L. Xiong, Q. Du, H. Hu, M. Huang

Wuhan University, School of Resources & Environment Science, Wuhan, China


Maps and the internet bring us the WebGIS. Through the internet, more and more people can enjoy the geographical information from all kinds of maps.

Facing the large number of WebGIS products, it is important to make a brilliant interface for serving the users. And WebGIS man-machine interface is an important bridge between the maps and the users. For the first time, this paper brings forward a new attempt of WebGIS interface design introjected with VISI, which is shorted for Visual Identity System Internet.

Visual Identity (VI) is one part of Corporate Identity. It is a design system used to propagandize the culture of the corporate built on the management methods, market area and manufacture target.

Developing with the internet technology, VI gradually turns into the VISI, whose intent is using the network to spread abroad the corporate information. As a design theory, VISI is unlike the computer technology which employs models, formulas, arithmetic to describe itself accurately but it is partly similar to the psychics, abstract and applied. VISI includes abundant elements; among them some familiar essential ones are: text, background color, buttons, charts, forms, navigation tools, images, videos, dialog boxes, background music, etc. And what’s more, using the Plug-in will be helpful to deposit more different formats of multimedia data.

Because of the maps, WebGIS interface is very different from other company website interface. If every small area of the interface which has specialty function is regarded as an element, a WebGIS interface commonly contains the GIS elements and other non-GIS elements.Introjected with VISI, the two elements is needed to consider lots of factors: zoom tools are necessary for the maps; the color should consult the aesthetics and assort with the map; the text may as well be concise because of the leading map; images should not dispute the map; It is also crucial to use the same style through the whole system and so on. In one word, VISI provide design elements and frames of references for the WebGIS.

The test in this paper also shows the design result of the system which introjected with the VISI. This is a new design attempt of WebGIS interface.