T.D. Leder1, M. Lapaine2

1 - Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia, Split

2 - Geodetic faculty, Zagreb



Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia (HIRC) has been producing Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) since 2001 in cooperation with C-map Italy. ENCs cells have been produced based on HIRC paper charts. All ENC cell range (105 cells) nowadays is at the end of validation and quality control process faze. Production plan in HIRC is that at the end of year 2006 (December) all navigation purposes ENC cells, covering whole Croatian area, will be on PRIMAR distribution centre.

The process of ENC production, proposed by the Italian company C-Map, did not prove to conform to specific qualities of the Croatian part of the Adriatic as archipelagic sea and HIRC's 135 years long tradition of chart production. It is the reason why there occurred the need for a redesign of the process of ENC production.

HIRC intended to start the production process redesign with planning of the national ENC cell production very soon, selecting and defining: geographic areas and usage bands for each area (scale range to be used for particular navigational purposes), usage scale or optimal compilation scale for particular navigational purpose, and dimensions of particular ENC cells for each of the six main navigational purposes.

Within production process redesign a new classification of ENC cells for the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea will be proposed in the form of regular rectangular network, offering multiple advantages over the classification based on paper charts. Classification will be made according to CHRIS WG Recommendation for Consistent ENC Data Encoding. Also, a usage bands and compilation scales for each ENC usage band will be proposed.