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Review to Chinese Old Maps and Recent Study Progress

      Wang Jun (China)                         

A New Attempt of Combining Historical Time and Geographic Space Image

      The Creative Design of Atlas of Chinese Historical Civilization

      Huang Rentao, Xu Bing (China)                        

The Search for a Northwest Passage: on the History of a Scientific Competition in Geography and Cartography

      Alexei V. Postnikov (Russia)                        

The History of the Brazilian Cartography - 500 Years of the Discovery of Brazil by the Portuguese

      Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)          

Digital Historical Maps in Physical Planning

      Klas Cederin, Mats Carlson (Sweden)        

Cartographic Generalization: The History and Evolution of a Fundamental Subject

      H. J. Steward ,Yu Zhou (USA)    

The Quarter Inch to One Mile (1:253,440 Scale) Topographic Map of Great Britain:

      A Temporary Map Which Outlasted Its Usefulness, 1945-1960

      Christopher Board (UK)    

Special Thematic Maps about the History of Cartography

      Benjamin R. Cohen, Sarah B. Cohen, Diko Antonov (Bulgaria)                          

The Evolution of Map Language

      Nikolay N. Komedchikov (Russia)          

The Role of Mapping in the Colonisation of Africa: 1880-1914

      Peter Collier, Rob Inkpen (UK)                         

The Great Jesuit Surveys of the People"S Republic of China, 1705-1759

      Cheryl A. Northon (USA)                          

Cartographic Image of Lithuania in the Old Maps

      Stasys Vytautas Kazakevicius, Birute Ruzgiene (Lithuania)     

Revisiting the Projective Properties of Historic Nautical Maps of the Mediterranean and the Aegean

      Caterina Balletti (Italy), Chryssoula Boutoura (Greece)                         

Assessing the Accuracy of the Confederate Military Maps of Jedediah Hotchkiss

      Brooks C. Pearson (USA)                          

Digitising of Map Archives in the National Land Survey of Sweden

      Stefan Gustafsson (Sweden)         

The Map of Finland as a National Symbol in Finnish Press Cartography, 1899-1942

      Katariina Kosonen (Filand)                         

Daniel Defoe s 1705 Fantasy about Chinese Mapmakers on the Moon

      Karen Severud Cook (USA)    

Map Making and Chinese Civilization

      Chiao-Min Hsieh (USA)              

A New Drawing of Ancient Chinese Map 4200 Years Ago

      Based on the Findings from the Study of Ancient Chinese Book Shan Hai Jing

      Wang Hongqi (China)          

Ministers of Youxuan and the Surveying and Mapping in Zhou and Qing Dynasties

      Wan Bang (China)           

Future Preservation of Old Maps and Documents (The Higemaru Village Case)

      Takeshi Nagata (Japan)           

The Cartographic Heritage of the Lakota Sioux

      Julie A. Rice (USA)              

Fax Reproduction of Ancient Maps and Atlases on the Example of the Atlas Drawing Book of Siberia by S.U. Remizov

      Mikhail Y. Orlov (Russia)          

Prehistoric and Early Historic Cosmological Maps - Some Semiotic Aspects

      Franko Hoffmann, Alexander Wolodtschenko (Germany)     

A General Survey of Cultural Tradition of the Chinese Cartography

      Zhu Binggui (China)


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