R. Windiastuti1, S.L. Munajati1, D.K. Kresnawati2

1 - Geographic Researcher on the Centre for Services and Information, Bakosurtanal

2 - Head of Centre for Services and Information, Bakosurtanal


BAKOSURTANAL (National Coordinating Agency for Surveys and Mapping) is a non-departmental government institution in Indonesia that performs governmental duties in the field of survey and mapping.  One centre in the organizational structure of BAKOSURTANAL is the Centre for Services and Information which has duties to promote, market, and disseminate services and products of survey and mapping through various media in order to serve the community.

Dissemination of information quickly, systematically and informatively is a need in global and information era.  With the advance in technology, especially the internet, nowadays people can communicate one another disregarding their geographical positions.   The internet technology is also utilized by BAKOSURTANAL in distributing its products information, especially geospatial information or maps.

BAKOSURTANAL has a website with the URL of since 1997.   Until now, the website has experienced many changes on the layouts and the contents, in conjunction with the development of data and information enclosed.   The website should be supported by a good network infrastructure and optimum server specifications.  

This paper will discuss maps presentations on the internet, from static images to dynamic geospatial information, presented in website of BAKOSURTANAL and some other institutions producing geospatial information. Some technologies involved in the map presentations will also be explained.