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Structuring and Enriching Metadata to Enable Users’Access to Geographic Information Ressources

      Bénédicte Bucher (France)                

Interoperable Portal for Web-Based Geospatial Data and Geoprocessing Services

      Matthaus Schilcher, Karin Hosse (Germany)               

Incremental Updating and Versioning

      Antony Cooper (South Africa), Ammatzia Peled (Israel)     

Fundamental Topographic Information Canada’s Vision for 2000-05

      Denis De Gagné ,Yves Belzile (Canada)               

Geographic Network---New GIS Architecture for Society

      Zitan Chen (USA)    

Geoinformation Support of Processes of the State Government

      Alexander Martynenko, Vladimir Belov (Russia)  

The Conceptual Framework on the Multi-Scale and Spatiotemporal Data Warehouse

      Zou Yijiang (China) 

Research and Application on the Exchange and Management of the Spatial Data on Networks

      Liu Jiping, Zhang Fuhao (China)    

Some Investigations on Encoding of Complex Geographic Information

      Gerhard Joos, Wolfgang Reinhardt, Shi Wei (Germany)                

E-Business With Maps and Digital Products From the National Land Survey of Sweden:

      Birgitta Ericsson, Helena Ringmar (Sweden)


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