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Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs): Institutional Infrastructures for Policy

      Henry Tom (USA)     

The Research on Object-Relational Spatial DBMS

      Wang Yandong, Gong Jianya (China)                 

Chilean Geo-Spatial National Data Infrastructure (INDE)

      Pablo Gran, Rodrigo Barriga, Alfredo Gonzalez, María L. Advis,

      Juan C. Montero, Leonardo Oyarzun (Chile)                 

Definition of a Basic Topographic Framework for National GI Policy

      One Database for All Basic Topographic Data

      Antti Jakobsson ,Leena Salo-Merta (Finland)

Knowledge for Information Infrastructure

      Horst Kremers (Germany)

Geographic Mapping and Analysis at the United States Geological Survey

      John Kelmelis (USA)      

Establishment and Application of Information Service System for Development of Western China Based on National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)

      Liu Jiping, Wang Liang, Zhao Rong (China)    

Infrastructure for Spatial InformationDanish Initiatives

      Hanne Brande-Lavridsen, Poul Daugbjerg (Denmark)             

Spatial Data Infrastructure

      Henri J. G. L. Aalders (the Netherlands), Harold Moellering (USA)              

The Cuban Spatial Data Infrastructure Initiative: Current Work

      Tatiana Delgado Fernández (Cuba)     

Mapping System of Russia Innovation Development

      Igor G.Medvedev ,Alexey V.Tikunov (Russia)   

Towards a European Geographic Information Infrastructure: the Contribution of the GI & GIS Project of the Joint Research Centre

      A.Annoni, J.F.Dallemand, J.Meyer-Roux, R.Hiederer, J.Gallego, J.M.Terres, V.Perdigao (Italy)                

The Applications of Digital Photogrammetric System and Relevant Technologies for Digital Urban Maps

      Liu Rong, Yu Hailong, Zou Yijiang, Wu Jin-hua, Zou Shilin (China)



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