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The Problems of Mapping Irregularly-Shaped Celestial Bodies

      Maxim V. Nirtsov (Russia)          

Mars Global Surveyor Data: The Potential for Contributions to the Cartography of Mars

      James R. Zimbelman (USA)   

Venus Map (The Series of Multilingual Maps for Terrestrial Planets and Their Moons)

      Kira B. Shingareva, Bianna V.Krasnopevtseva (Russia), Manfred Buchroithner (Germany)

Compilation of a Glossary of International Terms Related to Planetary Cartography

      James R. Zimbelman (USA), Kira Shingareva  (Russia)

Relief Represesntation of the Surface of Mars by Combination of Digital Elevation Model and Shape-From-Shading

      Egon Dorrer, Christian Piechullek (Germany), Xiuguang Zhou (USA)    

Planetary Geodesy and Cartography at the USGS, Flagstaff: Moon, Mars, Venus, and Beyond

      Randolph L. Kirk, Mark Rosiek, Elpitha Howington-Kraus,

      Eric Eliason, Brent Archinal, Ella Mae Lee (USA)     

Lunar Maps and Globes Compiled in the Sternberg Astronomical Institute

      Rodionova J.F. (Russia) 

Cartographic Method of Investigation in Comparative Plametology

      J.F.Rodionova (Russia) 

Procedures for Maping Non-Spherical Worlds

      Philip J. Stooke (Canada)              

Extraterrestrial Mapping as a Base for Extraterrestrial Geography

      Kira B.Shingareva (Russia)



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