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A System for Automatic Cartographic Sounding Selection

      Sui Haigang ,Zhang Anming ,Wan Xiaoxia (China)                                                                      

Conflict Detection and Resolution for the Composition of Nautical Charts in an Expert System Environment

      Konstantinos Stefanakis, Lysandros Tsoulos (Greece)                                                                      

Mapping with Multibeam Data: How Much Data do We Really Need?

      Vande Wiele Tom(Belgium)

A Model of Sounding Generalization Based on Recognition of Terrain Features

      Jinghai Du, Yi Lu ,Jingsheng Zhai (China)                                                                                      

An Overview on the Ancient Charts in China from the Fifteenth to the Eighteenth Century

      Zhu Jianqiu, Li Hanrong, Zhu Jin (China)                                                                                        

Electronic Raster Chart Production of Cuban Official Nautical Charts Portfolio

      Marivel P¨¦rez P¨¦rez, Sahily Matousek Rementer¨ªa,

      Edenia Mach¨ªn Gonz¨¢lez, Alexis Primelles C¨¢rdenas,

      Manuel Pedroso Picos, Alexis L¨®pez Miranda, Rafael Mendieta Casal,

      Margarita Ruiz Mart¨ªnez, Alida Fern¨¢ndez Pap¨ªn, Liudamila Consuegra (Cuba)                                 

Production and Application of Digital Charts

      ¡ªThe Status and Development of Navigational Publications in China

      Li Jinjie, Yu Yuantong, Diao Wangjin, Liu Zhenquan, Wei Yan (China)                                                 

¡®S-57CARTO¡¯ - An Expanded S-57 Data Model to Support the Production of Enc Cells and Printed Charts from One Common Database

      Tiina Tuurnala (Finland)                                                                                                              

Cartographic Rules and Differences in Nautical Data Visualization on Paper and Electronic Nautical Charts

      Tea Duplancic Leder (Croatia)                                                                                                         

Analysis of Oceanographic Properties of the Adriatic Sea by GIS Technique

      V. Dadic , M. Srdelic, Z.Grzetic (Croatia)                                                                                        

Standardisation of Maritime Geographical Names:the Role of the International Hydrographic Organization

      Michel Huet (Monaco)                                                                                                                   

The International Hydrographic Organisation Effort on the Need to Promote National and International Awareness to Constitute Adequate National Hydrographic Services Able to Provide Reliable Nautical Charts to the Mariners and to the Administrators

      Giuseppe Angrisano (Monaco)                                                                                                        

The Development of Chinese Chart in the 20th Century and the Prospects for the 21st Century

      Li Shujun (China)                                                                                                                        

Developing Features of Symbols Used on Chinese Charts

      Li Shujun, Liu Ying (China)                                                                                                  

Mapping of Submarine Sand Banks on the Belgian Continental Shelf Based on Multibeam Echosounder Data

      Koen Degrendele (Belgium)                                                                                                        

Pilot I¨COfficial Sailing Directions for Eastern Part of the Adriatic Sea

      Tea Duplancic Leder, Nenad Leder (Croatia)                                                                           

Modern Hydrographic Information System for Future Mapping of the Adriatic Sea

      Mladen Srdelic, Vlado Dadic, Zvonko Grzetic (Croatic)                                                               

Marine Electronic Charting: Current Status of International Hydrographic Organisation¡¯s Achievements

      Michel Huet (Monaco)      



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