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Interactive Visualizations of Spatial and Temporal Air Pollution Aspects for Monitoring and Control

      Alexandra Koussoulakou ,Nicolaos Soulakellis ,Dimitrios Sarafidis (Greece)                                

Using Hyperspectral Data to Map Agricultural Crop Health and Biomass for Precision Agriculture

      GJ Newnham ,JED Fox (Australia)                                                                                                  

Noise Abatement Planning - Using Animated Maps and Sound to Visualise Traffic Flows and Noise Pollution

      Jean-Claude Muller, Holger Scharlach (Germany)                                                                         

Possibilities of Environmental Data Interpretation in Groundwork with Elementary Geometric Fields; An Example of Precipitation

      Joanna BacCBronowicz (Poland)                                                                                                     

Mapping Environmental Crime

      Nancy L. Winter (USA)                                                                                                                  

Radioecological GIS for Computer Mapping Radionuclide Contamination of the Areas Under the Impact of the Military-Industrial Complex Facilities

      V.G. Linnik, A.I. Kuvylin, A.G. Volosov, O.M. Ivanitsky, E.M. Korobova (Russia)                               

Mapping of Radionuclide Contamination in Russia

      Yu.A.Izrael, E.V.Kvasnikova, I.M.Nazarov, E.D.Stukin ,E.A.Sudakova (Russia)                                 

Cartography, Teach and Landscape

      Queiroz, Deise R. Elias, Kohler, Vera B., Saito, Silvia M. (Brazil)                                                   

Mapping Local and Traditional Knowledge: Mental Maps to GIS

      Thomas J. Eley (USA)                                                                                                                 

Mapping and Spatial Analysis of An Epidemic Diffusion Process in the Rural Area of Indonesia

      M.H. Dewi Susilowati, Rizal J Firdauzi, Tito L Indra (Indonesia)                                                       

Environmental Mapping of the Baltic Sea Using GIS

      Inna Suetova, Ludmila Ushakova (Russia)                                                                                       

Large-Scale Soil Maps as the Source of Spatial Information Concerning Environment

      Krzysztof Koreleski (Poland)                                                                                                           

Balancing Tourism and Conservation in the Tianmu Shan Biosphere Reserve, China

      Xuejuan Sun, Janet E. Mersey (Canada)                                                                                         

Cartography and Indigenous Populations: A Case Study with Brazilian Indians from the Amazon Region

      Regina Araujo de Almeida (Vasconcellos) (Brazil)                                                                       

Alternative GIS-Based Methodologies for Environmental Exposure Assessment

      Robert B. McMaster, Eric Sheppard, Helga Leitner, Hongguo Tian, Jeffrey Matson  (USA)                   

Regional Biogeographycal Analysis and Mapping of Mountains of Russia

      (Temperate Northern Asia) for Information Provision of Preservation of Biodiversity

      Ogureeva Galina, Kotova Tatiana (Russia)                                                                                    

Visualizing Environmental Hazard Through Interactive and Animated Cartographic Techniques

      Xiaojun Yang (USA)                                                                                                                   

Cybercartography and the Environment: the Chapala Atlas

      Martha Luca Alviar, Fernando Lpez, Carmen Reyes (Mxico), Fraser Taylor (Canada)                      

Mapping of Dose-Rate of Gamma-Irradiation by 137CS over the Earth Surface for the Territory of Russia

      Yu.A.Izrael, E.V.Kvasnikova, I.M.Nazarov, A.N.Pegoev, E.D.Stukin ,E.A.Sudakova.,

      T.A.Markova, N.I.Ryabinina (Russia)                                                                                       

Mapping of Travel Activity Pattern to the CBD in the Depok Area

      Sugeng Rahardjo, Cholifah Bahaudin,Rotna Saraswati (Indonesia)                                             

A Study on Classification for Spatial Elements of Marine Resource and Environment

      Song  Ying (China)                                                                                                                  

Special Urban Section Campus of The Universidade Estadual De Maring - Pr, Brazil

      Kohler Vera Beatriz, Mendes Cesar Miranda, Queiroz Deise Regina Elias (Brazil)                                

3D Advanced Cartography of Marine Coast in Italy: GIS Data Management

      Carlo Monti, Raffaella  Brumana, Carlo Savi, Cristiana Achille (Italy)                                           

A Spatial Model: Monitoring of Water Pollution of a Hydrogeomorphic Unit

      Hari Shanker Gupta (India)   


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