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GIS for Modeling Cartographic Design

      Alexander Martynenko, Tamara Nyrtsova, Irene Karachevtseva (Russia)    

Implementation of a Seamless Database and On-Demand-Mapping on 1:25,000 Scale Maps of Iran

      M. Taleii, M. J. Valadan Zeoj, A. Mansourian (Iran)  

Searching Internet Server for the Electronic Libraries of Maps and Geospatial Information Metadata as a Scientific and Practical Problem of the Global Geoinformatic Mapping

      Alexander Martynenko, Alexander Lyuty, Igor Zemlianov,

      Alexander Serdyukov, Nina Lunyova (Russia)             

The Management of the Multi-Scale Spatial Data in Digital Earth

      Zou Yijiang ,Wu Jin-hua (China)              

The Quantitative Study of Geographical Elements-- Establishment of Geographical Factors Database

      Dong Chun, Zhang Qingpu, Liu Jiping (China)    

Integration of Multi-Source Data for Cartographic Object Extraction to Support Urban Settlement Management

      Jonathan Li (Canada), Heinz Rther (South Africa)     

Choropleth Maps: Classification Revisited

      Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko, Alexandr Savinov (Germany)

Integration of Multimedia Cartography, GPS, and GIS to Evaluate Environmental Policies:Results of a Pilot Project in Massachusetts

      Alberto Giordano (USA)           

A Software Engineering Approach for GIS Developing

      Wu Sheng, Wang Jiayao (China)   

GIS and Regional Economic Development Planning

      Chen Fei, Du Daosheng ,Jiang Jingtong (China)                 

Linear Quadtree Encoding of Raster Data and Its Spatial Analysis Approaches

      Sheng  Yehua, Tang Hong, Zhao Xiaohu (China)    

Quick Algorithm of Selecting and Capturing Geographic Information

      LI Hongli, XU Haitao, LI Hanrong, YU Jinxing (China)               

Geographic Targeting for Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria:a Geographic Information System (GIS) Approach

      Felicia Olufunmilayo Akinyemi (Nigeria)  

Modeling Spatial Dependencies for Supervised Geospatial Data: Plums Approach

      Sanjay Chawla, Shashi Shekhar, Weili Wu (USA)

An Object-Oriented Data Model for Digital Cartographic Object

      Chen Yijin, Gu Bin, Hou Miaole (China)    

Urban Population Geographical Information System

      Lin Zongjian, Jin Yimin, Li Chengming (China)   

Investigation on Spatial Relations in 3D GIS Based on NIV

      Deng Min, Li Chengming (China)    

Improving 9-Intersection Model By Replacing the Complement with Voronoi Region

      LI Chengming (China)   

Publishing in PDF--A Promising Net Map Publishing Mode

      Liu Zhen, Deng Shujun (China)    

A 3D GIS Prototype for Military Applications

      Fabien Ramos (France)   

On the Faithful Conversion of Contours

      Albert H J Christensen (USA)     

Boolean Algebraic Organization of Cartographic Symbol System and Its Application in the Computer-Aided Cartography

      Zhong Yexun, Wei Wenzhan, Zhong Saiguo (China)    

Accuracy Assessment of Mapping Products Produced From the Star-3I Airborne IFSAR System

      Xiaopeng Li, A. Bruce Baker, George Dickson (Canada)  

Three-Dimensional City Modeling From Airborne Laser Scanning

      Hiroshi Masaharu, Hiroyuki Hasegawa, Kazuyuki Ohtsubo (Japan)            

Multisource Data Modeling in Natural Resources and Land Cover Mapping

      Yeqiao Wang (USA)      

Automatic Creating Techniques for Topological Spatial Relationship Based on the Grid Index

      Cai Shaohua ,Wang Jiayao ,Jiang Hongtao, Liao Ning (China)                 

Research on Object-Oriented Geographical Data Model in GIS

      Wang Qingshan, Wang Jiayao, Zhou Haiyan, Li Bin (China)   

A New Generation Top10vector Data in the Netherlands

      Nico Bakker, Bert Kolk (The the Netherlands)                

GIS Application Based on Wireless Internet

      QingQuan Li, Yong Liu  (China)   

Cartographic Database Updating

      Ccile Lemari, Thierry Badard (France)                

Government GIS and its Application for Decision Support

      Zhang Qingpu (China)    

Database Design in Migration from Traditional to Object-Oriented GIS

      The Evolution Story of the Topographic Database of Finland

      Leena Salo-Merta ,Ari Tella, Ilkka Vanhamaa (Finland)            

An Integrated Approach of Automatic Road Extraction and Evaluation from Remotely Sensed Imagery

      Wenbo Song, Timothy L. Haithcoat, James D. Hipple (USA)     

Using Rough Set Represent the Uncertainty in GIS Spatial Data

      Jin Zhang (China)   

City of Rio De Janeiro - Mapping Dengues Occurences

      Ceclia Nicolai ,Maria Luiza Furtado de Mendonca, Marcia Pereira Fontes (Brazil)             

The Effects of GIS and Digital Mapping on Cartographic Vocabulary

      Judy M. Olson (USA)  

A Database Approach for Raster Data Management in Geographic Information System

      Zhiguang Han, Qian Liu (USA)                

The Status of GIS Cartography in the Council for Geoscience, South Africa

      H M Roos (South Africa)                

The Impact of Resolution on the Accuracy of Hydrologic Data Derived from DEMs

      Tang Guoan, Liu Yongmei, Liu Wangqing, Chen Zhengjiang, Zhao Mudan (China)  

Construction Program of Database with Vector Data for 1:25,000 Scale Geographical Information

      Hiroyuki Ohno, Mamoru Koarai, Toshiyuki Terabayashi, Shinpei Ishigaki,

      Eiichi Tamura, Koji Otsuka, Kiyoaki Nakaminami (Japan)     

Updating Data in GIS: Towards a More Generic Approach

      Hakima Kadri-Dahmani (France)   

Modeling a Public Transport Network for Generation of Schematic Maps and Location Queries

      Silvania Avelar, Raphael Huber (Switzerland)               

Cartography in a Mobile Internet Age

      Keith C. Clarke (USA)                

Prognosis Data Model for 3D Landscape Representation

      Sergey Naumov (Russia)                 

A New Algorithm for Increasing Resolution of Mobile Mapping Systems

      Alexander V Ksendzuk (Ukraine)

A Practice in Producing Digital Birds-Eye-View Urban Photomap

      Jianwei Qi (China)   

Method for 3D Virtual Reality Dynamic Display of Flood Area and Damage Evaluation in GIS

      Liu Renyi, Liu Nan (China)                

The Updating of Map Database With GPS and RS Technology

      Wu Jin-hua ,Zou Yijiang ,Liu Rong (China)                

Map Producing and Publishing Based on the Digital Workflow

      Wu Changzhi, Su Yongxian, Zhang De, Li Hong, Tian Xiangchun (China)  

Establishment and Applications of Digital Mining Map Database

      Du Pei-Jun, Guo Da-Zhi (China)    

Constitution and Selection of Scanner for Digital Map

      Tian Xiangchun (China)  

Integration of Geoinformation and Publishing Technologies for Creation Cartographic  Search System "Russia" (with Use the Electronic Map of Russia of Scale 1: 5 000 000)   

      Irene Karachevtseva (Russia)  

The Study of the Computer-Assisted Cartography Instruction

      Lizhen Guo, Zongyi He (China)   

The Evolvement of GIS Developing Approach

      Wu Sheng, Wang Jiayao (China)   

Study of Map Symbol Design Sub-System in Geostar Software

      Cheng Peng-Gen, Gong Jian-Ya, Wang Yan-Dong (China) 

A Study on the Establishment of Population GIS

      Liu Deqin (China)   

A Spatial Analysis of Aegean Sea Using Remotely Sensed Imagery and GIS Technology

      Cigdem Goksel, I.Oztug Bildirici, Cengizhan Ipbuker1,

      Necla Ulugtekin (Turkey)   

Investigation on GIS Attribute Data Mining With Statistical Inductive Learning

      Anmin Lu ,Zongjian Lin, Chengming Li (China)   

Investigation on Spatial Relations Between Complex Objects Based on NIV

      Sun Jiuyun ,Li Chengming (China)   

Detail Urban Geographical Information System

      Yin Jie, Li Chengming (China)   

Development of Cadastral Map Management System Based on The Vector Method

      Chang Yongku, Kang Dong Hyun, Kang In Joon (Republic of Korea)

Dynamic Cartography of Montagnard Ethnic Groups In Vietnam

      Roche, Yann (Canada)  

Design of GIS-Based Marine Geographic Environment Analysis: A Case Study

      Zhen Tian (China)    

The Catalogue of Trigonometric Points

      Slavko Horvat, Zeljko Zeleznjak, Igor Durita, Marija Jandris-Sacer (Croatia) 

Application of GIS in Administration of West-East Gas Pipeline Project

      Yuxiang Li,Yu Yueyang,Wang Hong, Wang Junfang (China)               

Possibility of Preparing Thematic Maps Through Developing of the Geographic Information System (GIS)

      Husnjak Stjepan, Bogunovic Matko (Croatia)               

SIAT - Land Evaluation System - V. 2.0

      Gilberto J. Garcia, Sergio Luis Antonello, Monica G.M. Magalhaes ,

      Homero Fonseca Filho (Brazil)    

Towards an Operational Geo-Relational Cartographic Database for Population Census for Nigeria

      Oladayiye, A.S. (Nigeria)                 

The Digital Mapping System Establishing and Applying

      Liu Haiyan, Sun Qun (China)                 

The Symbolization of Map Vector Data on Microstation

      Liu Haiyan, Sun Qun (China)               

Map, Geographical Information System and Digital Earth

      Chen Feng-zheng, Lin Zhi-lei, Lin Wen-peng (China)  

The Design and Implementation of the Pipeline Net Mapping and Analyzing on Mapinfo

      Halong Yu, Liurong,Gan, shxeng Xie, Shilin Zou (China)  

Development of Geoinformatics in Chile

      Jorge Perez, Rodrigo Barriga (Chile)   

A User-Friendly Data Mining System

      J. Raul Ramirez (USA)               

Easy-to-Use Digital Mapping System

      Jianqing Zhang, Zuxun Zhang (China)                 

Technology of Thematic Mapping in the Atlas of China Land Resources Investigation Dataset

      Wang Hong, Yao Xurong (China)    

Spatial Object Aggregation Based on Data Structure,Local Triangulation and Hierarchical Analyzing Method

      Liu Yaolin, Martien Molenaar Menno-Jan Kraak (The Netherlands)               

A Data Model of Flood Prevention Information System

      Zhu Yi (China)               

Creation of the Western Siberia Digital Geoecological Map With GIS

      Y.V.Makushin, V.A.Lgotin, N.G.Glushenko, E.K.Panaeva (Russia)  

Research on Topographic Map Updating

      Ivana Javorovic ,Miljenko Lapaine ,Ivana Lampek-Pavcnik (Croatia)               

Mapping for Decision Makers: A Land Allocation Methodology for Rural Communities in Mexico

      Edward Chart Janet Mersey (Canada) 

Characteristic of Spatial Data and the Design of Data Model

      Li Aiguang, Cui Tiejun (China)   

A Study on the Change Detect of the Earth Volumes by DEM Interpolation

      Hyun Choi, In-Joon Kang, Chong-Chul Lee, Seon-Hyun Hong (Republic of Korea)     

Hypergraph-Based Object-Oriented Model for GIS Application

      Jin Zhang, Jianya Gong (China)    

Wavelet Compression and MrSID

      Jin Zhang (China)    

GIS Based Decision Support System for Determination Hydrographic and Cartographic Priorities

      Miladen Srdelic, Zeijko Bradaric ,Snjezana Knezic (Croatia)

Experiences in Establishing Pan-European Geographic Digital Datasets

      Heinz Bennat, Jrgen Brennecke, Manfred Duster,

      Anja Hopfstock, Ingrid Naumann (Germany)

Multi-Scale GIS: From Generalisation to Data Integration

      Andreas Illert (Germany)

The Data Base of the Detailed Geological Map of Poland (DGMP) in Scale 1: 50.000: at Present and its Feature

      Tomasz Bielecki, Waldmar Gogolek, Barbara Jaranowska (Poland)  

Digital Cartography and G.I.S. Activities at Methana Peninsula, Greece: a Compilation of Remote Sensing Data and Land Data for Environmental Emergency and Planning

      S. Vassilopoulou, L. Hurni (Switzerland)                 

GIS Mapping of the Ecosystems of the Caspian Region

      Irina Safronova (Russia)  

Dynamic Digital 3D Maps

      Juergen Doellner, Oliver Kersting (Germany)

Geomorphological Cartography Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques at Milos Island

      Evelpidou N., Vassilopoulos A., Vaiopoulos D., Komianou A. (Greece)   

The Design of Open Land Grade Information System

      Liu Yanfang,Tang Xu,Hu Shiyuan (China)    

A Self-Developed and Web-Based Geographic Information System for Water Resource Protection

      Mu-Lin Wu ,Chiou-Hsiung Chen, Der-Ren Song (Taiwan, China)                 

The Establishment and Application of Geography Information Technology in the Exploration and Development Area of Shengli Oil Field

      Liu Bingxiang, Wang Wenzheng (China)  

Algorithm for Semiautomated Vectorization

      Alexei Adrian Mihai (Romania)                

Geoinformation Technologies in Geoecology

      Boguslav . Novakovski, Sergey V. Prasolov, Anna I. Prasolova,

      Nadezhda I. Tulskaya (Russia), Hu Mengchung (China)


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