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Fuzzy Urban Systems Theory and Application to China

      Eric J. Heikkila (USA), Ti-yan Shen, Kai-zhong Yang (China)    

Automated Generalization System for Extracting Topographic Data From Iranian National Topographic Database (INTDB)

      M. J. Valadan Zoj ,G.R. Fallahi (Iran)       

A Knowledge Based Approach for the Generalization of Linear Features

      Andriani Skopeliti, Lysandros Tsoulos  (Greece)   

Research of Fundamental Theory and Techical Approaches to Automating Map Generalization

      WU Hehai (China)  

Behaviour Analysis of Multi-Detailed Representation of Spatial and Cartographic Objects

      Michael Govorov (Papua New Guinea)              

Analytic Generalization of Topographic and Hydrologic Data and Its Cartographic Display - Intermediate Results

      Eli Itzhak, Pinhas Yoeli ,Yerahmiel Doytsher (Israel)             

Automating the Generalisation of Geographical Data: The Age of Maturity?

      Anne Ruas (France)   

Generalization of Cadastral Information Data

      Gao Wenxiu, Du Daosheng, Gong Jianya (China)   

Research on Geographic Spatial Relations and Reasoning in Automatic Map Design and Generalisation

      Qing Sheng Guo, Christoph Brandenberger, Lorenz  Hurni (Switzerland)               

The Concept of Generalization in Spatio-Temporal Modeling

      George Panopoulos, Marinos Kavouras (Greece) 

Identification of Spatial Structures within Urban Blocks for Town Characterisation

      Annabelle Boffet, Stphane Rocca Serra (France)  

Accuracy of Automatically Collected Height Data Over Denmark

      Marianne Wind (Denmark)               

Discussion on Spatial Structurized System in Automatic Generalization of Map

      Long Yi, Wu Hehai (China)                 

Using Cellular Automata to Generalize Satellite-Derived Raster Data for GIS Input

      Bo Li, Graeme Wilkinson (UK)                

Frameworks for Generalization Constraints and Operations Based on Object-Oriented Data Structure in Database Generalization

      Liu Yaolin, Ai Tinghua (China), Martien Molenaar (The Netherlands)               

The Development of Research on Automated Geographical Informational Generalization in China

      Wu Fang, Wang Jiayao, Deng Hongyan, Qian Haizhong (China)   

Spatial Relation Abstract in Map Generalization Process

      Tinghua Ai, Peter van Oosterom (The Netherlands)               

A Hybrid Approach for Automated Area Aggregation

      Zeshen Wang (USA)   

Cartographic Displacement by Minimization of Spatial and Geometric Conflicts

      Joachim Bobrich (Germany)

Generalization of Vegetation Maps Based on Bio-Geographical Principles

      Lilian, S.C. Pun-Cheng (Hong Kong, China)    

Application of GeoObject-Graphic-Pattern (TUPU) in Cartographic Generalization

      Qi Qingwen (China)   

A Case Study of Simultaneous Generalisation

      Lars Harrie (Sweden) 

Generalizing Satellite Maps with Neural Networks

      Adam Iwaniak ,Witold Paluszynski (Poland)

Generalization of Multiple Scale Maps from a Single Master Database

      Miguel Garriga, Geoffrey Baldwin (USA)                

Map Generalization By Skeleton Retraction

      Christopher Gold (Hong Kong, China), David Thibault (Canada)

Measurement in Generalization

      Robert B. McMaster (USA)                

Generalization of Three-Dimensional City Maps

      Xiaoyong Chen, Fengwen Bai (Thailand)              

A Quantitative Comparison of Legends Between Belgium and Neighbouring Countries as a Starting Point for An Objective Generalization

      Jan De Waele, Philippe De Maeyer (Belgium)

Map Generalization From Scale of 1:500 000 to 1:2 500 000

      Li Limeng, Wang Lixin (China)    

Generalization in the New Generation of GIS

      Dan Lee (USA) 

Integrating Multi-Agent, Object-Oriented, and Algorithmic Techniques for Improved Automated Map Generalization

      Mathieu Barrault (Switzerland),Nicolas Regnauld (Uk) ,

      Ccile Duchene(France),Kelvin Haire (Uk), Christof Baeijs,

      Yves Demazeau (France), Paul Hardy , William Mackaness (Uk),

      Anne Ruas (France), Robert Weibel (Switzerland)                 

Generalization of Buildings and Roads in Large Scale Maps

      I. Oztug Bildirici (Turkey)                

Practical Experience of Automatic Generalization for Geo-Spatial Information

      Tsuru Kosuke, Goto Naoki (Japan)   

A Model of Point Cluster Generalization With Spatial Distribution Features Recognized and Measured

      Yi Lu, Jinghai Du ,Jingsheng Zhai (China)                 

Research on Several Problems of Chart Cartographic Generalization

      Zheng Yidong (China)   

The Cartographic Generalization of Hydrographic Feature Based on the Fractal Geometry

      He Zongyi, Chen Tao, Pang Xiaoping, Guo Lizhen (China)            

Generalization of the Douglas and Peucker Algorithm for Cartographic Applications

      Xavier Barillot, Jean-Francois Hangouet, Hakima Kadri-Dahmani (France)   

Estimating Semantic Uncertainty in Land Cover Classifications

      - Methods and Implications for Data Generalization

      Ola Ahlqvist (Sweden)

Revision of Cartographic Generalisation Rule Bases Funded on Interactive Alteration Analysis

      Sylvain Bard, Sbastien Mustire (France)             

Generalization of Topographic Maps of Urban Areas

      Witold Paluszynski ,Adam Iwaniak (Poland) 

Road Network Generalization: a Multi Agent System Approach

      Ccile Duchne (France), Mathieu Barrault (Switzerland), Kelvin Haire (United Kingdom)

Smooth Generalization for Continuous Zooming

      Marc van Kreveld (the Netherlands)


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