atlases R. Capek CS 838
Scale change via hierarchical coarsening: cartographic properties of quaternary triangular meshes G. Dutton, B.P. Buttenfield USA 847
The conceptual design and realization for an object-oriented map database management system YJ. Zou RC 863
Improving the international user interface in computer cartography M.P. Peterson USA 870
Visualization of quality information as an indispensable part of optimal information extraction from a GIS F.J.M . van der Wei NL 881
Topography, topology and time - the A +3T concept of geographical space in a GIS N. Kadmon IL 901
The perception of the representation of temporal change in choropleth maps for visually handicapped people C. Blok NL 910
New types of city maps using operational scales E. Krzywicka-Blum PL 924
Cartographic design and the electronic chart user interface G. Langran USA 934
The establishment of a thematic map design expert system PC-mappe Y Hua, J. Gao RC 943
Procedure-independent representation of positioning symbol D. Du, L. Li RC 948
Envisioning environments: map metaphors and multimedia databases in education and consumer mapping P. Forer NZ 959
Computer-assisted learning and the visualization of spatio-temporal data M.J. Kraak, T. Tijssen NL 983
Representing the geographical space for visually handicapped students: a case study on map use R. Vasconcellos BR 993
Teaching and learning map projections with a computerized tutor W. Kainz A 1005
Wherefore art thou cartographer? Your GIS needs You! D.R. Green GB 1011
Cartographic treatment of topographical relief with "CAD" systems P. Yoeli IL 1029
Line simplification in three dimensions B.E. Smith USA 1041
Constructions of basic information systems in Republic Slovenia B. Lipej SLO 1049
Traffic intensity maps H.F. Kern , H. Morhard D 1055
Protection de la production cartographique J.P. Grelot F 1063
From master database to multiple cartographic representations D. Lee USA 1075
A comprehensive approach in cartographic animation D. Karl D 1086
Ariadne's thread - structure in multimedia atlases F. Ormeling NL 1093
Electronic mapping systems - a multimedia approach to spatial data use H. Asche, C.M. Herrmann D 1101
Grading of the map functions in navigation systems T. Morita J 1109
Concepts, definitions and theory in the modern cartography K. Artimo SF 1121
Topological selections in broad sense W. Hehai RC 1128
Knowledge representation approach to cartographic conceptual model formalisation W. Zhang, G. Brooke, K. Kubik AUS 1137
How to acquire reliable rules and knowledge for map design expert systems (mades)? K. Grosser D 1150
The electronic maps system conception A. Martynenko CIS 1160
World, map, children T. Matsuzawa J 1164
Cooperation between the ICA and UNGEGN - cartography and G.I.S. in the U.N. course on toponymy, Pretoria 1992 N. Kadmon IL 1170
A new proposal for the coastal zone cartography F. Marabini I 1177
Surface processing and rapid display for geography realistic graphics C. Baowen RC 1185
Line generalization of non-projected data D.G. Christian USA 1194
Qu'est-ce qu'iI reste de la cartographie apres I'apparition des GIS? A. Bianchin I 1205
Small scale cartography from space - application of NOAA satellite data to map China. H. Oian RC 1212
The scope of tengraph G.F. Spencer AUS 1220
An experimental research on map color automatically design O. Liang , Z. Shi, P. Han RC 1227
Cartosemiotics - ideas and inducements A. Wolodtschenko, J . Pravda CS 1235
Using dot maps for thematic studies and regionalization H. Klimczak PL 1238
Characteristics of parameter spaces for geographic / ecologic knowledge representation H. Kremers D 1246
The cartographic projections used for Albanian maps A. Shehu AL 1255
The new national atlas of Sweden S. Helmfrid S 1263
The situation and perspective of thematic atlas in China C. Wen RC 1272
The roussilhe projection of the entire ellipsoid J. Panasiuk, B. Gdowski, J. Balcerzak PL 1277
Manipulation and analysis of temporal geographic information G. Langran USA 1287
The preparation of geographic information database and its model systems K. Akeno, Y. Kumaki, S. Takazawa, H. Une, Y. Nakano, T. Tanaka J 1297
Development of raster based revision method of 1/25,000 topographic maps H. Maruyama, I. Kamiya, T. Yoshinari, B. Urabe J 1307
The bureaucrat network and cartographical information systems of China in ancient times. W. Keling , X. Zhaozhong RC 1315
First results of GIS based geoecological mapping G. Mezösi, L. Mucsi H 1323
Present maps of the alpine clubs G. Gartner A 1334
Concept and structure of a cartographic information system for tourists J. Schewe D 1343
Finnish Roads - a completely new numerical database covering the whole Finland is ready E.- S. Harju SF 1349
Informational-cartographic relief analysis for rational application of natural resources G.A. Kerimov, A.M. Museibov AZE 1353
Flux de population it la Martinique entre 1975 et 1982:analyse des donnees et representation cartographique M.M. Thomassin, J.-P. Benzecri F 1361
The informational-statistical modelling of the space differentiation of morphostructure of the caucasis minor on the computer AA Nabiyev AZE 1370
Studien- und Basiskarten fUr raumbezogene Forschungsarbeiten im tibetischen Himalaya R. Kostka A 1376
Compilation of yadong-golmud geoscience transect of Qinghai-Tibet in China L. Xie RC 1386
New contents of urban land use mapping L. Yaolin, L. Yanfang RC 1395
The compilation and drawing of land resources map on the scale of 1: 1 ,000,000 of China H. Wang RC 1403
Some character of cartographic education in to the department of geography normal college and normal university of China H. Tian-rui RC 1409