J. Shen1, M. Wang1, X. Yu2

1 - Key Laboratory of Virtual Geographic Environment, Nanjing, China

2 - Nanjing Normal University, Department of Geographic Information System, Nanjing, China


The development of internet technologies has led to a growing internet population and dramatically changed patterns of map use. Recently web map as a burgeoning communication tool has developed rapidly for the advantages of operating simply and immediately information distributing and sharing. But on the other hand, web map has to be faced with some problems such as transmitting speed, spatial data sharing, spatial information expressing and etc. W3C put forward the standard for web vector graphics---SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics). As a new technology based on XML, SVG had several key functions particularly suitable for cartographic solutions such as coordinate system, layer management, high level parameter on graphics elements, well designed interactive function and etc.


This paper concentrated on the methods of designing and implementing dynamic and interactive web map of the campus of Nanjing Normal University based on SVG. This paper expatiated the design methods of the interface, layers, symbols and annotation of the map. We used Coreldraw software to build a 2D map but with 3D feeling and transmit it to SVG. The paper also introduced the developing methods of web map browsing, layers control, attribute querying and etc. We also implemented some functions for user such as browsing the ambient environment based on SVG Xlink and Quicktime, dynamic interaction, dynamic animation of the campus bus, multimedia function. At last we discussed the methods of web map distribute.