E.S. Podolskaya

Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK), Chair of Cartography, Cartographic Faculty, Moscow, Russia


One of the first Russian scientific works on map generalization has been executed at MIIGAiK in 1938 by A. G. Bustrov at his PhD Thesis. Drawing up of the bibliography represents reflection of dynamical process of continuous scientific researches. Today kinds of scientific publications are not limited only to articles on paper, publications in the Internet are numerous also. The bibliography is also a step to finding-out of new opportunities in researches on generalization. There are new treatments of the term generalization and new directions in which the concept of generalization is used. In Russia realisation of ideas as a rule is presented in several scientific magazines. Among them Geodesy and cartography, and News of high schools. A series of geodesy and the air photography has not electronic versions and translation into English language. Works in a time interval since 40th years of XX century - till 2005 are considered in this paper. Offered paper is useful to an contact establishment between experts in Russia and other countries.