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A Unified Framework for Fuzzy Spatio-Temporal Representation and Reasoning

      Emmanuel Stefanakis (Greece) 

Visual Communication of Spatio-Temporal Semantics

      Hong Shu (China), Geoffrey Edwards, Christopher Gold (Canada)                

Management of Spatio-Temporal Data and Realization of Change Process in a Land Information System

      Gao Wenxiu, Gong Jianya (China), Pun Lilian (Hong Kong, China)                 

Cartographic Animation in Three Dimensions: Experimenting With the Scene Graph

      Frank Hardisty, Alan MacEachren, Masahiro Takatsuka (USA)               

The Identification of Spatial Change Processes Based on Set-Oriented Space and Topological Space

      Xinming Tang, Wolfgang Kainz (The Netherlands)              

Temporal Relationships for Geo-Spatial Objects Having Spatio-Temporal Attributes

      Morishige Ota (Japan)  

Time-Series Data Analysis in GIS - Using Fractal Theory to Change-Up Cities

      Noboru Kobori (Japin)


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