V.F.Rozhkov, S.V.Koloskov, T.A.Khlebnikova

FGUP the center "Sibgeoinform"


Hundred thousand nomenclature sheets of different scale settlement topographic maps and plans of which require substantiation and monitoring that demands huge work, financial resources and time are created on territory of the Russian Federation. Traditional technologies of map compilation do not allow solving this problem in a real time mode that is required now.

FGUP center Sibgeoinform under orders of Roskartographya develops essentially other technology including procedures on automatic transformation of large scale (initial) DTM and DTP (further DTM) objects for creation DTM of smaller scale (derivative). In a combination to some inevitable while "manual" technological processes it has received the name of Technology of the Automated Generalization (further Technology).

Development of Technology has demanded the solving of some scientific and technical problems: DTM base scales sewing together ; development of algorithms; a choice of mathematical methods; means; formats; formalization of qualifications, etc., for transformation of initial scale maps to derivatives with observance of all operating normative technical requirements to the end-product.

Now fulfilled information, software provision and the complete set of the program-technological documentation, are in a stage of technology approbation: Creation of DTM derivatives on initial scales accordingly: 1:2 000 on 1:500 and 1:1 000, 1:10 000 on 1:5 000, 1:25 000 on 1: 10000, 1:50 000 on 1:25 000. In 2007 end of DTM derivative reception technology development up to scale of 1:100 000 and 1:200 000 is expected.

Criteria of technology operation efficiency are: Reduction of DTM cost creation and raising the productivity of work.

The technology includes following technological stages:

- A spadework with initial DTM (the entrance control, editing of initial data, sewing together, etc.);

- Automatic generalization;

- Interactive completion;

- The control and editing of generalization results;

- Delivery DTM or the publishing original.

Automatic generalization is carried out separately on the groups of objects having general semantics and type of localization within the limits of a classification layer. Thus the mutual coordination of the processable object metrics with the objects belonging to other classification layers in parallel comes true. Separate generalization of the objects making DTM planimetric unit and objects of a relief is used.

Processing of each object and their groups is made on the basis of use of in advance made formalized rules and qualifications which define the mechanism of object processing, using for this purpose in advance certain specially developed (carrying out corresponding actions) procedures and functions.

The first results of pre-production operation have shown working capacity of Technology, decrease in time and financial expenses which will be even more effective after corresponding completions.

New scientific and technical problems in map compilation have simultaneously come to light:

- Necessity of more rigid formalization of qualifications;

- To process requirements to topographical symbols in view of automation map compilation;

- Unification of formats.