G.Sh Liang, D. Mioc, F. Anton

Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering University of New Brunswick Canada



When a flooding disaster occurs, the control of ground traffic in and around the flooded area is a critical problem since the flood results in damages to roads and bridges. The static map may not always help people to make a right decision for evacuation. The optimal path which is calculated from the normal situation in a road network is not always the safest route since some roads are under water. Thus, it is necessary for people to obtain the dynamic information and instructions to evacuation. 

In this project, a webGIS based application for flood rescue is proposed. It is developed with Oracle spatial network data model and Oracle application server 10g Mapviewer technologies. The former is used to build a road network for Fredericton, while the latter is adopted for delivering and analyzing spatial data in Oracle database through the website. Moreover, the geographic relationships between the road network and flood areas are taken into account. The overlay between the road network and flood polygons is computed. The results of this project show that Users can not only obtain the optimal path in Fredericton road network under normal situation, but also retrieve it under flood situation. This adaptive network enables users to make a good decision under different situations. The methodology can be applied to other constrained network application.

This project provides a methodology for creating a map, delivering spatial data, and viewing map in Oracle database by directly using Oracle Spatial technology that is different from traditional technologies.  Users can render PL/SQL functions to manipulate Oracle spatial data, and also process spatial operators by SQL statements. Furthermore, Oracle Spatial provides a simple and effective way of storing and analyzing spatial data within the same database. Besides this contribution, this project offers a methodology to solve emergency problems by using Geographic Information System technology.