Proceedings of the 16th International Cartographic Conference

Barcelona, Spain, 3–9 September 1995

Edited by the Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya.
ISBN: 84-393-3583-0

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000 Changing Borders and Shifting Frontiers: Cartography of the New Millenium. Morrison, J. L. USA 1
001 Revaling the Derelickt Lands of the Absheron Peninsule by Cartographo-Aerospace Method. Kerimov G. A.; Babayev R. A.; Talybov A. T. Azerbaijan 13
002 Technological Imperatives in the Field of Hydrography and their Impact on the Profession of Marine Cartography. Furness, R. A. Australia 18
003 Conversion de la cartograffa mexicana a un nuevo sistema de referencia geodesico. Hernandez Navarro, A. Mexico 25
004 Natural Resource Atlas Establishment of Plain of Reeds of Mekong Delta in Vietnam using Remote Sensing and GIS. Viet Chien, N. Vietnam 26
005 Analog Mapping Computer Files. Mier. F. Spain 27
006 The Development of a Concept and Methods for Creating an International System of Geographical Maps as a Universal Basis of the Earth Knowledge. Martynenko A. Russia 33
007 Application of Remote Sensing to Cartography in Damascus Area - Syria Marwan Koudmani Syria 41
008 Recognition of Riverbed Structures Aided by Scan Sonar Image Processing Siijestrom P., Rey J., Moreno A., Rodriguez A., Perez E. Spain 42
009 Mapping and Classification on Computer of Landscape-Hydrological complexes. Nabiyev. A. A, Ramiz. A. Azerbaijan 50
010 Mapping and Mathematical Modelling of Spatial-Temporal Organization of Structure Landscape of Azerbaijan Republic. Nabiyev A. A Azerbaijan 55
011 Advanced techniques to Update Topographic Maps. van der Ven l. C. L. M. Netherlands 58
012 The Automobile Association of Great Britain - Its International Activities and Relationships in Cartographic Publishing in All its Forms. Robbins R. United Kingdom 59
013 2001, a GIS Spatial Oddessy. Donahue J. G. USA 60
014 Geological Cartography in Albania. Onuzi K. Albania 65
015 New Conclusions about the Mathematical Foundations of La Cosa's World Map Using Computer-assisted Methods. Silio F. Spain 71
016 Satellite Remote Sensing, its Applications and Capabilities to Thematic Cartography, a Case Study. Gautam, N. C. India 79
017 Application of Fuzzy Models for Geographical Information Systems. Manusov V. Z., Patrushev S. B., Krishnamurthy G. Russia 80
018 Cartography Communication in Digital Environment. Weisheng L. China Rep. 85
019 Data Model of the Geographic Institute Agustin Codazzi "SIGAC" Rocha Salamanca L. A., Caro C. I. Colombia 86
020 Error Programation Analysis in Slope Estimation by Means of Digital Elevation Models. Felidsimo A. M. Spain 94
021 The NASA/JPL Aircraft Topographic Synthetic Aperture Radar (TOPSAR) System for Rapid Production of Digital Terrain Models. Thompson T. W., Zebker H. A., Carande R. E., Rosen P. A., Madsen S. N., Hensley S., Rodriguez E., van Zyl J. J., Miller T. W. USA 99
022 Capability of TM Data LanduselLand Resources Mapping, Digital Classification Combined with GIS Facilities in Part of Iran. Ghiassi Majid. Iran 107
023 23 Knowledge-based System for Automatic Generalization of Satellite-derived. Thematic Maps. Goffredo S. Italy 108
024 Do Map Readers Really Notice and Use Generalization?: The Perceptual Consequences of Line Simplification in a Task-Oriented Thematic Map Analysis Experiment. Wood C. H. Canada 118
025 A Kind of Adjustable Map Projection with "Magnifying Glass" Effect. Qiao Wang, Yuju Hu. China Rep. 128
026 Automatic Map Generalization based on a New Fractal Analysis Method. Qiao Wang, Yuju Hu, Jitao Wu. China Rep. 135
027 Role of Art Training in Cartographic Education. Nyrcova T. P. Russia 140
028 Interdisciplinar Communication as a Function of Environmental Mapping. Sturman V. Russia 144
029 Atlas Mapping of Agroclimatic Conditions and Resources of Mountainous Countries (on the Pattern of Territory of the Azerbaijan Republic). Eyubm A J., Rahimov Kh. Sh. Azerbaijan 148
030 The Main Tasks of Morphotectonic Mapping (on the Pattern of the Caucasus). Budagov B. A., Aliyev A S. Azerbaijan 153
031 Complex Methods of Mapping of Morphostructures the Zones of Interplate Contiguity on the Eastern Caucasus on the Basis of Interpretation of Space Photoes. Budagov B.A., Alizade E. K. Azerbaijan 158
032 Large-Scale Geomorphological Mapping of Depressed Territories and their Practical Importance (on the Pattern of the Kiiraraz Depression). Tanryverdiyev Kh. K., Shirinov N. Sh. Azerbaijan 163
033 Manipulating Uncertainty-based Digital Maps to Perform like Polygon-based Thematic Maps. Lowell K. Canada 168
034 Cartographic Applications of Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring in Two Cases: High Tension Electricity Transmission Line Corridor and Oil Producing Coastal Environment. Amamoo-Otehere E. Nigeria 176
035 Land Use, Planning and G.I.S. Lara Valle J. J. Spain 186
036 SIG et gestion des espaces forestiers et subforestiers. Dagorne A. France 192
037 Large-scale Soil Cartography for Rural Land Development in Poland. Koreleski K. Poland 202
038 La orograffa de los mapas del siglo XVI. Gil I. Spain 203
039 Borderless Boundary File: Initiation of a Thematic Mapping Resource. Trainor T., Orsini L. USA 211
040 Cartographic Methods for Monitoring of Glacio-nival Environment. Chernova L. P., Khromova T. E. Russia 212
041 On Water Lines; Hand and Computer Drawn. Christensen A. H. J. USA 221
044 Wheter will the Atlas of Chernobyl Accident be? Pricedko V. Ukraine 222
045 New Atlas of Baikal as a Part of the Cartographic Information System for Sustainable Development of the Baikal Region. Belov A. V. Russia 226
046 Interpolation and Adjustment of Maps by Meti).od of Finite Elements. Due Minh, N. Vietnam 230
047 Barbara Bartz Petchenik: her Works, Citations to he Works, Works about her. Auringer Wood A. Canada 235
048 La cartographie et la peinture: de la tradition a l' avant-garde. Rybak,I. Ukraine 250
049 National Russian Cartographical Bibliography as a Strategic Course for Map Holding Institution of Russia. Kildushevskaya L., Kotelnikova N. Russia 253
050 Les Pyrenees sur les cartes generales de France, du xve au xvme siecle. Pelletier M. France 258
051 Mapping from SPOT Images Using Digital Photogrammetric Workstations. Wu X., Kubik K. Australia 266
052 Digital Geological Atlas of the little Hungarian Plain. Scharek P., Tullner T. Hungary 275
054 Developing of Automatic Mapping in P.R. China. Zhang Z., Wu X., Kubik K. China Rep. 281
055 Navigating in the Map. Gold C. M., Castro F. A. Canada 287
056 Aplicacion de los SIG a la evaluacion de impacto ambiental. Otero Pastor I. Spain 296
057 National Atlas of Vietnam-.1995: Process of Establishment. Cam Van N. Vietnam 297
058 Tactile Interpretation of Maps from GIS: Developing Experience and Confidence in Blind Users. Coulson M. R. C., Rieger M. K. Canada 300
059 Voronoi Diagram and Delaunay Triangulation Supporting Automated Generalization. Peng, W., Sijmons K., Brown A. Netherlands 301
060 Mapping Health Statistics: Representing Data Reliability. MacEachren A. M., Brewer C. A., Pickle L. USA 311
061 Constructing and Evalnating an Interactive Interface for Visualizing Reliability. Howard D., MacEachren A. M. USA 320
062 Territory Information Systems in the New Spatial Venezuela Dynamics. Case Studies for the State of Merida. Pappalardo A. O. Argentina 330
063 Geographical Information System for Natural Resources in Asturias. Garda Manteca P., Menendez R. A. Spain 335
064 SIG Application in the Elaboration of the Subsidiary Planning Regulations of a Rural District. Colina A., Garda Manteca P. Spain 340
066 Mapping Desertification Processes at Model Sites of the Central Asia. Vostokova E., Gunin P., Prishepa A., Kalitsky T. Russia 345
067 Experience in Compiling Maps for Assessment the State of Ecosystems at NationaL, Regional and Local Levels Vostokova E., Gunin P. Russia 346
068 The Analytical and Retrieval System of Electronic Maps Based on GIS. Zhang Q., Zhang J., Wang L. China Rep. 347
069 The Maintenance & Archives of the Data in GIS. Li L. China Rep. 353
070 Integration of Historical and Operational Remote Sensing Data in Thematic Marine GIS for the Eastern Part of the Gulf of Finland. Sukhacheva L. L. Russia 356
071 La Societe Portugaise et l'information cartographique: problemes et responsabilites institutionnelles. Dias M. H. Portugal 357
072 Aggregation Hierarchies for Multiple Scale Representations of Hydrographic Networks in GIS. Martinez J. A., Molenaar M. Spain 358
073 Development of the ZY - 1 Auto - Dodging Printer. Ke Y., Chie Z, Xian Heng Z., SanMing W China Rep. 363
074 An Advance in China's Urban Cartography as Shown by the Publication of Atlas of Beijing. Rentao H. China Rep. 368
075 Cadastral management and Tributary Office Fulfilment of Cadastral Cartography Cadastral Data Base. Maya M., Aguado D. Spain 374
076 Maps for and by Children: Possible Contributions by Cartographers. Anderson J. M., Vasconcellos R. Canada - Brazil 384
077 Russian Interuniversity Aerospace Centre for Cartographers and Geographers Education in Remote Sensing. Knizhnikov Y. F., Kravtsova V. I., Lourie I. K. Russia 393
078 Mapping of Industrial Disturbed Northern Taiga and Tundra Vegetation by Multiband Space Images with Spectral Signatures Use (Monchegorsk Area as a Case Study) Kravtsova V. I., Lourie I. K. Russia 398
079 Project of Environmental Atlas of Russia. Kasimov N. S., Berlyant A M., Yevteyev O. A, Lyuty A. A., Nefedova, Y. A, Yanvareva L. F. Russia 403
080 The Developed Concept of Geoimages. Berlyam A. M. Russia 409
081 Animation Cartography of the Environment. Berlyant A. M., Ushakova L. A. Russia 414
082 The Palaeogeomorphological Mapping Montane Depressions(on the Pattern of the Kiir Depression). Tanryverdiyev Kh. K., Safarov A. S. Azerbaijan 419
083 Environmental and Geomorphological Mapping by Remote Sensing Methods. Asoyan D. S. Azerbaijan 423
084 Cartographic Data Quality Estimation by Aid of New Technologies. Lipej R. Slovenia 427
085 Application cartographiques et derivees des bases de donnees de l'Institut Geographique National. Chambon P. France 428
086 The Process of Agrarian Extensification in the Reform of the CAP in the European Union. A Cartographic Evaluation Sancho J., Santaolalla A., Montero F. Spain 429
087 The Toponymic Political of the Argentine Naval Hydrographic Service and its National Data Base System. Morandi M. c., de Souza I. N. Argentina 433
088 Engineering Geology and Mapping Fractures for Earthquake Hazard: Azerbaijan Area (Iran). Ghanbari E. Iran 438
089 Un aporte a la fundamentaci6n te6rica de la representaci6n cartografica. de Castro C. Spain 451
090 N.A.S.A.'s Planetary Cartography Ten-year Plan: 1993-2003. Zimbelman J. R. USA 453
091 The Creation of the Official Map of the Enlarged European Union. Hewish R. W. United Kingdom 462
092 The Comprehensive Classification of Overstandard Weight of Multiple Factors of Air Pollution in Environmental Cartography. Zhaozhong X., Ren Y. China Rep. 468
093 Modelisation de la precision des modeles numeriques de terrain derives des cartes topographiques. Tahiri D., Donnay J-P. Belgium 469
094 The Urgent Need to Continue Education and Develop Critical Appraisal in Cartography. Cooper D. United Kingdom 474
095 A Study of the Cartographic Fuzzy Matrix Model and Mathematical Expression of Cartographic Terms. Zhong Y., Hu Y. China Rep. 478
096 GIS Technologies Use for Reestimation of Mineral Resource Base of Russia. Stafejev K. G., Yanbookhtin T. K. Russia 479
097 Representation et caracterisation de l'information pour une generalisation du relief. Monier P. France 480
098 Modelisation de la Geometrie des objets lineaires en vue de leur generalisation automatique. Plazanet C. France 486
099 Agregation statistique etsemantique: un operateur multi-echelles. Raynal L., Dumolard P. France 496
100 Une methode de placement automatique des ecritures des objets lineaires avec une qualite cartographique. Barrault M. France 497
101 Visualization of Uncertainty· with a Fuzzy Color Systems. Jiang R, Brown A., Ormeling F. Netherlands 507
102 The Cornwall Life Project: Developing an Integrated Environmental Information System for Cornwall. Howe C. P., Reid J. United Kingdom 508
103 Atlas Cartography in Croatia. Richter Z. Croatia 513
104 A Digital Map of Parishes and Population Entities in Galicia. Garcia-Pazos F., Roman-Diaz B. Spain 521
105 The SITGA, a GIS Directed towards Local Land Planning and Management. Gallego M., Rodriguez-Pose A. Spain 525
106 The Environment and the District Development Plan of Galicia: The Map of the Environment. Loureiro I. F., Arias A. M. Spain 530
107 Geographic Information and Expert Systems Integration: Situation, Requirements and Examples. Basagoiti P., Frias I. A. Spain 534
108 Design and Accomplishment of Navigational Geographic Information System. Jinghai D., Houxiang, W. China Rep. 539
109 The Design and Compilation of Tourist Charts. Houxiang W., Jinghai D. China Rep. 544
110 From Maps to Databases. Adler R. Israel 551
111 III Trends in Cartographic Education in Australia. Lodwick G. D., Wright G. L. Australia 555
112 Esthetics and Potential of Cartographic Visualization in Mountainous Areas. Kriz, K., Hafele G. Austria 565
113 Don't Break the Rules or Helping Non-Cartographic to Design Maps: An Application for Cartographic Expert Systems. Forrest D. United Kingdom 570
114 Recent Developments in Cartographic Education in the United Kingdom. Forrest D. United Kingdom 580
115 SlAT - Land Evaluation System. Garcia, G. I., Espindola C. R., Teixeria A. L. A. Brazil 585
116 The Development of a Knowledge-Based Program to Assist GIS Users in Map Design. Lee J. United Kingdom 591
117 Creation de cartographie de I' environnement par S.I.G. appliquee it milieux tropicaux:contribution preliminaire (Guri, Venezuela). Garda-Abad I., Bosque I., Perez M. E. Spain 597
118 Accurate Mapping of Buildings in Digital Orthophotos. Amhar F., Ecker R. Austria 605
119 Geometric Accuracy of a Cartographic Product at 1 :50000 Scale Updated by Digital HRV-Spot Images at Level lB. Vergara O. R., Lima J. c., Erthal G. I., Fitzgibbon K. T. Brazil 610
120 Color Scheme for Better Representation of Regional Characteristics in Topographic Maps. Kanakubo T. Japan Map Center. Japan 615
121 A Costal Area Information Map for Sea Shore Promenade in Case of Miura Hanto (Peninsula). Ishikaza A., Sekiguchi T., Nagayama T. Japan 625
122 Cartographical Research on Volcanic Hazards. Koarai M., Suzuki K., Hoshino M., Mizukoshi H., Yumoto K., Tsuzawa M. Japan 631
123 A New Approach of Map Representation for Realistic Expression of Three Dimensional Space. Takahashi H., Masaharu H., Ohtsuka K., Ohtsuka T. Japan 640
124 Standard Map Data for Evaluating Automatic Map Recognition System. Tanaka Y., Kamada K., Kubo N., Uchiyama K., Inaba K. Japan 644
125 Parime Lacus on Japanese Old Maps of the World. Hosoi Sh. Japan 645
126 Present Status of Digital Maps and its Application Software. Maruyama H. Japan 650
127 Cross-Cultural and Fundamental Generalization Rules. Tsukada M. Japan 658
128 Hidden Meaning of Cartographic Knowledge. Tsukada M. Japan 669
129 A Semantic Study to Annotation of Geographical Names Some Problems in Atlas Cartography. Kanazawa K. Japan 670
130 The Place Names on Route of the Navigation from Lisbon to Nagasaki on World Maps Made during the 17th-18th Centuries. Aoki, C. Japan 679
131 The Reproduction of Terrain Models: From the Geometrical Arts to the Geomorphological Science. Ishii M. Japan 687
132 Excursion Map ofthe KasumigauraLakes - a New Kind of Environment Map-. Sekura S., Wakay T., Fukushima Y., Shimada N., Tsuzawa M., Nagayama T. Japan 692
133 A Study and Mapping of Land Slides Situated in Great Caucasus-Azerbaijan Domains in the Northeast Slope by the Aerial Photos. Kesici 0., Sindir R., Deniz 0., Alirizayev M. M. Turkey - Azerbaijan 699
134 Ecological Monitoring of Urban Lands. Likhacheva E., Lokshin G., Chesnokova I. Russia 704
135 Fuzzy Knowledge in Studies of Spatial Phenomena. Tikunov V. S. Russia 709
136 Geological Atlas of Russia. Smislov A. A., Burde A. F., Mezelovsky N. V. Russia 718
137 The Cartographic Design of the Evaluation of Natural Potentials for the Necessity of Spatial Planning by the Example of Shara Mountain (South Serbia) Djordjevic J., Tosic B., Djordjevic D. Yugoslavia 723
138 Formal and Informal Education in Geoinformatics: The Experience at the University of the West Indies. Edwards W. W. Trinidad and Tobago 728
139 Parallel Coordinate Plots for Represention Distribution Summaries in Map Legends. Carr D. B., Olsen A. R. USA 733
140 Accuracy, Complexity and Users Knowledge for Classification Method in Choropleth Maps Ghazanfari B. Iran 743
141 Towards Comprehension of Data Quality and Uncertainty in Digital Cartography. Davis T. J., Keller C. P. Canada 751
142 A Generalized Frame for Cartographic Knowledge Representation. Su B. Australia 761
143 Portraying the Environment Using Multimedia. Azcarate S., Llanos A. Spain 771
144 Conformal Map Projections by Least Squares Adjustment with Conditions Between Parameters. Gonzalez LOpez S. Spain 776
145 From Thematic Cartography to Spatio-Temporal Composites Using GIS. Serra P. USA 781
146 Geographic Information System Aplied to the Research of Species in Danger of Extinction. The Brown Bear Case. Naves Cienfuegos J., Garcia Manteca P. Spain 786
147 Landscape Mapping: New Possibilities for Environmental Monitoring. Isachenko G. A. Russia 791
148 Landscape-Dynamical Scenarios Simulation and Mapping in Geographic Information Systems. Isachenko G. A., Reznikov A. I. Russia 800
149 Integration and Harmonization of Contributions to an European Dataset. Illert A, Wilski I. Germany 805
150 The Modeling and Visualization of Digital Contour Data. Hobbs F. United Kingdom 813
151 Assessment & Cartography on Urban Ecologic Environment under the Concept of the System. Yanfang Y., Yaolin L. China Rep. 823
152 Estudio de los riegos naturales mediante el uso de un sistema de informacion geognifico. Buson B. C. Spain 829
153 Digital Cartographic Activities in General Command of Mapping. Cobanoglu S. Turkey 830
154 Complex Mapping of Natural Resources for Making GIS-Region with Use of Space Data. Susschenya V. A. Russia 831
155 Regional Series of Thematic Maps for Making Information Systems of Nature Use and Ecology. Susschenya V. A. Russia 836
156 Space Cartography: Experience of Design and Creation of Region Series of National-Resource Maps in the State Cetre"Priroda" Methods. Technology. Use. Kienko Y. P., Kelner Y. G., Sushchenya V. A. Russia 840
157 Space Data in the New Russian General Geographic Atlas of the World. Kiselyov V. V., Sveshnikov V. V., Ryabchikova V., Kelner Y. G., Topchiyan Y. A, Matveeva E. E. Russia 849
158 Land Space Images in the Large Landscapes of the World on Maps Cartographical Work. Kiselyov V. V., Sveshnikov V. Russia 855
159 The Digitised Geological Cartography of the Emilia Romagna Region to Scales 1: I 0 000 and 1:50000. The Cartographic Generalisation Process. Artioli G. P., Ciardi G., Garberi M. L., Martelli L. Romagna Italy 860
160 Monitoring Land Cover in Sourthern France: A Project for Teaching Remote Sensing Classification Techniques. Knippers R. ITC. Kabben B. Netherlands 865
161 Working up of a Topographic Base-Map 1:250 OOD/Quarter Inch Map of the Dominican Republic. Unger H. F. Germany 872
162 Mapping the Urban Scene. Szega I. Sweden 880
163 Nature and Resources of the Earth in Maps (to Publication of the New World's Complex Geographical Atlas). Liouty. A. A. i altres. Russia 890
164 Electronic Arcatlas"Man and the Earth". Liouty A. A., Komedchikov N. N., Lebedeva N. Y., Sherrill D. Russia 891
165 The Standardization and Interchange of Digital Cartographic Information in Slovak Republic. Mitdsovd I. Slovak Rep. 896
166 Corine Land Cover Data Base at the Scale I:100 000 in the Slovak Republic and Czech Republic. Feranec I. Slovak Rep. 901
167 Evaluation of the Synthetic Aperture Radar Images for the Land Cover Mapping. Feranec I. Slovak Rep. 905
168 Function of the State Administration in the Sphere of Cartography on the Transformation of Slovak Economy from a Central to a Market Managed One. Ficor D. Slovak Rep. 906
169 Some Developmental Traits of Theoretical Cartography. Pravda I. Slovak Rep. 909
170 Historical Railway Traffic Maps. Schram A. Italy 914
171 Expert Systems in Electronic Map Design. Halugin E. I., Maidanich A. I. Russia 917
173 Chorop1eth Map Accuracy and the Number of Class Intervals. Declercq F. A. N. Belgium 918
174 Digital Map Quality: The Last Frontier of Cartographic Research. Ramirez I. R. USA 923
175 Map Revision and New Technologies: A General Framework and Two Proof of Concept Tests. Ramirez I. R. USA 924
176 The Creation and Licensing of a Digital Orthophotographyand Vector Land Base at a Large North American Electric/Gas Utility. Anderson M. G. USA 933
177 Hong Kong Children's Understanding and Experience of Mapwork Tasks Prior their Formal Map Learning in School. Kwan T. Y. Australia 938
178 Two Methods to Compute Topology in Raster Images for Cartographic Generalization. Schylberg L. Sweden 947
179 Integrating Corine Land Cover and the French National Forest Inventory Database. Wolsack I. France 948
180 Simbologfa de los pIanos de transportes de superficie: problematica y su estudio. Iturrioz T., Ramirez T., Salas M. A. Spain 949
181 Formalismes pour l' automatisation de la generalisation: metrique, topologie, partionnement hierarchique et triangulation locale. Ruas A. France 950
182 Placement automatique des ecritures sur 1a carte routiere de Frauce a partir de la BD Million. Lecordix F., Barrault M. France 960
183 Indecision de l'intersection entre deux segments. Fasquel P., Raynal L. France 965
184 Continuous Education as part of the National Topographic Data System in Finland. Pietiktiinen M. Finland 970
185 A proposal GIS Geometrical Database Fusion. Crosilla F., Petrucco P. F., Pillimore G., Visintini D. Italy 975
186 Mantaining and Using SIGCA. Benito del Valle F., Quintana F. I. Spain 976
187 SIGCA: The Computirezed Management of the Spanish cadastre Spatial Component. Mas M. S., Garcia F. Spain 981
188 The Topographic Data System - A New Way to Compile and Update Topographic Information. Jakobsson A. Finland 993
189 Supplying Digital Cartographic Data to the Emergency Dispatch Services in the Netherlands: A First Survey. Koop R. O. Netherlands 1001
190 Implementation of a GIS based Geoenvironmental Monitoring Method Aimed at Reservoir Protection Baldassarre G. Italy 1008
191 Accessing, Browsing and Visualizing Multithematic Global Databases: Tools for the 1990s. Hittelman A. M., Clark D. M., Habermann R. E. USA 1013
192 Intelligent Interpretation of Spot Data for Extraction of a Forest Road Network. Domenikiotis C., Lodwick G. D., Wright G. L. Australia 1023
193 L' atlas gegraphique illustre: un premier atlas pour les enfants. Martinelli M., Lemos Ferreira G. M. Brazil 1033
194 Map Production Using the National Topographic Data System in Finland. Piitynen V. Finland 1038
195 Un systeme d'information geographique pour la mise en evidence de la tectonique recente. Lenotre N. France 1043
196 History of Cartography in Lithuania. Gaigalas A., Dvareckas V. Lithuania 1044
197 Dependency of Cartographical View of the Hydrographical Network in Lithuanian Upon the Topography. Gaigalas A., Dvareckas V., Vilunaite B. Lithuania 1045
198 Lithuanian National Atlases. Gaucas P., Gaigalas A., Dvareckas V., Beconyte G. Lithuania 1052
199 Object-Orientation, Cartographic Generalisation and Multi-Product Databases. Woadsford P. United Kingdom 1054
200 Socioeconomic Atlas of San Juan Province. Lizana C. A., M. de Riveros N. A., M de Pedroza M., del Cid M C., de Landini I. M, Mazuelas L., Mendoza H. A., Velazquez R. A., Garda R. S., de Conti V. 0., Rodriguez. J. Argentina 1059
201 School Atlas: Way to Map. Lizana C. A., M. de Riveras N. A, Mendoza H. A, de Landini I., Velazquez R. A., de Conti V. 0., Mazuelas, L., Rodrfguez. J. Argentina 1061
202 A New Approach for 3-D-Cartography: Object Oriented Technology to Combine GIS and CAD. Courriaux G., Guillen A., Renaud X., Repusseau Ph. France 1064
203 Cartographie tridimensionnelle pour les sciences de la terre. Cow'riaux G., Guillen A., Renaud X., Repusseau Ph. France 1069
204 Strategie forestiere et information geographique. Cheret V., Gay M., Morel M., de Meerleer P. France 1074
205 Cartography in South American Countries. Cabefias Chira H. Peru 1084
206 Database of the 1 :50000 Detailed Geological Map of Poland. Gogokek W. Poland 1088
207 Maps and Landscapes of Power: Representing the Environmental Values of People with Physical Disabilities. Vujakovic P., Matthews M. H., Limb M. United Kingdom 1089
208 New Techniques for Orienteering Maps: GPS and Electronic Printing. Backstrom K., Donner J., Hakkinen M. Finland 1098
209 Basic CD- The Raster Basic Map of Finland on CD-ROM. Hakkinen M. Finland 1103
210 Orthophotomap as an Alternative to the Line Map. Machado e Silva A. Brazil 1108
211 Designing Maps to Support Native Title Negotiation and Arbitration in Australia. Turk A., Mackaness W. Australia 1109
212 Multimedia and Mapping: Using Multimedia Design and Authoring Techniques to Assemble Interactive Map and Atlas Products. Cartwright W. Australia 1116
213 Non Topological Graphic Data Input for Geographical Information Systems. Methods for Cleaning and Rebuilding the Geographic Entitles and their Links with Attribute Data. Perez Machado R. Brazil 1128
214 Cylindrical Equal-Area Projection. Lewis H. A. G. United Kingdom 1129
215 High-Resolution Space Photography for Generating and Updating Large-Scale Orthophotomaps Csaplavics E. Germany 1135
216 Publishing Topographic Maps Using Postscript Page Description Language. Leskinen T. Finland 1145
217 Digital Technology in the Documentation and Conservation of Cultural Monuments. Ogleby C. L. Australia 1150
218 Prohibition Map for the Spreading of Refluent Water Zootechnical Plants. Bisci C., Brascugli R., Consoli M., Pasquali G. Italy 1156
219 Ejidal Mapping Information System. Guerrero Elemen C. A. Mexico 1160
220 Mejoras en las tomas de decisiones con el uso de cartograffa temaitica derivada de un S.I.G. Perez, R. Spain 1173
221 Using Animated Cartography to Illustrate Global Change. Gaydos L. I., Acevedo W., Bell C. USA 1174
222 On the Use of DTP Scanners for Cartographic Applications. Baltsavias, E. P., Patias P. Switzerland - Greece 1179
223 Generating and Updating Spatial Databases by Using Mono -and Stereo- Digital Orthoimages. Baltsavias E. P., Stallmann D., Armenakis C., Regan A. M. Switzerland - Greece 1190
224 Techniques for Update in Raster and Vector Cartography. Hardy P. G., Wright P. United Kingdom 1201
225 Metodology of Land Uses a Analysis Based in the Matrix of Location-Specialization. Altur Grau V., Palomares Escrihuela I. Spain 1212
226 Possibilities of the Remote Diagnostics of Soils Salinization in Arid Regions. Karavanova E. Russia 1218
227 Aplication of GIS Methods for Research and Management of the Astrakhanskiy Biosphere Reserve. Kasimov N. S., Lychagin M., Baldina E. A., Labutina I. A., Gorbunov A. K., De Leeuw I. Russia - Netherlands 1223
228 Ecological Atlas of Irkutsk Region: New Maps for Management of Regional Development. Vorobiev V. V., Batuev A. R., Belov A. V., Bogoyavlenski B. Russia 1228
229 Cartographical Geoinformation Approach in RegionalSystems Research Bashalkhanov I, Bashalkhanova L., Snytko V. Russia 1231
230 Multifocal Thematic Photomaps: Looking at Objects with an Eagle Eye. Patias P., Boutoura C. Greece 1234
231 Soil Interpretation of MSS Data Digital Prgcessing. Korolyuk T. V., Shcherbenko V. V. Russia 1235
232 Comparaison des differents moyens de representation par semi-transparent des variables visuels sur les cartes en reliefs. Morita T. Japan 1236
233 Digital Mapping of Landscape Evolution in a Sample Area iri the Northern Apennines (Italy). Casadei M., Farabegoli E. Italy 1237
234 Air Photo Mosaics: A Short-Term Solution to Topographic Map Revision in Britain 1944-51. Board Ch. United Kingdom 1246
235 Application of GIS and Remote Sensing for Artificial Reforestation Monitoring·in 7th Maule Region, Chile: An Example in Empedrado Comuna. Mena Frau C. Chile/Spain 1256
236 An Approach to Slope Length and Features Calculating Using DEM and GIS. Zaragoza Vargas F. Spain 1261
237 SIG as a Tool for the Analysis and Cartographic of the Landscape Evolution. Application to a Specefic Area: The Lozoya High Valley. Palomar Anguas P. Spain 1266
238 Mapping Battle Sites in 3 Dimensions: The Pros and Cons. Margeot MYGH. Rep. of South Africa 1271
239 Mapping Informal Settlements in the Durban Functional Region Natal. Margeot MYGH., Forbes A. M. Rep. of South Africa 1272
240 Production of High Quality Maps from GIS Packages on a Desk-Top Publishing Package. Margeot MYGH. Rep. of South Africa 1273
241 Compilation and Use of Complex Nival-Glaciological Map. Osokin N. l., Gurjeva L. A. Russia 1274
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