D. Protic, I. Nestorov

University of Belgrade, Department for geodesy, Belgrade, Serbia


Nowadays, decision-makers in many fields recognize the information on land cover as fundamental thematic reference dataset for many spatial analyses. These data are especially important for integrated environmental assessment. In Serbia, the CORINE land cover inventory is the only dataset that provides a land cover overview at the country level. It consists of the three databases: the CORINE Land Cover databases for the reference years 2000 and 1990, and the database of land cover changes between these two epochs. Among wide range of applications, the databases serve as the basic data source for calculating some environmental indicators that are defined by the European Environmental Agency (EEA). However, there is a need for larger scale land cover mapping since the CORINE land cover dataset at scale 1:100.000 is often not detailed enough for number of national applications. The efforts to improve CORINE land cover mapping methodology with the aim to reach better thematic accuracy are also presented in the paper.