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Capacity Building for Cybercartography: the Cybercartography for the Americas Project.

      D.R.F. Taylor (Canada), Carmen Reyes,Martha Lucia Alviar (Mexico)      

New Special Course Mapping of Planets and Their Moons of Solar System for Students.

      J.F. Rodionova (Russia)       

Cartographic Feature Education in Schools Using GIS and Mulutimedia Technologies    

      Hiroshi Ota (Japan)         

The Development and Application of Multimedia Software in Cartography Education         

      Jiang Nan (China)         

Virtual Cartography - Self-Directed Teaching /Learning Skills

      Drora Pakula Shlomi (Israel)                    

New Series of the Wall Maps for School Education

      Irina V. Muchnikova (Russia)       

Importance of Education in Cartography

      Vesna Ikonovic (Yugoslavia)

Explaining GIS Implementation and Effectiveness in American Secondary Schools

      Joseph J. Kerski (USA)                   

Embedding Analytical Cartography in Geotechnology Education

      Douglas Banting, Shuguang Wang (Canada)   

Developing School Atlases for Local Studies

      Rosangela Doin de Almeida (Brazil)      

The Problem of the Education in Cartography in the International E-Mail Seminar of Cartography October 1, 2000 - April 1,2001

      Benjamin R. Cohen (Bulgaria)                   

Cartographic and GIS Education at Sir Sandford Fleming College, Canada Striking a Balance

      Christopher Sung-ngok Yu (Canada)    

Introducing Cartography and Map-Use in the Council of Europes Project on History Teachers Initial and In-Service Training

      Evangelos Livieratos (Greece)     

Standardization of Cartographic Curriculum in Indonesia

      Tuty Handayani (Indonesia)  

The Strate GIS Training ProjectCA Nationwide GIS Management Training Undertaking

      Mats Soderberg (Sweden)    

Cartography in University Educational Program

      Kirsi Virrantaus (Finland)   

Local Internet Portal of Cartographic Knowledge

      Milan Konecny, Karel Stanek (Czech Republic)   

Flexible Delivery of Education in the Spatial Sciences

      Graeme Wright, Bert Veenendaal (Australia)  

The Impact of Human Factors on the Retrieval of Information Presented with Cultural Symbols on Nigerian Topographical Maps

      R. O. Olomo (Nigeria)    

Transition of Spatial Communication in Papua New Guinea

      Tine Ningal, Michael Govorov (Papua New Guinea)                   

Education and Training Students to Making Digital Thematic Atlas of Environment of Commune

      Vesna Ikonovic (Yugoslavia)                   

Research on Digitalizing Education of Chart Cartography of China

      Li Shujun, Liu Minying (China)                   

The Development of Modules for the ICA, Commission on Education and Training Web Course on Cartography

      David Fraser (Australia)

Geoinformational Mapping - New Direction of Cartography and Cartographical Education

      Irina K. Lourie (Russia)

Exercises in Cartography and Geoinformatics: Teaching the Colours

            Arzu Coltekin (Finland)


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