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Keynote Address of the Opening Cerenomy     

Plenary Sessions
First Plenary Session: Global Issues
Moderator: Prof. Milan Konecny, ICA Vice President
Second Plenary Session: Toward A Cartographic Research Agenda
Moderator: Prof. Bengt Rystedt, ICA President   

Papers and Abstracts

Topic 1:Education and Training in Cartography

Topic 2: History of Cartography and Historical Maps

Topic 3: Cartography and the Environment                                

Topic 4: Marine Cartography

Topic 5: Satellite Mapping

Topic 6: National and Regional Atlases

Topic 7: Military Cartography

Topic 8: Map Design and Production

Topic 9: Tourist Mapping

Topic 10: Security, Pricing and Copyright of Cartographic Database and  Digital Maps

Topic 11: GIS and Digital Mapping

Topic 12: Multimedia Cartography and Electronic Maps

Topic 13: Computer Generalization of Spatial Data

Topic 14: Spatial Data Infrastructure Policies

Topic 15: Mapping on the Internet and the World Wide Web

Topic 16: Spatial Data Visualization

Topic 17: Temporal Aspects of Cartography

Topic 18: National and International Standards in Cartography

Topic 19: Geo-Spatial Data Sharing

Topic 20: Geo-Spatial Data Quality and Evaluation

Topic 21: Maps for the Handicapped People

Topic 22: Cartography and Children

Topic 23: Gender in Cartography

Topic 24: Cartographic Theory and Methods

Topic 25: Intelligent Navigation Systems

Topic 26: Planet Cartography

Topic 27: Global Mapping

Topic 28: Mountain Cartography