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First Plenary Session: Global Issues

Moderator: Prof. Milan Konecny, ICA Vice President

Global Issues and Cartography

      Milan Konecny(Czech Republic)

Cartographic Methodology for Geo-Information Science            

      Prof. Shupeng Chen (China)

Virtual Terrain Environment: A New Annotation for Maps and the Cartography

      Prof. Gao Jun (China)

Recent Activities of the United Nations Geographic Information Working Group (UNGIWG)

      Vladimir Bessarabov (UN)

Global Spatial Information Issues and Challenges and Opportunities for Developing Nations

  Derek Clarke (South Africa)

Second Plenary Session: Toward A Cartographic Research Agenda

Moderator: Prof. Bengt Rystedt, ICA President  

Cartographic Research and Development serving the Needs of the NMAs – the European Perspective

      Prof. Dietmar Gruenreich(Germany)

History of Cooperation in Surveying and Mapping Studies between the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping of China and the United States Geological Survey

      Roy Mullen (USA)

ICA Affairs

      Prof. Ferjan ormdling, ICA secretary - general

Towards Individualization of Mapmaking And Mobility of Map Use

      Liqiu Meng(Germany)



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