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An Internet Atlas in the Schools of Quebec: Reality and Ideals

      Jacqueline Anderson ,Jean Carrire (Canada), Janine Le Sann (Brasil)  

Guide to Elaborate Township School Atlases

      Janine Gisle LE SANN, Ana Maria Simees Coelho (Brazil)            

A Study of Childrens Cognitive Ability on Maps

      Shaoxiang Ni, Wenjun Xie, Changsen Wang, Hongxia Lv,

      Zhenghua Qian, Ming Chen (China)               

Design and Implementation of a Prototype Software for Introducing Cartography to Children

      Vassiliki Filippakopoulou, Byron Nakos, Evanthia Michaelidou (Greece)   

Childrens Mental Representations of Small Scale Thematic Maps

      Patrick Wiegand (United Kingdom)

Teaching Maps in Portuguese and Hungarian Elementary Schools: A Study

      Jos Jess Reyes Nunez (Hungary)

Simulation Modelof an Aerophotogrammetric Survey Dedicated to the Comprehension of the Methods Used in the Creation of Maps for Children      

      Claudia Regina Grgio dArce Filetti, Claudia Marina da Rocha,

      Luciana do Nascimento, Greicielle Furiel da Silva, Suzy Mari Nakano (Brazil)   

Evaluation of Cartographic Educational Software for Children

      Reinhard Herzig (Germany)                

Cartographic Skill in Different Areas

      Widyawati H. Sumadio, Djamang Ludiro (Indonesia)             

When Boy Scouts Go to Camp:  Experiencing and Learning - Mapping - the Environment

      George F. McCleary (USA)               

Mapping Rio De JaneiroCThe Ways From the Paper to the Digital Worlds

      Tania Targino ,Neide C. Monteiro ,Tomoko I. Paganelli (Brazil) 

Impact of the Use of Township School Atlases in the Community.

      Janine Gisle Le Sann, Ana Maria Simees Coelho (Brazil)                

Municipal Atlas as a Resource for Understanding the World

      Elza Yasuko Passini(Brazil)             

Mapping for Making Conscious: Constructing Spatial Concepts From Local Perception

      Antonia Brito Rodrigues (Brazil)    

Grafic and Cartography Representations By Students of a Known and Unknown World

      Tomoko Iyda Paganelli (Brazil)   

Cartographic Activities: an Essay on the Interdisciplinarity

      Antonia Brito Rodrigues (Brazil)


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