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Digital Earth Based on Metadata Electronic Maps Standard

      Alexander Martynenko (Russia)   

Development of Orienteering Maps’ Standardization

      László Zentai (Hungary)

A Standardized Framework for Hazard Management Mapping

      Ute J. Dymon (USA)      

Standardization of Geographical Names in the Slovak Republic

      SystemMária Kovácová (Slovak Republic)   

Implementing the Open GIS Specifications into a National Framework of Geographical Information System

      María Elena Díaz Aguirre (Cuba)    

Development Geographic Information Standardization and Joint Tracking with ISO 19100 Standards in China

      Jiang Jiantong, Liu Ruomei (China)               

Principles of Managing the State Register of Borders

      Zbigniew Baranowski, Teresa Lubowicka ,Krzysztof Buczkowski (Poland) 

Dynamic Cartographic Design for Aeronautical Applications

      Lars Schylberg (Sweden)



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