Proceedings of the 18th International Cartographic Conference

Stockholm, Sweden, 23–27 June 1997

Edited by Lars Ottoson on behalf of the Swedish Cartographic Society, Gävle 1997.
ISBN: 91-630-5536-8

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Opening Ceremony: Keynote Address: Maps and Mapping in the Information Era D. R. F. Taylor Canada 1
Production of National Base Maps of Iran at 1 :100,000 by Satellite Images N. Khorsandian and S. N. Bushehri Iran 11
Language Aspect of Map Representation J. Pravda Slovakia 20
GIS-Assisted Mapping of Snowpack Accumulation Patterns in Idaho K. Chang and Z. Li USA 28
A Cartographic Research Agenda for Environmental Management J. A. Kelmelis USA 35
Application of Remote Sensing Integration with Geographic Information Systems for District Planning in Vietnam M. Y. Tran Vietnam 43
Space Methods for Geoecology - Russian Atlas of Satellite Images for Ecological Applications V. I. Kravtsova Russia 52
Mapping of the Dynamics of the Caspian Sea Coastal Zone by Multitemporal Space Images V. I. Kravtsova and S. A. Lukyanova Russia 59
Mapping of Dynamics of Industrial Damage to Vegetation in Monchegorsk Region by Multitemporal Space Images Computer Processing V. I. Kravtsova, I. K. Lourie and O. V. Toutoubalina Russia 67
From Armistice Lines to International Boundaries R. Adler Israel 74
GIS and Geospatial Metadata A. Martynenko Russia 79
The Mapping of Taiwan T. Chiang Taiwan 83
Twentieth-Century Chinese Studies of the History of Chinese Cartography T. Chiang Taiwan 91
The Map of Soil Contamination as a Spatial Image of Gaseous Air Pollution V. I. Sturman Russia 99
The Educational Subject of the Environmental Mapping V. I. Sturman Russia 106
Swiss Map Trophy - a New Way to Teach Map Reading M. Gurtner Switzerland 110
Mapping Snow and Glacier Phenomena Change in Mountain Regions T. E. Khromova and L. P. Chernova Russia 117
Landplan TM - Automated Generalisation Comes of Age R. Gower, J. Pepper and T. Edwards United Kingdom 126
Early French Colonial Cartography of the Indian Ocean: the Depot de Fortifications des Colonies Collection A. Rinckenbach France 134
Topographic Data Processing G. R. Karimzadeh Iran 142
Usage of Natural Object Generalization Phenomenon in Satellite Images in Geologic Cartography S. I. Strelnikov Russia 149
Principles of Remotely Sensed Basis Creation for Geologic Maps of Russia on 1 :200,000 and 1:1,000,000 Scale S. I. Strelnikov, V. I. Zakharov, V. S. Antipov, G. V. Galperov and A. V.Pertsov Russia 153
A Constructivist Approach to Children's Relief Maps P. Wiegand United Kingdom 158
The Mapping of Agricultural Land in Poland K. Koreleski Poland 164
Cartographic Support of Forest Monitoring in the Lake Baikal Watershed N. Malysheva Russia 172
Determining and Using Graphic Complexity as a Cartographic Metric O. Fairbairn United Kingdom 178
Principles of Environmental Mapping of Shelf Areas B. G. Lopatin, E. M. Leonova and O. A. Kiyko Russia 186
Peculiarities of Geological Cartography of the Shelf Areas B. G. Lopatin Russia 191
A Universal Dynamic Structure of Map Based on Vector Data Z. Oeng and H. Jia China 195
The Role of Thinking in Images in Map Design Y. Chen and X. Ye China 203
Theoretical Cartography in China Y. Chen China 208
On Theoretical Grounds of Designing National Standard for Digital and Electronic Maps in Russia A. Martynenko and S. Glazov Russia 212
Automatic Method of Ecology Syndrome of Region Distinguishing for Ecological Mapping (Territorial Aspect) A. M. Trofimov, A. M. Gabutdinova, N. H. Gaseev, N. P. Torsuyev and E. M. Pudovick Russia 219
Organization Structure and Strategy of Geological Mapping in Russia
A. F. Morozov, A. F. Karpuzov, V. K. Putintsev, S. I. Strelnikovand
V. V. Starchenko
Russia 226
Problems of Mapping of Time and Space Relations among Objects and Processes E. M. Zablotsky and S. I. Strelnikov Russia 231
Generalization Principles in Geological Cartography A. I. Burde, E. M.Zablotsky and S. I. Strelnikov Russia 239
National Geological Mapping in Russia on 1:1,000,000 Scale (State, Prospects) V. K. Putintsev, S. I. Strelnikov and G. N. Shaposhnikov Russia 247
Cartographic Animation and Legends for Temporal Maps: Exploration and/or Interaction M-J. Kraak and R. Edsall and A. M. MacEachren The Netherlands, USA 253
Geophysical Atlas of China, Production and Use L. Xie China 261
Mapsite - Finland's Basemaps in WWW-Service P. Sarkola Finland 268
The Collection of Rare 16th-17th Century Dutch Maps and Atlases in the Russian National Library L. Kildushevskaya Russia 274
Cognition Studies with Continuous Area Cartograms: Gender Differences C. Aschwanden Switzerland 280
Neurocartography - New Trend for Research in Theoretical Cartography Y. F. Knizhnikov Russia 288
Cartographic Representation of the Velocity Field for a Mountain Glacier Y. F. Knizhnikov and A. V. Nikitin Russia 294
Cartographic Knowledge Gained by Rural and Urban Children of Sri Lanka through Formal and Non-Formal Education K. M. Vitarana Sri Lanka 299
Landscape Changes Mapping by Application of Aerial Photo- graphs J. Feranec, J. Otahel and K. Husar Slovakia 306
GIS and its Use for the Purpose of Digital Creation of Thematic Maps in the Povodie Dunaja S. p. B. Hladka and P. Minarik Slovakia 314
The GIS as a Source of Inspiration for the Digital Mapping O. Kusendova and I. Matecny Slovakia 319
Mapping of Bottom Communities for Ecological Monitoring Purposes: Multivariate Data Classification O. A. Kiyko and V. B. Pogrebov Russia 326
Effectiveness of Geographic Information Systems Applications in Flood Management during and after Hurricane Fran U. J. Oymon USA 335
Strengthening Geo-Courses in Higher Education of Carto- graphy in China Y. Liu and Y. Liu China 341
Structured Approach to Implementing Automatic Cartographic Generalization H. Wu China 349
Linguistic Characteristics and Automatic Understanding of Cartographic Information Q. Ou China 357
Mining-Geological Map - a New Type of Land-Use Maps A. I. Burde, A. A. Smyslov and A. G. Protossenya Russia 365
Main Stages of Geological Cartography in Russia A. I. Burde and S. A. Toporets Russia 370
Indoor Radon, Action Level, and Choropleth Generalization: the Political-Scientific Construction of an Environmental Risk Map M. Monmonier USA 377
From Geographical Data to Graphical Presentation L. Li China 385
Terminology and Lexicography in Modern Cartography - Experiences and Present Tasks in Germany W. G. Koch Germany 396
A Classification System for Tactile Map W. G. Koch Germany 404
Implementation of an Automatic/Semi Automatic Digital Control System at the National Cartographic Center(N.C. C.) of Iran S. M. Nazemi Iran 414
Review of Cartographic Communication: Information Theory to Postmodern Semiotics M. Gluck USA 422
Functions of the Map Legend H. Schlichtmann Canada 430
Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Atlas I. Nichersu, A. Constantinescu and P. Gastescu Romania 431
The Philosophical Levels of Map Symbol and the Exploration of its Information Function L. Yu China 440
Some Basic Mathematical Models for Feature Displacement in Digital Map Generalization Z. Li, B. Su Australia, Hong Kong 452
Morphological Transformation for Detecting Spatial Conflicts in Digital Generalization Z. Li, B. Su Australia, Hong Kong 460
Geoinformation System "Mineral Resources of Russia" - the First Multiobjective Digital Cartographic Product on Natural Resources of Russia A. F. Karpuzov, G. L. Chocia, A. F. Maslov and M. E. Levintov Russia 468
Particularities of Topographic Maps of the Shelf as Database for GIS and Automated Mapping Systems V. P. Savinykh, T. V. Verestchaka and A. M. Portnov Russia 472
Map Generalisation: An Information Theoretic Approach to Feature Elimination J. T. Bjerke Norway 480
Remote Sensing as a Means for Providing Regional Forest Maps and Other Geo-Referenced Environmental Forest Information S. Folving, P. Kennedy, D. P. Roy and N. McCormick Italy 487
Sustainable Mediterranean Landscapes and Cartographic Tools E. Manzi Italy 495
The Application of the Theory of Industrial Department Structure in Designing Industrial Map Set of Economic Atlases X. Wang and G. Zhang China 503
Assessing Rangeland Condition with Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques in a Semi-Arid Pastoral Region of South Africa H. L. Zietsman and C. H. Mackay South Africa 511
Planetary Cartography: Results of the Russian Program and Prospects for the Development K. B. Shingareva Russia 521
Planetary Cartography and the International Cartographic Association J. R. Zimbelman, K. B. Shingareva Russia, USA 526
Role of Cartography in a Complex Representation of Thematic Information about Solar System's Bodies B. V. Krasnopevtseva Russia 529
Coordinating Standards on Data Quality: an Important Ingredient for Cartographers L. S. Godwin USA 533
The Census Bureau's Electronic Data Access and Dissemination System: New Challenges for Cartographic Applications T. Trainor USA 541
Real far ... , Two Squares ... , Two West ... , 10!! Latitude 31.5° Longitude -- An Analysis of Kindergarten to Grade 11 Students' Responses to Questions Designed to Explore Their Understanding of, and Competencyin, Some Basic Mapping Concepts J. M. Anderson USA 548
The Interaction of Multimedia Maps J. Guo China 556
The Digital Geographic Information Exchange Standard and Military Mapping P. J. C. Beaulieu, H. A. Dohmann Canada, USA 563
An Interactive Cartographic Information System of Austria - Conceptual Design and Requirements for Visualization on Screen R. Ditz Austria 571
Ecologo-Geographical Atlas as a Tool of a Region Stable Development A. M. Trofimov, R. A. Shagimardanov and R. S Petrova Russia 579
Maps in Vehicle Navigation Systems M. Petkovic, S. Dorjevic-Kajan. D. Mitrovic and D. Rancic Yugoslavia 586
MapEdit - a Scanning Data Entry Solution for GIS D. Rancic, S. Dor{jevic-Kajan, D. Mitroic and M. Petko vic Yugoslavia 594
Syntactical Pecularities of Signs of Hydrographic Objects in Prehistoric and Early Historic Maps A. WolodtscMnko Germany 602
Complex Atlas of Barnaul A. Wolodtschenko, Germany and V. Rudsky and E. Kuznetsova Russia 609
Designing a New National Atlas of the United States S. C. Guptill USA 613
Maps and Their Use on the Internet A. Koussoulakou, C. P. J. M. van Elzakker Greece, The Netherlands 620
From the World Atlas of Snow and Ice Resources to Glaciological GIS T. Khromova Russia 628
Atlas of Caesium Deposition on Europe after the Chernobyl Accident. Possibilities of its Further Development Yu. A. Israel, S. D. Fridman, E. V. Kvasnikova, I. M. Nazarov, E. D. "Stukin and Y. S. Tsaturov, I. I. Matveenko, L. Y."Tabachny, M. De Cort and G. N. Kelly Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, EC 635
Complex Mapping on the Base of Caesium-137 Terrain Contamination Data E. V. Kvasnikova, O. A. Kazankina and M. K. Smirnova Russia 641
Atlas of Radioactive Contamination of European Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Possibilities of its Use and Perspectives of Development Yu. A. Israel, E. V. Kvasnikova, I. M. Nazarov, E. D. Stukin and S.D. Fridman Russia 646
The Application of a New Metaphor Set to Depict Geographic Information and Associations W. Cartwright Australia 654
A Virtual Atlas on the World Wide Web: Concept, Development and Implementation S. Ashdowne, W. Cartwright and L. Nevile Australia 663
An Investigation into the Use of Cycling-Maps by Touring Cyclists C. P. J. M. van Elzakker and W. S. van Leeuwen The Netherlands 673
WWW-Technology as Means of Transfer and Visualization of Graphic Objects L. Lehto, J. Kahkonen and T. Kilpelainen Finland 681
Map-Oriented Mars Database T. S. Kirsanova, K. B. Shingareva, A. V. Vinokurova and I. Belous Russia 690
Complex Mars Atlas Project B. V. Krasnopevtseva and K. B. Shingareva Russia 698
Monitoring of Information Loss in Satellite Images during Cartographic Generalization Processes V. Caldairou, F. Blasco and M. Gay France 701
Multi-Scale Land Cover Databases by Automatic Generalization O. Jaakkola Finland 709
Effect of Perception on Cartographic Generalization Z. Tian and J. Wang China 717
Design of Neural Network for Automated Selection of Soundings in Nautical Chart Making Z. Tian, J. Wang and K. Liang China 720
Cartographic Modeling to Monitor Land Use and Land Cover Change in Pondicherry Region India S. S. Sundarvel and S. Palanivallndia and S. van der Steen The Netherlands 724
The Cartography of the Ancients as the Representation of a Dialogue between the Legend and the Direct Experience D. G. Papi Italy 727
Hybrid "WYSIWYG" Techniques for Updating the Swiss Topographic Map Series L. Hurni and R. Christinat Switzerland 735
Resolution des problemes de generalisation lies a la symbolisation dans PlaGe F.Lecordix France 743
Orbital Images Potential in Cartographic Updating M. I. C. de Freitas Viadana Brazil 751
Electronic Atlas as Information Basis to Study Environment and Natural Resources at the Russian Regions A. A. Kirsanov Russia 759
Influence of Geometric Transformations to the Positional Accuracy of Maps L. Soukup Czech Republic 761
The Development of an Integrated Digital Data Base from Large Scale Aerial Photographs and Cadastral Sheets: the Uganda Case Y. Okia, J. R. Oput, M. N. Kajumbula, M. Kibirige and J. Kitaka Uganda 768
Development of A Low-Error Equal-Area Map Projection for the European Union F. Canters and W. De Genst Belgium 775
Resolving Conflicts in Cartographic Generalization with Problem-Resolution Methods B. Genin and J-P. Donnay Belgium 783
DEM Production from Topographic Maps: Digitizing or Scanning? D. Tahiri and S. de Bethune Belgium 789
A General Construction for the Analysis of the Influence of Different Point Patterns on Relief Models, Applied to Bathymetrically Measured Submarine Sandbanks T. Vande Wiele and C. Vernemmen Belgium 797
New Military Maps for the Archipelago and Sea Areas around Sweden P. HeIsinger and D. Malmstrom Sweden 804
Bridging an Object Oriented GIS Application and Relational DBMS L. Stoimenov, A. Mitrovic, S. Dordevic-Kajan and D. Stojanovic Yugoslavia 812
Model and Manage Dynamic Geographic Processes by Temporal GIS D. Stojanovic, S. Dordevic-Kajan, A. Motrovic, Z. Stojanovic and L.Stoimenov Yugoslavia 820
Needs for Generalization Function of Marine Database System Z. Tian and Y. Zheng China 828
Refinement of Douglas-Peucker Algorithm to Move the Segments toward Only One Side L. Zhang and Z. Tian China 831
The Specification and Evaluation of Spatial Data Quality A. Ostman Sweden 836
Application of ISO-9000 in Map Digitizing J. Simley and M. Buser USA 848
A Virtual Tour in the 3D Model of the Town of Lecco A. Colombo, D. Papi and G. Vassena Italy 856
Satellite Image Interpretation in Cartographic Updating and in the Management and Monitoring of Agroforestry Areas J. da Silva Rodrigues and A. M. Roque Nunes Portugal 864
Production of Military Geographic Information within the Army Geographic Institute The Vector Smart Map C. Delgado Henriques and F. M. Freire Serras Portugal 872
Visualizing Spatial Relationships among Health, Environmental, and Demographic Statistics: Interface Design Issues M. MacEachren, C. Polsky, D. Haug, D. Brown, F. Boscoe, J.Beedasy, L. Pickle och M. Marrara USA 880
Can Ethnic Maps be Objective? Possibilities and Limitations of Ethnic Cartography P. Jordan Austria 888
Understanding of Children's Ability to Wayfind around an Unfamiliar Environment Using A Large Scale Map T. Kwan Australia 896
Creating Building Stones for Cartographic Visualisation by Linking Cartographic Variables R E. Kuunders The Netherlands 904
Cartographic Presentation in Navigation and Route Guidance Systems M L Sena Sweden 909
Landmines Atlas J. Desclaux-Salachas France 917
Integration of GIS and Geostatistics: a Software and a Case Study M Maignan and K. Krivoruchko Switzerland, Belarus 925
A Study of the Ability of Children in Understanding the Fundamental Elements of Reality Presented on Maps E. Michaelidou, B. Nakos and V. Filippakopoulou Greece 933
Maps-on-Demand D. A. Nystrom, R. E. Grant and R. J Moore USA 943
The National Bibliography on Cartography (Printed in the 951 USSR 1959-1983) N N.Komedchikov, A. A. Liouty and R. S. Narskikh Russia 943
Finnish Topographic Data Production Planning and Follow-up System A. Tel/a Finland 959
Cartographic Reasoning and Scientific Experimental Approach C. Cauvin France 967
Construction of City Models Using Softcopy Photogrammetry J. Lammi Finland 975
Map Projections Optimization Using Real-Coded Genetic Algorithms S. Gonzalez-Lopez Spain 982
Development of an Internet Atlas of Switzerland D. Richard and C. Oberholzer Switzerland 989
From Large-Scale to Small Scale Maps by Digital Cartographic Generalization Ch. Brandenberger Switzerland 996
Time-Sequential Digital Mapping from Satellite Imagery and GIS for Characterizing Morphodynamics in a Large River Delta X. Yang USA 1005
Detection and Simplification of Road Junctions in Automated Map Generalisation W. A. Mackaness and G. A. Mackechnie United Kingdom 1013
Possibilities to Extract and Structure Objects from Scanned Topographic Maps for Use in GIS S. Frischknecht and E. Kanani Switzerland 1022
Analysis of the Process of Map Design Y. Hua China 1030
A Multi-Scale Spatial Data Structure for Navigational GIS J. Uu China 1037
MicroCAM for Windows S. A. Loomer USA 1045
Project MicroCAM: Expansions and Applications of MicroCAM Free-to-Copy Mapping Software for Instruction and Production P. S. Anderson USA 1052
Education and Training in Cartography M. L. Vicenty Mtaroni Tanzania 1060
Evaluation of Logical Consistency in Spatial Relations F. Hakimpour Iran 1068
Morphotectonic Mapping and Hydrological Application in West Front of Helan Mountains, Inner Mongolia, China Y. U and J. Yang China 1077
Research of Cartographic Generalization on the Valley System G. Zhang China 1083
The Theory and System Frame-Work of GIS J. Wang and F. Wu China 1091
Automatic Generalization System Based on Map Database J. Wang, F. Wu and G. Wang China 1098
Design and Production of Atlas Based on DTP Technology T. Ai China 1104
Location of Firewood Supply Sector in Temperate Forests of Southern Chile, South America (Lat. 45°15'- 46°00' S.) N. Saez Villalobos Chile 1112
Digital Thematic Atlas of Agricultural Land of Commune V. Ikonovic and D. Zivkovic Yugoslavia 1119
Education in Cartography as a Function of Advancement in General Education D. Zivkovoc and V. Ikonovic Yugoslavia 1127
Automated, Rule-Based Checking of Digital Map Data P. Hejholt Denmark 1134
Atlas of Switzerland-Multimedia Version. Concepts, Functionality and Interactive Techniques H. Bar and R. Sieber Switzerland 1141
De- and Re-Shading for Optimal Relief Mapping of the Surface of Mars E. Dorrer and X. Zhou Germany 1150
"What I Really Want .............": How Visually Impaired People Can Improve Tactile Map Design C. Perkins and A. Gardiner United Kingdom 1159
Quality and Quantity in World Mapping C. Perkins and B. Parry United Kingdom 1167
Cartography Courses out, Geoinformatics Courses in A. Brown C. P. J. M. van Elzakker, R. Groot and C. Paresi The Netherlands 1172
Regionalisation Based on Taxonomic Methods in Cartographic Models of Agricultural Environment E. Krzywicka-Blum and J. Bac-Bronowicz Poland 1183
Cartographic Updating through Photogrammetric Technic D. Rossini and M. I. C. de Freitas Viadana Brazil 1193
Integrated Use of Spatial Data in Visualisation of Landscape Changes: A Case Study from Ruissalo Island, S-W Finland N. Vuorela, Kalliola and I. Suojanen Finland 1201
The Project of Russia National Atlas N. D. Zhdanov, V. V. Sveshnikov and A. A. Liouty Russia 1209
Volume "Russia and Space" of Russia National Atlas V. V. Svesnikov, Y. P. Kienko, V. V. Kiselev, V. I. Ryabchikova and V. I. Somova Russia 1217
Cognitive and Didactic Ideas Related to Computer Based GIS Learning Systems D. Dransch Germany 1220
Damage Assessment Mapping in the Aftermath of Hurricane Andrew N. L. Winter USA 1228
Uniform, Reliable Map Data Sets for the Baltic Sea Region (The MapBSR Project) H. Ursin-livanainen Finland 1236
Methodologies for Evaluating User Attitudes towards and Interaction with Innovative Digital Atlas Products C. P. Keller and Ian J. O'Connell Canada 1242
Cartography Education in a Modern World: a Collaborative Class Assignment J. M. Olson USA 1250
Understanding and Deriving Generalization Rules D. Lee USA 1258
Present Status for Digital Map Data Use in Japan N. Kobori Japan 1266
Preparation of Active Fault Maps in Urban Area H. Masaharu, H. Nakajima, M. Taguchi, T. Sekiguchi and S.Odagiri Japan 1270
Accuracy Verification of DEM for Global Mapping K. Akeno, S. Sakabe, H. Hasagawa and H. Masaharu, and D. Musiega and E. O. T. Ondiek Japan, Kenya 1277
Trends of Cadastral Mapping for Land Information System J. Liou Sweden 1284
Edges and Raster Surfaces - a New Mix of Data Structures for Representing Forestry Information S. Joyce, J. Wallerman and H. Olsson Sweden 1293
Some Aspects of Formalizing Cartographic Knowledge - Concerning the Process of Selection G. Gartner Austria 1301
Digital Production of the Water Conservancy Atlas of Jiang Su Province S. Qun China 1309
Customers' Role by Development of Map Products M. Laurema, L. Salo-Merta and A. Jakobsson Finland 1315
AGOES: an Automatic Geographical Object Extraction System for Cadastral Maps J-I. Kim, K-J. Lee, B-W. Oh and K-J. Han Korea 1322
The Social Atlas of Leipzig A. Kindler Germany 1330
Maps of Environment - Their Design and Content D. Filipovic, A. Ivanisevic and V. Ikonovic Yugoslavia 1337
The Design of a Cartographic Animation - Experiences and Results G. Buziek Germany 1344
The Role of Cartography in a Developing Country Like South Africa: a Look at the Need for the Education of Black Professional and Technical Cartographers to Drive the Mapping Process in South Africa in Fulfilment of the Objectives of the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) C. N. Pateni South Africa 1352
Testing for Completeness and Thematic Accuracy of the National Topographic Data System in Finland V. Patynen, I. Kemppainen and R. Ronkainfm Finland 1360
Teaching Map Use in a Multicultural Society E. Liebenberg South Africa 1368
Let Maps Do the Talking: the Case of Implementing Decentralised Teaching at UNISA, South Africa A. C. Vlok South Africa 1369
Simulation and Agent Modelling for Road Selection in Generalisation B. Morisset and A. Ruas France 1376
New Tools for Multiple Representations S. Timpf, Austria and T. Devogele France 1381
Strategies for Urban Map Generalisation A. Ruas France and W. A. Mackaness United Kingdom 1387
Structuration du bati pourla generalisation 1395 N. Regnauld France 1387
Brazilian Cadastral System - Problems and Possible Solutions A. F. T. Carneiro Brazil 1402
Delivering Maps to the Information Society: a Digital Library for Cartographic Data B. P. Buttenfield USA 1409
Tactile Mapping - an Unusual GIS Application M. Dahlberg Sweden 1417
University Cartographic Education in the United States: a New Conceptual Framework R. B. McMaster USA 1422
The Status of Computer Atlases Developments in Russia and Principles of Their Compilation O. A. Evteev, V. S. Tikunov and L. F. Yanvareva Russia 1430
Series of Maps for Education and Training in International Tourism Management I. N. Tikunova Russia 1436
Visualization Techniques in a Hydrological Visualization System S. Fuhrmann and U. Streit Germany 1443
Modelling Graphic Presentation Forms to Support Cognitive Operations in Screen Maps F. Heidmann and M. Johann Germany 1452
Communication-Oriented Approach to the Presentation of Cartographic Screen Information in Geographical Information Systems P. Tainz Germany 1462
Mapping a Whole Planet - the New Topographic Image Map Series 1 :200 000 for Planet Mars H. Lehmann, F. Scholten and J. Albertz Germany 1471
Data Quality Elements for the Assessment of Feature Extraction Algorithms on DTMS M. Brandli Switzerland 1479
New Cartographic Opportunities for GIS O. J. Cowen and W. L. Shirley USA 1487
Representation of Relief Using Geometric Algorithms S. A velar Brazil 1495
Color Selection and Specification in Map Quality Control: Crossing Different Digital Color Systems G. Chu USA 1502
Cartographic Provision of Ecological Security in Russia V. V. Sveshnikov and Y. P. Kienko Russia 1510
Interactive Visualisation of Environmental Information through WWW M. Ostling Sweden 1513
Digital Thematic Maps of Serbia and GIS V. Jovanovic, M. Markovic and R. Jovanovic Yugoslavia 1519
Detecting and Resolving Size and Proximity Conflicts in the Generalization of Polygonal Maps M. Bader and R. Weibel Switzerland 1525
Utilization of GPS Methodology for a Control Network and Georeference of a Vast and Complex Landslide (Eastern Sicily,Italy) G. Baldassare, M. Caprioli and V. Rizzo Italy 1533
GIS in a Study of Potential Climate Changes Effects on Forests A. Sidorov, O. Radchenko, I. Buksha and V. Meshkova Ukraine 1541
Mapping Prospects for Future Missions to Mars J. R. Zimbelman USA 1549
Remote Sensing-Based GIS Techniques for Urban Environment Mapping: a Time for Developing Countries to Act K. K. Talukdar The Netherlands 1553
Russian Geological Maps. From Hand-Operated to Computer Technologies of Preparation V. I. Kolesnikov and A. G. Tichomirov Russia 1561
Accuracy of Data Collected to Geographic Information Systems from 19th Century Topographic Maps E. Wyczalek and I. Wyczalek Poland 1569
Generation of Ecologic Maps for Environment Protection V. I. Somova, V. V. Sveshnikov, V. V. Kiselev, L. A. Shevchenko, V. V. Kozlov, S. V. Minaev, V. L. Homutovand V. I. Ryabchikova Russia 1574
Cartographic Visualisation within IMIS - the German Integrated Radioactivity Information and Decision Support System R. Buzin Germany 1577
GIS for Geological Mapping: from Field Data to Digital Map E. Richetti Italy 1589
Conceptual Considerations on High-Mountain Cartography and Spaceborne Remote Sensing M. F. Buchroitner and R. Kostka Germany 1597
Integration of Spot Data with a Photogrammetric Data Base for Sugarcane Cropland Updating at Scale 1 :25000 in Guadeloupe(French West Indies) G. Laine, F. Baleux, P. Truong, and C. Gounel, France and R. Baran Guadelope 1604
United Nations Policies on Gender and Development within the Context of the U.N. Regional Cartographic Conferences E. Siekierska and L. O'Neil Canada 1612
The 6th Edition of the Geological Map of France at 1 :1,000,000 Scale Ph. Rossi and J. Chantraine France 1621
Establishment of Natural Focal Points of Tick Encephalitis by Means of GIS Technology M. 0 Govorov, B. N. Malikov and A. G. Khorev Russia 1627
Trends in Internet Map Use M. P. Peterson USA 1635
Computer Aided Edition of the 1 :50,000 Detailed Geological Map of Poland W. Gogolek and T. Bielecki Poland 1643
Natural Environment Information Maps by the Environment Agency of Japan M. Koarai and K. Ohtsuka Japan 1649
Is Cartography as a Good Tool as GIS for Analysis of the Damage of the 1995 Hyogoken-Nambu Earthquake? N. Tsukada Japan 1657
The Role of Non Explicit Symbolization in Case of Map Expression T. Morita Japan 1658
Swedish Cartographic Information in Car Navigation Systems C. Schell Sweden 1666
Besoin d'interoperabilite en cartographie automatique S. Lamy and F. Salge France 1674
Mapping with Live Features: abject-Oriented Representation P. G. Hardy and P. A. Woodsford United Kingdom 1682
Databases for Cartography and Navigation P. A. Woods ford and P. G. Hardy United Kingdom 1690
The "Freytag & Berndt" Austrian Map 1 :150.000 - Map Creation in a GIS Data Model B. Engelbrecht Austria 1698
A Data Dictionary Supporting Multi-Scale Cartographic Production from a Single Database G. Panopoulos and M. Kavouras Greece 1703
The Water Dynamic Processes Compiling and Mapping on the Base of Long Term Remotely Sensed Data: the Eastern Gulf of Finland Case L. L. Sukhacheva Russia 1712
Methodology of Designing Synthetic Maps of Protected Natural Heritage of Serbian (Yugoslavia) M. Ljesevic and D. Filipovic Yugoslavia 1720
The Botswana National Atlas (Production & Planning) B. B. H. Morebodi Botswana 1728
Space Map of Switzerland U. Frei, K. Bigler and D. Nüesch Switzerland 1734
Geological Information Systems in Action J. Walsby United Kingdom 1735
Cartographic Alternatives in the Amazon E. A. da Silva Brazil 1743
The Optimal Mercator Projection and the Optimal Polycylindric Projection of Conformal Type - Case Study Indonesia E. W. Grafarend and R. Syffus Germany 1751
Radioecological Mapping as a Tool for Monitoring Natural Landscapes and Agricultural Lands in Bryansk Region V. G. Linnik, E. M. Korobova and A. I. Kuvylin Russia 1760
Standardization of Spatial Data Exchange S. Okuyama, J. Sato, Y. Simoyama and M. Maeshima Japan 1768
Atlas of Moscow State University: The Project and First Outcome A. M. Berlyant, S. V. Marchevand T. G. Svatkova Russia 1768
Geoinformational Education in Russia A. M. Berlyant Russia 1776
Real Property General Assessment in Sweden Receives GIS - Support A. Sundquist Sweden 1779
Cartographic Data Capture by Digitization C. Nitu Romania 1783
Computer-Supported Symbol Displacement R. Michel Germany 1795
The Application of VR on Cartography X. You, Q.Xia and G. Chen China 1804
Vegetation Classification for Databases and Mapping at the National Land Survey of Sweden B. Naslund-Landenmark Sweden 1811
Agents for Agenda 21 H. Kremers Germany 1815
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