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Electronic Statistical Atlas Production in Turkey: Potential and Impediments

      N. Ulugtekin, I.O. Bildirici, O.F. Gokcen (Turkey)   

Applying the Geoexploratorium to Geography Teaching Programmes

      William Cartwright (Australia)                 

Digital Maps and Atlases in the National Libraries of Russia

      Kotelnikova N., Kildushevskaja L. (Russia)               

Integrating Audio and User-Controlled Text to Query Digital Databases and to Present Geographic Names on Digital Maps and Images

      Joel L. Morrison, J. Raul Ramirez (USA)    

User-Centred Human-Computer Interaction in Cartographic Information Processing

      Doris Dransch (Germany)

The Combination of Thematic Maps With Verbal Language in Multimedia Applications

      Axel Borchert (Germany)

Research on Electronic Map-Based Hypermedia Data Model

      Cai Zhongliang, Wu Guofeng, Weng Min, Du Qingyun (China)              

Wireless Mapping and Guidance Services

      Kirk Mitchell (Australia)                

Interface Design Aspects of An Interactive Atlas

      Robert Saul, Karel Kriz, Andreas Riedl ,Peter Jordan, Florian Partl (Austria)               

Perception of Time Variables on Dynamic Maps

      Terje Midtbo (Norway)  

HyperglobesCThe Use of Virtual Reality Globes in Visualizing Global Phenomena

      Andreas Riedl (Austria)  

The Theory and Methods for Screen Map Design

      Liu Yue, Ding Lin (China)                

The Development of Electronic Map Visual Cognition Experiment System

      Chen Yufen, Cai Shaohua (China)    

Applications of Dynamic Representation Technologies in Multimedia Electronic Map

      Wu Guofeng, Cai Zhongliang, Du Qingyun, Long Yi (China)                

Alternative Map Representations: The Adaption of GIS to Suit the Mapping Needs of Indigenous Communities

      Teresa C. Crowley, Gary J. Hunter  (Australia)                 

From Micro to Macro: An Exploration into the Structure of Multimedia Electronic Atlas

      Du Qingyun (China)    

About the Applicability of Interactivity for Selected Methods of Thematic Cartography

      Robert Ditz, Georg Gartner (Austria)  

Multimedia Documentation of the Coal-Mines in the Ruhr District

      Juergen M. Dodt, Martina Drecker (Germany)

The Displaying Lod Model Foundation of Point Feature in Electronic Map

      Jia Fenli, Song Guomin (China)    

Study & Practice on Electronic Map Engineering

      Wang Daxin, zhang Yan, Gou Lizhen (China)


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