C. Torrecillas1, A. Hermosilla2, M. Redondo2, M Berrocoso3, R. Paez3, A. Sanchez-Alzola3

1 - Dpto. de Ingenieria Grafica, University of Seville (SPAIN)

2 - Instituto de Cartografia de Andalucia, Junta de Andalucia (SPAIN)

3 - Laboratorio de Astronomia, Geodesia y Cartografia, University of Cadiz (SPAIN)


In this communication we present a description of the Andalusian Positioning Network RAP: its objectives, design, development and its present status. This geodetic network consists of 22 permanent GPS stations whose surveying will provide the required data to obtain relative positions of any place in Andalusia after some post-processing techniques and real-time differential corrections. Thus, geodetic coordinates of high precision and referred to the WGS-84 system will be provided for anywhere of Andalusia. The station in the network can broadcast differential correction via internet. Nine stations can also broadcast the RTK corrections via radio. The network has been designed in order to cover Andalusia and to provide real time differential corrections in whole area. RAP network is referred to EUREF system and is the reference frame in Andalusia for many scientific and technological applications, such as precise geoid determination, tropospheric, ionospheric, and climatological studies, among others. It will be also useful to settle photogrametric points or marks for the georeference of satellite images, to establish control points for reference networks in civil engineering or GIS applications.