L. Wang, A. Qiu

Chinese Academy of Surveying and Mapping


Both Geographic Information System (GIS) and Decision Support System(DSS) are playing a important part in government affairs management or Electronic Government (E-Government). But GIS and DSS are usually independently working, the interactive relation of both is unsubstantial, so that application of E-Government to GIS is inconvenient and inefficient.

This paper put forward a new idea for designing software platform based on integration GIS and DSS according to target of E-Government construction in China, introduces the function integration target, method and technical way in different levels of this platform. This software platform is designed and developed based on the framework of fundamental spatial database, which integrates the thematic spatial information and statistical information of national economy and document information of government affairs, it established the model of spatial database and comprehensive information warehouse, and realized the compact integration of GIS and DSS. General design of the software platform is abided by the following principles: to meet the overall requirements of electronic government affairs and digital China construction; To conform to the national standard and specification and principle of informatiom share and multi-protocols; To apply the integrated application pattern of C/S and B/S systems; To support information management structure of multi-subjects and multi-levels standardization and personality application; To realize the distributed management and maintenance.

The software platform is divided into three parts: application generate tools, application server and client module. The tools are deal with spatial data, such as input, processes, edit, application theme generate/modify in server side. Application server runs in server side which receives and analyzes clients request, then, gets spatial and non-spatial data from database and send them to client. For complicated spatial operation, which could not be performed in client side, such as spatial analysis, the application server will call component in server side to perform the operation. Client side module is consisted by display and user interface.

This platform acquired succeed application in a series of project of electronic government application, search after a new way of GIS development facing electronic government affairs. For example: General National Situation Information System; Flood & Drought Prevent Information Server System; West Development Information Server System and so on.