B. Gao

National Digital Switching System Engineering & Technological Research Center


Along with the opening of new generation network for the company of telecommunication and mobile communication, data business become more and more important. Cell phone is not only the implement for communication, but also for getting information. So, it will be the chief business for telecommunication administration to supply the wireless incremental service. In all kinds of service, because of the mobile characteristic of cell phone, incremental service related to location will become the greatest growth point. In order to win the service competition of wireless internet, the guarantee of critical contents supplying is especially important, and among these contents, LBS which is a information service that could tell the location of mobile users is becoming one of the most important portion.

Firstly, the paper discussed the technology which is demanded by the Location Based Service, the technology included: 1st, the kind of location service. 2nd, the precision of location that different applications needed. 3rd is the location finding strategy. One of the kernel technologies in LBS service is location information, and the other is geographic information. Theyre complement and indispensable each other. As a result, we not only get location of the terminal by platform of location operation, but also converse the value of latitude and longitude to the geographic information which is cared by user, such as, map, consequence of path search and so on. In LBS system, those service should be supplied by GIS: Mapping,Directory, Route, Geocode, Reverse Geocode, Cogo and Navigation.

Secondly, the paper introduced the construct of LBS system, which includes: the construct of hardware, the construct of software, and the characteristic of LBS platform

Finally, the paper introduced the function which can be accomplished by LBS. Basing on the location service system, consummate wireless network, geography information data and information searching engine, the LBS can supply rich location information service for users, as follows, personal security and succor, machines anti-robbing, group vehicles management, dispatch and management of people and rental equipment, information services that related to location, flow of materials management, advertisement, friendship and entertainment service, etc.

Therere broad prospect for LBS business, at present, the applications of LBS become more and more popular. The mobile communication and GIS should be combined to accomplish the LBS business. We believe that LBS business will be applied broader and broader along with the constant growing demand and development of GIS in our country.