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Cognitive and Creative Framework for Digital Earth

      A.A. Liouty ,A.I. Martynenko, I.M. Zatsman (Russia)

Development and Application of China Vector Datasets of Global Map

      Su Shanwu, Yu Ronghua, Wang Hong, Liu Deqin, Shi Weijun, Shen Tao (China)               

Cartography Versus Chosen Problems of Underrepresented Groups of People

      Ewa KrzywickaBlum, Halina Klimczak (Poland)  

Data Issues Affecting Mapping in the 21st Century

      David Clark (USA)   

Image of Satellite - Evaluation for Its Application in the Fundamental Teaching

      Fernando Luiz de Paula Santil, Luzia Marta Bellini (Brazil)            

Use of Global Map Database for Modeling Shrimp Farming in Southern Thailand

      Kang-tsung Chang (USA), Bussabong Chaijaroenwatana (Thailand)           

Development of World Map Data and Electronic Globe

      Toyohisa Shirosaki, Tadamitsu Saito, Takuji Sakano,

      Yonezo Higuchi ,Yonezo Higuchi ,Hiroshi Asami (Japan)              

New Edition of the Fundamental the World Atlas

      A.A.. Drazhnyuk, V.E. Zhukovsky, E.E. Matveeva, N.N. Polunkina, E.A. Sudakova (Russia)  

Topographic Coverage: Trends and Dynamics of the World Topographic Mapping

      Tamara V. Vereshchaka, Olga A. Tertyshnikova (Russia)   

Current Status of Global Mapping Project: Release of Global Map Version 1.0 and Start of Phase II

      Hiroshi Une, Shozo Kajikawa (Japan)

Needs Connected With Special Maps for Children and Students on PreSchool,Primary and Secondary Stage of Education in Poland

      Ewa KrzywickaBlum, Joanna BacBronowicz (Poland)



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